"Sun elder welcome" Li Yuxiao said.
At this time, Li Yan ignored whether Li Yu gave the poem away or not. He walked up to the little Ru and said, "You can’t go to Jiangfu today. Stay in Yuanfu from now on. If you don’t want to go back, you can talk to Yuanxiang and then go on your own."
Xiaoru hasn’t come to her senses yet. Of course, she just told Miss Jiang that she didn’t want to stay in Jiangfu. I didn’t expect Miss Jiang to let herself leave Jiangfu just a few days ago. Suddenly, she couldn’t believe it.
"He is the young lady’s husband?" Xiaoru looked at it and suddenly found that Miss Xianggong was not only a talented poet, but also a masculine and cool handsome man.
"Huh?" Li Yan is wrinkly to knit the brows. Since just now, this little Ru has been standing still. Is she mentally damaged and suffering from dementia?
Small shavings a surprised quickly return to absolute being face is not a red low head said "handmaiden seen children"
"Well, get up. I wish you would go back. Yuan Xiang has an account," Li Yan said.
Xiaoru was trembling and excited at this time. Today, she can finally return to the young lady’s side and no longer suffer so much. This made her happy and want to cry. "Great, Miss, I haven’t forgotten Xiaoru’s concern for mutual affection. This son-in-law is really a good man. I think she will never be punched and kicked by that Jiang Xuan again."
Embroidered bamboo was sound at the moment, "Are you interested in Xiaoru?"
Li Yan was shocked. "You can’t talk nonsense about this because I met someone who likes someone?"
"Who knows what you think about this guy? You may be boring to her, but she’s boring to you. Look at her eyes staring at you straight, and what’s the name of that royal woman over there? Li Bailian seems to be interested in you." Embroidered bamboo pie pie said that she couldn’t help but worry a little. "This guy is getting better and better. Old Niang and Yuan Xiang Jie even can’t look at him. If they don’t stay with him one day, they can’t flirt around."
Li Yan laughed. "Embroidered bamboo, don’t change the subject. You promised me that if I win this fight, everything will depend on me."
"That’s … that’s natural, but it’s not allowed at night and during the day." Embroidered bamboo eyes reveal a bit of shame. "I don’t know what this guy will do to deal with himself. Although he has been with him, he can’t do everything. This guy is fond of the new and hates the old. Even with some exceptions, sooner or later, it will gradually become dull and not as touching as before, so I will leave something to slowly cast so as to catch this guy’s heart."
Li Yan said, "Well, let’s take Xiaoru back to her place first. Then I guess we have nothing to do. It’s time to go back after sitting for a while."
"Well" embroidered bamboo nodded and looked at Xiaoru and said "Come with me"
Xiaoru looks at this woman. If she remembers correctly, she should call Miss Yuan Xiangjie, which means it is likely to be a son-in-law concubine. If so, she must not offend herself.
"Your name is Xiaoru, isn’t it? Although you replaced the marriage for Yuan Xiang Jie before, you have been very kind to Yuan Xiang Jie, but it can’t hide the fact that you are a woman. You are not clean in the future. Don’t be too close to my man. What happened in the future? Tell me the truth. My man likes Yuan Xiang Jie’s mature woman, and you happen to be this kind of girl. If you tell me in advance, it will be too late to talk about it later." Embroidered bamboo grunted.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-five Who wins
Hearing embroidered bamboo warning himself, Xiaoru quickly said, "handmaiden dare not?"
"Hum, I dare not be the best," said Embroidered Bamboo.
Li Yan and Mu Baifei talked for a few days and then wanted to go back and continue drinking, only to be stopped by a voice.
The sound of "Wait for this brother" sounds like it comes from far away, but in fact it echoes in people’s ears, clear and clean, giving people a spotless feeling.
Li Yan looked back and saw a man wearing a white waist and Yu Pei wearing a white jade crown coming out.
"And you are?" He doesn’t know this white man, but he doesn’t mean anything by looking at him, giving people a very calm feeling, in other words, which one is very temperament
"You can call me a white lion," said the man.
