But it is always a guy who can stop Tam’s blow.
Although it depends on the situation, the amphibious stinger will only get another knife or two at most, but the amphibious stinger does not have one head
With the appearance of a few more stories, the remaining four amphibious stingrays also rushed out.
They surround Tam, and there are many people and few people.
Tam looked at them and disdained to spit out one mouthful polluted air, then slowly straightened up.
The long knife with flame in both hands kept shrinking and finally changed back to the original hair.
Tam looked at the front five amphibious stingrays and suddenly smiled.
This smile immediately made five amphibious stingrays have a bad feeling.
Seeing Tam suddenly take a big breath, his belly becomes bulging.
The majestic fire property is absorbed by Tam. The fire property is so powerful that outsiders can see the wonders of a little spark falling into Tam’s mouth.
"Roar (stop it)! ! !”
The rear amphibious fish sacrifice immediately roars at him.
Five amphibious stingrays immediately launched towards Tam when they heard the news.
But now I want to attack and I can’t come!
Yan dun, frog oil inflammation bomb!
Terror oil fire instantly spewed from Tam’s mouth.
The burning fire is overwhelming because the distance is too close and the refueling speed is too fast.
So that they can be wrap by oil fire with amazing temperature without escape.
"Woo hoo! ! !”
The oil fire fell to the body and the five amphibious stingrays immediately screamed.
Their body armor was almost vaporized when it came into contact with Rana temporaria, and it didn’t play a little defense.
And their water armor bodies can also resist the attached burning and high temperature of oil fire.
Five amphibious stingrays screamed and kept rolling, trying to put out the flames.
But what makes them desperate is that no matter what they do
The flame is still burning hard to put out.
In a short time, five strengthened amphibious stingrays became charred bodies.
There is a smell of grilled fish in the air
If you add some cumin and pepper to this bottle of beer …
Zi zi … Xi Xi! ! !
The amphibious fish sacrificed to watch their five hands of the amphibious stinger being directly annihilated by Tam’s frog oil bullet.
It’s a "mage"+"assistant" instantly dumbfounded.
There is no younger brother in front of it. This brittle mage is like a half-flesh warrior who resists Tam!
Danger, danger, danger!
Amphibian fish sacrifice decisively turned around and directly abandoned the remaining amphibian spiny fish and turned to run.
When Tam saw this scene, his mouth spit out a foul breath again, and then his body muscles became compact.
Inflammatory breathing, one type, I don’t know fire!
Tam suddenly burst into flames, and the momentum was as fierce as the outbreak of fire, and he ran away towards the amphibious fish sacrifice.
Along the way, the amphibious spiny fish tried to stop it but was directly hit by Tam.
Don’t say it’s blocked. You can’t even slow down Tam.
Amphibian fish sacrifices to panic and make Tam’s mind heavy hammer.
But the heavy hammer of the past was lost this time.
Seeing Tam, as if the roots were unaffected, rushed to the amphibious fish sacrifice with a horrible flame and a tail flame.
Amphibian fish sacrifice looks at Tam so close that it can see Tam’s skin lines.
Tam looked at the amphibious fish sacrifice and smiled in the sunshine.
In a second, Tam grabbed the amphibious fish and sacrificed his head to the ground.