Shaolin abbot Shoumei stirred up a little shortness of breath and whispered, "This man is afraid of falling into three evil ways after his death."
Fang Yunhan stopped talking.
He quietly looked down at the Shaolin abbot’s eyes, and there was no emotion. The momentum gradually rose, and it seemed that the three Buddha statues in the temple were integrated.
Shaolin abbot felt a depressing atmosphere.
The old monk’s martial arts are not weak, but he has gradually noticed from a year ago that the former senior brother of Hagamen has been unable to sleep for a year, and his spirit has weakened a lot. If he hadn’t had the strength to support him, he would have been in shape.
Sometimes when he wakes up at night and sees the shadows outside the door, he will mistake it for a hag to kill him, and he will feel a little relieved.
I’m afraid that all kinds of factors lead to his imposing manner oppression performance is not as good as copper eyebrow.
The old monk has sweat oozing from his forehead, so he can’t continue to bow his head because he suspects that his neck may never be lifted.
So when he looked up, he suddenly saw the golden light in the man’s eyes and felt that he was circling around the warm wind like a Buddha.
"such as ~ ~ system ~ ~"
Shaolin abbot blurted out.
He spit out a word and immediately recovered from that trance.
Fang Yunhan’s golden light in his eyes slowly asked, "What letter?"
The abbot of Shaolin gave a wry smile. Since he revealed the clue, he didn’t know what this man would do to Shaolin if he refused to take it out.
"It was the correspondence between my brother’s mother and master that year, and the royal dragon Yu Pei keepsake and master herself secretly investigated the reason why my brother was sent to Shaolin that year. It is said that it was involved in the scandal of Tianjia."
At first, it was said that the Shaolin abbot got up and turned to the back of the Hall of Great Heroes. He took out a box in the secret compartment according to the motive and turned back to the other party, Yunhan, and said, "It’s in here."
"My brother didn’t dare to touch me because if I died suddenly, these things would be spread out, but that night I witnessed it with Master and vowed that if my brother didn’t try to kill me and I spread these things, I would go to hell and never live again."
Shaolin abbot handed out the wooden box and bowed his head, saying "Amitabha"
Fang Yunhan took the affairs and looked through two tuts. "Abbot, since you believe in Buddhism, you should also think about something else, such as saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda."
The young man patted the old monk on the shoulder with a smile. "You have to believe that even if you fall into hell, there will be a pagoda to arch you."
Chapter 97 Flying Eagle Silk
On the evening of April 12th.
Fang Yunhan, who broke into Shaolin Temple, had a good rest after chatting with the abbot. He also tasted Shaolin food and praised it. He didn’t leave until nightfall.
All the monks in the temple also went to rest.
Although most of them don’t really do it today, they are always in a state of tension and feel more tired than they used to practice all day.
The cold wind in the night of Shaoshi Mountain is not only scattered in the Woods behind the mountain, but also accompanied by the wind whimpering and suddenly mixed with a sound of breaking branches.
A light and fat figure walked into the forest.
He came to the northeast corner of the forest with a small bamboo tube stuffed with a note in his hand, and a tree knocked on the trunk.
A falcon with a pale golden beak soon flew from the dense branches and leaves of this big tree.
The masked fat tied a small bamboo tube to one side of the talons and fed a small fragrant pill.
The eagle crows and flies high.
"Brother Baodu, what are you doing?" Copper eyebrow sound with a thick surprise.
The masked man Huo Ran turned and saw the bronze-browed monk standing beside a boulder outside this jungle.
Copper eyebrow was easily defeated by Fang Yunhan during the day today, so I got up and walked around at will when I couldn’t sleep at night. I didn’t expect to see Bao Du sneaking away from the temple.
Yes, the face is covered with a piece of cloth, but his body shape and bruises on his ears reveal his identity.
Copper eyebrow followed him all the way to see Baodu’s action, but he was still angry. "Who are you working for and betray Shaolin?"
The masked man found himself exposed and simply stopped hiding the towel. As expected, he revealed Baodu’s round face with a few bruises. He ha ha smiled. "Where did Brother say that? How could I betray Shaolin? I came out of Doby. This bird was afraid of disturbing others’ dreams and was very quiet."
His smile is like a Maitreya Buddha, but a few bruises on his face make his smile look a little ugly. He smiled and walked towards the bronze eyebrow. "Don’t you think this woke up the senior brother? Did anyone else wake up and follow?"
Copper eyebrow sneered coldly, "I’m the only one. What do you want?"
"Then I’m sorry."
Baodu’s mouth is wide to both sides, and his hand suddenly seems to be accompanied by five ghosting images.
At the same time, his face showed a smile after victory.
Over the years, he has always known that these other disciples will fool the young monk if they think that his skill is not good, but who knows that this is his deliberate disguise, that is, if someone finds out that he is secretly working at the hag door, he can also make a chance to live by hiding his skill.
You know, monk Baodu was also the best among his peers, otherwise he wouldn’t have won the big hag’s favor to attract him.
Even before Fang Yunhan threw it out so easily, he forced himself to refrain from making a big fool of himself and didn’t work hard.
Boxing palm strike real forest suddenly sounded a scream.
Bao Du even took five or six steps back, holding the discounted right hand and sweating and exclaimed, "How is that possible? On this day, I have been forbearing for many years. Today, it is not the enemy that should be attacked by soaring combat power. "
"Have you been pretending to be a pig for so many years? It’s really lazy that you play too much, and the root of it is to become a real … "
Copper eyebrow snorted angrily and disdained to say that he went to the hand and even ordered several heavy points of Baodu to carry him back to Shaolin Temple. "You go and talk to the abbot."
However, the person with the highest seniority in Shaolin was placed in the Hag Gate. Although he was found out, he had been released, but he was unable to intercept it.
The eagle flew for nine days, and its endurance was several times stronger than that of the ordinary falcon, and unlike the ups and downs of mountains and rivers on the ground, the eagle had surpassed the man running on the ground at noon the next day.
It will be dusk on April 15th.
Lu Xiaofeng is ready to go to the palace.
He didn’t get the color-changing ribbon token from the master in the past, but earlier today, his local strongmen friends suddenly came with a message.
It is said that someone with money, background and something can buy color-changing ribbons directly from the black market in Beijing, which is absolutely the same as those of the master.
It happened that all three requirements met some requirements in Lu Xiaofeng, so he also had a "token".
Before rushing to the palace, he didn’t go to Hefangzhai to ask Ximen Chuixue to go with him.