"White lion? It’s really a strange name. "Li Yan muttered in his heart." It shouldn’t be his real name. "
But then Li Bailian suddenly exclaimed, "Are you from Li Chunfeng Mansion?"
"What? This man is the man who came out of Li Chunfeng Mansion. "
"I have long heard that it is a rumor that the Four Emperors invited Li Fu people to get together here. I didn’t expect to actually invite Li Fu people."
"The capital has been mysterious. No one knows what Li Fu is like, but I heard that Li Fu people are good at counting stars and seeing fate. Generally, the Tang Dynasty will ask Li Fu to make plans before calculating the sword and disaster, natural disasters and man-made disasters. It is said that this Li Fu person’s fortune-telling is very magical in nine cases, and even his dynasty really wants to invite Li Fu people to be guests. However, Li Fu people are all dragons, but ordinary people have heard the roots and never seen them. Even the royal family has never seen them, but it is strange that this Li Fu person is going to find that one.
Li Yan couldn’t help but feel a slight wind when listening to others’ low comments. This man named White Lion turned out to be the Li Fu and listened to others’ meaning. This Li Fu seems to be a very powerful force and has a great position among major dynasties.
"I don’t know what the pavilion is looking for me," Li Yanmen said when he saw the mountain, and he didn’t want to be polite when he was surfing.
The white lion smiled faintly. "It’s nothing. I just want to get to know a friend."
Li Yan couldn’t help but be a little surprised that this Li Fu person really has such a high status as people say, so he needs to get to know himself, and he thinks that this white lion is a reason why it can’t be so simple without going to the Three Treasures Hall.
"Ha ha Li Xiong don’t believe that didn’t also the way, but I believe there is a chance to see Li Xiong again" White Lion shook his head and turned away directly.
"Weird person" Li Yan looked at this person’s heart andao "It seems that we have to pay attention to this amount of Li Guren should not be a simple person"
Mu Baifei said aside, "Li Xiong should not underestimate this white lion. I heard that he had calculated his life for some royal people, and it is more effective than finding friends at the moment to estimate all the plots." Mu Baifei said.
"I know that I will pay more attention to this in my heart." Li Yan finished and returned to the position. Those readers looked at him with envy and fear. Envy is envy of his talent, but fear is also his talent. If he took part in the scientific examination this spring, wouldn’t it be hopeless to be the top student in high school?
At this time, the Four Emperors suddenly said, "This time, all of you have left a lot of good verses, and Wang has felt your academic talents, but there is one thing that is better than letting you pundits comment on who to give them."
To whom? Then I asked who Li Yan wouldn’t give it to after making such a big splash. Do others think they are bigger than him?
Pan Ai, assistant minister of does, said, "Li Yan’s poems can be said to be a masterpiece through the ages, whether it is" Sword Line "or" Killing Line ",but one of these two poems is a remnant poem, and the other is too murderous, which is against the readers’ points. Therefore, the old lady thinks that this Li Yan should be excluded, but Ouyang’s poems are good and can win the first prize."
"This old guy looks like a dog, but here he is full of shit." Embroidered bamboo said maliciously
Su Liangqi also said, "Yes, Mr. Pan said that Li Yan is really not suitable for winning the first prize."
"What’s the matter? The old man Sue also helped the man to talk. Is it crazy?" Embroidered bamboo surprised.
Li Yan said, "Otherwise, he helped me. Now that I have won Jiang Xuan, things have made a big deal. Although there were four emperors alone to help me clean up, this so-called wooden show was too loud. Mr. Su wanted to push someone out to help me calm this evil wind. But I hope that Ouyang will be pushed out. That guy is a soft knife to kill people without seeing blood. He didn’t do it himself twice or three times, but he instigated others to sit back and worry. This kind of talent is the most dangerous. If this person can force him out, it will be easier to do what tricks he has to do. Otherwise, he
"But it’s too wronged for you, but you have to let it go if you win the first prize." Embroidered bamboo was unwilling to say.
Li Yan laughed. "What if you win? You know, I have made an enemy with the four emperors. If he investigates the natural knowledge, it’s better to stay away from him."