This is probably the only person in the world who is about to break through Heaven …
At the moment, however, Taire sat safely in front of Weidong and bowed down to himself sincerely by the other party.
Actually, this is not the first time they met. Maybe Weidong himself can’t remember the time when they met for the first time. It’s been so many years since Mr. Bai first met Weidong, when he led millions of sea red spirits to attack the dragon and the earth.
However, Weidong, who has been baptized for so many years, has already evolved from a lean young man into such a person who is not a ghost.
However, Mr. Leblanc still maintains his former appearance, which has not changed a little. It can be said that he has not been contaminated with a trace of time, let alone his old age. You know, when the mark was returned to Jinzhou to kill the Quartet, he was already a handsome man at that time, but now after so many years, even Weidong has shown his old age, but he is still the same as the old man.
It can be said that Mr. Bai Xiuxiu has already reached the realm of being able to conjure up his own body at will. Maybe those who can spy on heaven have such a collar.
Of course, no one in this world can know what kind of face this white mask will grow, but even so, even if Mr. Bai chooses to wear this mask every time, the feeling he brings is the same.
Mysterious …
Powerful! ! !
The situation in Yijiantang is out of control after all …
And the root of this out-of-control problem is not that Weidong is out of control, because Xiao Hong’s sentence wants Xiao Yunwei to seek a Mr. Right through the opportunity of heroes’ meeting.
You know, for the whole Jianghu, there are no magic weapons, and the news that Xiao Yunwei is going to get married is going to be awesome. After all, all the famous people in Jianghu know that Xiao Hong has a palm, a beautiful piano, chess and painting, and he is proficient in everything. With that skill of singing and dancing, he can really be praised as the first beauty in Youdong.
And it is such a beautiful woman who wants to compete here and now to get married.
You know, the news that Xiao Yunwei is going to get married is doubtful. Yongchun City has been thrown a bomb that may explode at any time by Xiao Hong, and the power of this bomb is difficult to predict.
For this time, the hero Hui Weidong was confident, and in order to bury the lead for the hero Hui, he even sent people to intercept Liu Yi. Even all the people he invited to participate in the hero Hui were carefully selected before staying. He firmly believed that once the lead was ignited, he could completely extinguish Xiao Hong’s forces. However, with Xiao Hong’s tricks, the hero Hui was no longer under control, and several Jianghu forces even heard the news. He had to change his deployment strategy overnight and completely lost the hero Hui himself.
However, Weidong eventually dismissed Xiao Hong.
Lai Weidong didn’t want the Sword Hall to get out of control, so that other forces could take advantage of it and enter the core of the Sword Hall. However, with Xiao Hong’s sudden change of mind and the influx of sects who did not appear in the invitation list into Yongchun City, the original situation immediately changed irreversibly. It can be said that Xiao Hong’s move completely disrupted all the arrangements he had made before, and he had to seek outside help before he could say that Xiao Hong regained his initiative in the game.
This time, before Weidong went to ask for help from a willing heart, a person came to help Weidong on his own initiative, but this Weidong negotiator was Mr. Bai.
Because when people in Jianghu meet this man, they will address him as Mr. Bai. After a long time, his name will gradually become Mr. Bai in Jianghu, and those who were born in Jianghu and grew up in the world of mortals will be called here so slowly.
And Weidong himself followed everyone, even though he didn’t know that he had met m. leblanc in his early years, he didn’t know that today was his first time to meet m. leblanc.
It was many years ago when Shi Weidong first met Mr. Bai. However, after so many years, he has grown from a little boy who didn’t know how to be a little boy in those days to the head of Sword Hall.
However, he didn’t expect that it was Mr. Bai, who was talked about by everyone, who was so young. Only by showing the back of his hand and neck from the other side, he could guess that the real age of Mr. Bai was less than thirty years old.
However, even so, Weidong did not dare to underestimate the white man in front of him, because he found that he had no way to spy out the strength of the other party. From this, it can be seen that the real strength of the young man in front of him must be his own. He did not dare to be careless, and he did not dare to speculate on the true identity of the other party. He could call the other party a white man lightly according to the respectful name that everyone said.
Just because Weidong doesn’t know Mr. Bai doesn’t mean Mr. Bai doesn’t know him.
In Mr. Bai’s memory, when he first saw Weidong, he clearly realized that the future of Weidong was bound to depend on it, because he could find the fanaticism hidden in the depths of Weidong’s eyes, and he could detect the anxiety hidden in the depths of Weidong’s heart. At that time, he felt that he would help Weidong and let the child grow into a chess game in his own hand.
At that time, Wei Dong had mastered many complicated swordsmanship and mental methods at an early age because of his unusually exaggerated spiritual talent. Was it that the sword hall became famous for swordsmanship or that it was only later that he was gradually attracted to the fist posture? He even dumped his fellow disciples early for understanding and transporting this mental method.
At that time, it was difficult for Weidong to find a suitable opponent among his fellow disciples. After discussing with each detachment leader of the 13 th Rangers at that time, it was decided that they would appoint each detachment brother to directly serve as Weidong’s sparring partner, hoping to make Weidong grow up faster.
