However, Bai Xiaofei knows that he can’t be too ugly when he eats. After all, Brother Yan Huang’s overseas expedition is under the name of saving people from all over the world. If eating too ugly causes people from all over the world to resent it, it will go against the original intention. What Yan Huang needs is a close unity and harmonious development of Asia around Yan Huang, instead of the stigma of America like Americans.
Bai Xiaofei nodded to the characteristics of Catwoman Kay. "Don’t worry, Ms. Kate, it is because we can’t bear to see Asian countries being smeared with charcoal by Japanese slaves that we resolutely sent an army. I, Bai Xiaofei, will never put people of all countries in the fire and water regardless of the fact that our mother tree has just settled in and there is a lot of work to be done. Now we are finally ready to March soon!"
Wolf Scott snorted. "Now that you are ready, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and send all your brothers. "
Bai Xiaofei stared at the werewolf Scott like an idiot. "Are you and my brother all beasts? To drive them out, they and the Japanese slave corpse brother fight each other to death mindlessly? Are your slave brothers all idiots? Know that you will fight hard with us without taking advantage of yourself to destroy us? "
"Werewolf Scott, you are eager to urge us to March, either mindless or ulterior motives! Xu Fu, the leader of the slave corpse brother, is the most cunning and treacherous old devil in the world. efreet and the goat are also full of tricks. When we transferred the mother tree before, the Taiwan Province Strait fully said that the slave corpse brother was a group of guys with great fighting capacity and strategy. "
"If I don’t care about sending more than two million Chinese corpse brothers to different countries at random, I will be surrounded and annihilated by the superior forces of Japanese slave corpse brothers, not to mention that saving Asian countries, including your Yankee soldiers, will be completely wiped out!"
Werewolf Scott is speechless, even if he thinks it’s best for Yan Huang’s corpse brother and Japanese slave’s corpse brother to fight for the same goal, he can’t say it in front of Bai Xiaofei
Next to Vampire Bill, he said, "White Flying Pavilion, you have rich experience in war. We naturally obey your arrangement, but many tourists in Europe have also fallen into Asian cities-you know that Asia has always been a hot spot for European tourists. Many of these tourists have been taken over by the US military base and they are anxiously waiting for your rescue."
Bai Xiaofei watched vampire Bill lower his posture and begged his face to slow down. He opened the big screen to reveal a map of Asia and saw a few thick arrows pointing from Taiwan Province to countries being ravaged by the corpse brother of the Japanese slave.
Bai Xiaofei pointed to the arrow and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have organized ten armies of corpse brothers, led by me and my partners respectively, and will take unified action to save the people of Asia in five days."
Scott the werewolf carefully looked at the map and saw that Bai Xiaofei’s selected targets were the key areas with the most strategic value in all parts of the country. It can be said that he swallowed mountains and rivers and was actually ambitious to control Asia in one fell swoop
But Scott the werewolf can’t object that he forced Bai Xiaofei to March just now, and now he can’t go back.
The only consolation for Scott the Werewolf is that from the action plan, Bai Xiaofei’s appetite is a little too big. Ten Yanhuang corpse brothers brigades set out at the same time, and the number of corpse brothers in each team is more than 200,000. Compared with the number of Japanese slaves who are now eating in Asian countries, they are really at a disadvantage.
Even leading these leaders such as Qiao Feng and Yu Xiaojia, who are powerful, is more organized and difficult to reverse this situation.
But it’s all right to let Yan Huang’s brother and Japanese slave’s brother fight to the death, preferably mutually assured destruction!
Werewolf Scott held a malicious belly and lamented on the surface but respectfully said, "I’m sorry that Bai Xiaofei Pavilion was reckless just now. I am very grateful to Brother Yanhuang for his contribution to the anti-Japanese slave corpse. I will immediately inform the US military of this battle plan, and we will assist Brother Yanhuang in his action."
After seeing off the werewolf Scott and others, Ling Lan laughed. "That guy named Scott can keep cursing you, and he wants us to die together with the Japanese slave brother."
Bai Xiaofei shrugged. "No matter how they are implementing the Spark Plan? All we have to do is sit tight and the spark plan will be implemented smoothly. "
Ling Lan nodded. "Representatives of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asian countries have secretly arrived in Taiwan Province. Xiaohui and Wei are explaining their specific action plans. A large number of arms are also disguised as humanitarian aid materials and ready to be transported to Southeast Asian countries."
Bai Xiaofei nodded heavily. He looked at the screen and attacked the road map. "Although we have the help of the mother tree, the number of our Yan Huang corpse brothers is still too small. Even if we beat the Japanese slave corpse brother, we will suffer heavy losses. The fruits of victory will be easily taken away by others."
Ling Lan said, "Suo Bai Xiaofei, you have made a spark plan to help Chinese and overseas Chinese all over Southeast Asia to help them arm them and cultivate pro-Chinese motherland forces in the process of fighting against Japanese slaves and corpses. Finally, when it is appropriate, Southeast Asia will establish a Chinese country."
Bai Xiaofei said, "Chinese people have established their own countries in Southeast Asia, such as the Republic of Lanfang. Unfortunately, they were brutally suppressed by western colonists. Now they are not founding a country, but rejuvenating the country. You know, Chinese and overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia now hold a lot of economic resources, and they will soon be able to establish powerful countries with our support."
"Of course, when implementing this plan, we can use some small means to squeeze those short black people into barren areas and let Chinese overseas Chinese occupy the most fertile and abundant land, and then we can permanently control Southeast Asian countries through immigration from Yanhuang mainland."
Chapter 693 Conquest! (4)
LingLan looked at the map and then at Bai Xiaofei suddenly, "Bai Xiaofei, haven’t you ever thought about expanding territory for Yan Huang’s corpse brother? In fact, you can not support Chinese and overseas Chinese, but directly control those land and resources by the corpse brother to truly establish a corpse brother country! "
Bai Xiaofei took a glance at LingLan in surprise. "What? Ling Lan, what did you say? Why should I do this? You and I are both white. Although there are now more than 20,000 corpses in Yanhuang, it is impossible to sweep the roots of Asian countries. We can only achieve something if we have our backs on Yanhuang mainland, otherwise we will always be the root of wood. "
"Taiwan Province liberation is the best example. What do they welcome us in Taipei? Is it because we are brothers? Not because we are from the mainland! The real liberation of Taiwan Province and the return of the people of Taiwan Province is not the death of Yan Huang, but the powerful military force behind it and the rapid economic development. It is a matter of time before our death brother regards himself as the owner of this land and everyone sees it as an intruder’s fiasco. "
LingLan chuckled "I’m a joke"-no, it’s not a joke, because just now LingLan suddenly sensed a desire in Bai Xiaofei’s heart to devour this Asia and even the whole world ambition! Bai Xiaofei subconsciously is so greedy that he can’t spread destruction and blood all over the earth!
The idea of Bai Xiaofei’s deepest consciousness flashed but was keenly sensed by Linglan, but Linglan could not confirm that she deliberately tempted Bai Xiaofei with words.
You know, no matter how kind and simple people are, when they are out of control, they are easy to get possessed and do crazy things. Now coming to Bai Xiaofei to lead the overseas expeditionary force alone is really exclusive. In case anything happens, it will be an uncontrollable disaster for Yan Huang’s corpse brother, the Chinese mainland.
However, Ling Lan is obviously overrated because Bai Xiaofei didn’t think so. His plan is that Yan Huang’s corpse brother is a sword. This sword is still to be handed over to Yan Huang for land and life.
Linglan relaxed her heart. Just now, she felt that maybe it was an illusion, but it must be an illusion.
At this time, Xiaohui and Wei pushed the door and entered together. "Bai Xiaofei told you a good news. We communicated with overseas Chinese representatives very smoothly. They accepted our spark plan."
Xiaohui said, "In fact, those representatives can’t wait to guide our corpse brother army to their respective countries. Since the large-scale landing of the Japanese slave corpse brother, Southeast Asian countries have been paralyzed. The army has protected itself, not to mention sending troops to protect these Chinese overseas Chinese. What’s worse is that the resurgence of Chinese exclusion in some areas says that the corpse brother virus originated from the Chinese people and the Japanese slave corpse brother is a feud with the Chinese people. We can solve this crisis by driving away the Chinese overseas Chinese."
Bai Xiaofei nodded. "I’ve learned about this information. It’s the fact that the indigenous high-level officials in those countries secretly promote the opportunity to seize the property of Chinese overseas Chinese. Hey, it’s really reckless. Things don’t unite against Japanese slaves. It’s a damn thing to think about making a fortune! I don’t mind letting Huluwa’s brother and other blood brothers accidentally kill a few. "
Wei said, "Bai Xiaofei’s representatives all hope to meet you and see for themselves what a hero General Fei is."
Bai Xiaofei shrugged. "I’m not a three-headed six-armed peep show?" In this case, Bai Xiaofei still adjusted her clothes and asked Wei to invite the delegates to the headquarters. This kind of friendly meeting and wooing feelings should also be intentional in the topic. Just take care of the front line and kill. Now I have to learn some diplomatic skills.
A group of Chinese Wei led into the headquarters. These Chinese have been in Southeast Asian countries for generations. Don’t avoid mixing in some indigenous ancestry, but you can still clearly tell that they are covered with yellow blood. The most obvious difference is that they are tall, light-skinned and handsome, and their noses are high.
Bai Xiaofei shook hands with Chinese and overseas Chinese, and said some official words, saying that the Chinese motherland is connected by blood, and overseas travel in the mainland will definitely protect their safety-these words are all made by the commander to make Bai Xiaofei know by heart, especially for occasions like this.