However, Weidong’s growth rate is too amazing. Soon, the brothers of the Thirteen Rangers are no longer his opponents, and the top of the Sword Hall has tested his limit. Later, the elders were appointed to sneak up on the limit for many times.
Just Weidong was still quite nervous when he resisted the attack routine of the elders, but with the passage of time, he gradually changed from passive defense to fierce attack. In a temptation, he killed the sword hall of the elders who came to test him because of a mistake, which finally ended the temptation to him.
Talent is horribly high, coupled with his own diligence and hard work, young Weidong can’t think of a sword, and it is difficult for him to become famous. It is precisely because of his young name that his mind is much higher than that of his other brothers, which also can’t make his friends choose to leave him one after another, but in the end they end up with a bleak life.
However, there is one person who is not far away from Weidong because of his eccentric personality. This person is his school sister Yue Linger, who was later betrothed to his fiancee by Zongmen.
The appearance of Yue Linger also made Weidong taste the sweetness of this ignorant love in the world.
However, when this sweetness didn’t last long, Weidong still felt that people had a good time. Leading millions of sea red spirits to float out of the dragon-covered trench was a large-scale invasion of Jin and You, and then in the imperial list, it made him white. What is the most fundamental responsibility of a fighter?
Protect your country, protect your lover, and then fight again and again to make your name resound, so that your lover can live a richer life.
This is what young Weidong thinks.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Yue Linger
Of course, due to Weidong’s mistake, the loss of Yijiantang was a little big, but looking back, it is not a bad thing from the point of view of his mistake. After all, it can be seen from the side that his strength was enough to threaten the lives of many elders in Yijiantang at that time, and if Yijiantang trains him correctly, I believe that in the near future, Yijiantang will personally cultivate a new king who will make many forces in the Jianghu tremble. You know, this significance is far more important to Yijiantang than the lives of an elder, let alone a scholar.
The reason is that the top management of Weidong’s ultimate Kendo and Sword Hall is going to make an exception and let him enter the world of mortals, hoping that he can enter the world of mortals and then shuriken will defend the whole life.
However, before everyone could make a decision, the tide of red essence broke out
At that time, Yijiantang was famous and decent in the Jianghu, and it was also in response to the call of the Emperor List of Land and Sea. After many days of discussion, the top management of Yijiantang decided to send all his brothers to help Yang Jue.
And young Weidong and Yue Linger, who are looking forward to helping the just cause, also appeared in the list of aid teams this time.
However, at that time, the top management of Yijiantang was obviously too naive. It can be said that the whole Longhuan court at that time thought too simply about the red tide.
No one can guess that this sudden tide of red essence has changed several people’s cognition and views on this cruel world, and this Zhongwei Dong is such a person.
Because of this red tide, Weidong discovered that the beautiful world he thought was a disguise presented by reality.
Even many elders in Yijiantang have recognized the reality by this wave, but they are different from Weidong. Although the world in their eyes is full of various problems, it is still worth saving by everyone.
However, in Weidong’s eyes, this cruel world is no longer worth fighting for, because this world has completely lost its love and hope to live and live.
However, this group of elders in the Sword Hall may not be able to clearly guess what Weidong’s thoughts are. They even failed to see the evil spirits hidden in Weidong’s heart, so when he went through the farewell of Huacheng, the evil spirits in his heart were completely released as Yue Linger fell.
Yue Linger is a fatal attraction to Weidong. Even Weidong people don’t know what it is. He is so eager to get Yue Linger’s love. He is extremely eager to have Yue Linger’s hidden impulse in his life. The hidden desire can not stimulate his weak nerves all the time, but when he can marry the goddess of his heart so naturally, the beautiful dream bubble is punctured by reality.
Because of the delay in rescuing himself, the sword cousin Huacheng was almost wiped out by the sea red fighters. If Yue Linger hadn’t finally saved his life for Weidong, I believe that he would have sunk in the underwater world with this wave at that time.
And this hatred of his dead wife was remembered by Weidong.
In the following days, whenever Weidong recalled his Yue Linger dribs and drabs, he would slap himself hard more than once because he hated himself for not having anything to protect Yue Linger, and because he hated himself, he so easily chose to believe what Liu Tianqing said at that time.
What rescue plan …
What lures the enemy deep …
Everything is bullshit …
Everything is a scam …
Liu Tianqing in Weidong’s heart is a complete fraud.
Later, Weidong spontaneously organized teams to attack Liu Tianqing’s family many times, and his repeated harassment completely made Liu Tianqing angry.
This Liu Tianqing Weidong started his hands on this matter more than once, but he and Liu Tianqing are both gifted children. Both factions have identified the second as a school, and the high-level officials of both sides have coordinated and persuaded Yue Linger many times. This matter was finally forced by both sides.
Although the high-level pressure from both sides on Weidong was really honest for several years, in the past few years, Yue Linger’s eyes were full of tears, Yue Linger’s crazy general resistance, Yue Linger’s decisive eyes and his heart ached. He knew that Yue Linger was a demon in his heart, and this demon was corrupting his heart a little bit, but he was willing to be so slowly corrupted, and he was willing to gradually enter the magic road.