Bai Xiaofei knew that there was a powerful family behind these representatives, with extremely rich wealth, huge factories and enterprises, and tens of thousands of workers. These talents and resources could be closely linked with the Chinese mainland after they expelled the Japanese slave corpse brother.
In fact, these families have had a lot of business dealings with the Chinese people before, and there are huge investments in the mainland, but they will be closer in the future.
Bai Xiaofei’s face ached with a fake smile. Suddenly, a girl came in on behalf of the group. She had a long waist and black hair and a high forehead because of mixed blood, but her bright eyes made people see this small shortcoming.
As soon as the girl grasped Bai Xiaofei’s hand, "My name is Zhou Qing. I have watched many videos of General Fei’s former battle. You are a real strong man."
A motive in Bai Xiaofei’s heart is that Zhou Qing’s hand holds his hand tightly, which is very, very powerful. It doesn’t feel soft in his palm, but it feels very rough because her knuckles are full of calluses.
Zhou Qing smiled and flashed her white and neat teeth and spread her palm. "This is my practice of Muay Thai." Then she kicked her high-heeled shoes far out with her legs, revealing a pair of slender feet, which also had old scars and calluses. Zhou Qing said, "This is my kicking the trunk for years, and now I can kick off the thick trunk of the bowl with one foot."
Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect this handsome Zhou Qing to be a Thai boxing enthusiast. You know, this Thai boxing is not a Chinese martial arts, but it is a real deadly attack.
Muay Thai practitioners have to kick hard trunks with fists, elbows, knees, legs and feet since childhood to hone themselves. Zhou Qing, a big family, practiced hard, and her hands and feet were scarred and calluses. Obviously, she was a fanatical and violent woman.
If Bai Xiaofei, a former graphic designer, had just shook hands with Zhou Qing, Bai Xiaofei’s tender hand would have broken several phalanxes.
Zhou Qing smiled again, "I have been pursuing strength since I was a child-I have also participated in boxing matches and knocked down several opponents"-I went to Bai Xiaofei to know that there are no rules in so-called boxing matches. The only rule is that you kill others or others kill you.
Zhou Qing’s understatement of "knocking down several opponents" actually killed several talents. Zhou Qing certainly didn’t have the power of Cycas mecha Xiaohui and Wei, but Xiaohui and Wei never killed the kook. They fought to protect themselves and protect their friends, but Zhou Qing killed people in boxing matches in pursuit of their own strength.
Is this Zhou Qingshi a murderous pervert rich second generation?
Bai Xiaofei can’t accuse Zhou Qing of "personal hobbies" in front of a group of Chinese and overseas Chinese representatives. He just wanted to say a few words with a straight face to send Zhou Qing away, but he didn’t expect Zhou Qing to suddenly kneel down. "General Fei, please mutate me into a corpse brother!" Give me strength, real strength! "
Not only Bai Xiaofei Xiaohui Wei and the delegates were stunned. Bai Xiaofei was busy holding Zhou Qing up. "Miss Zhou, what are you talking about? We are here to liberate you from the clutches of the slave corpse brother. Why do you want to be a corpse brother-you are a good girl? This is not a joke."
Zhou Qing stubbornly knelt down again "no! General Fei, I’m sincere. I want power, and brother corpse has real power-killing and devouring the poor, evolution is a toy compared with human weapons! There is a limited possibility for the evolution of corpse brother, who is the greatest living body. Let me be a corpse brother, and let me abandon this weak human body! Let me have the strength to avenge my mother and brothers! "
Bai Xiaofei zheng mother and younger brothers revenge? What’s going on here?
At this time, an old man among the Chinese representatives sighed, "Commander Bai Xiaofei, please forgive Zhou Qing for her impudence. She really has difficulties. Zhou Qing’s mother and three younger brothers were killed alive in a local indigenous riot. After her mother was raped, she killed three younger brothers, and then her head was cut off one by one, and then Zhou Qing and her father escaped this robbery because they were abroad."
Bai Xiaofei suddenly came over for nothing. He took Zhou Qing with scars and calluses. "Do you want to avenge your mother and younger brothers so as not to pamper darling daughter and practice Muay Thai hard?"
Zhou Qingzhong nodded, "It was my mother and my brothers who were killed by our own hands in the boxing arena, but we haven’t finished our revenge. Those behind the scenes are still not as high as hell!"
Zhou Qing looked at Bai Xiaofei with indignation. "My father, the so-called heads of extended families, are idiots. They can protect themselves if they have mastered the economic lifeline, but those indigenous monkeys not only robbed us with long knives, but also let our relatives die! Later, those patriarchs thought of protecting their people through political elections, but the indigenous people had to issue a few decrees so that our generation could never have the power to protect their loved ones! "
Chapter 694 Conquest! (5)