Far from China, the Vietnamese navy has a natural geographical advantage over China. The Nansha Islands are still 9 kilometers away from the southernmost sea of the Republic Navy, Nanlingshui Airport, while the Republic has the longest voyage. The J-2 fighter plane carries guns without missiles, and the war radius is 7 kilometers. The French Republic Navy covers it.
Before returning to China, Ning Lei should have consulted the top management about the f14 fighter. In the decade, the Republic was able to obtain a war radius covering Nansha Islands, and there were also American f16 and f14 fighters. However, the war radius of f16a fighter for the Republic was barely 9 kilometers, so f14a with seven missiles and a war radius over 9 kilometers was the best choice for middle cover.
If Liang Yuan doesn’t get involved in financial difficulties, the purchase price of the Republic’s roots is high. f14 or f16 can swallow this tone. After half a year, the Vietnamese will continue to seize our island reef, leaving several troubles and future troubles for China in the new century.
I don’t know whether Ning Shu came back from Peiping this time or not, and I don’t know the attitude of the central government to keep things quiet. Liang Yuan looked at it with a frown and was a little dull. Ning Lei guessed at random.
Tang Wan and Ning Lei’s husband and wife looked at Ning Lei’s expression for many years and knew that Liang Yuan had guessed things close. After so many things, Tang Wan was very familiar with Liang Yuan’s meticulous thinking and reasoning ability. He smiled and said, "Look at Ning Lei’s expression and you will know that Xiaoyuan was right. I said how did you return to China before? If Xiaoyuan debunked you, you would suddenly turn over a new leaf and take care of your family."
It is said that Ning Lei has the energy to bicker with Tang Wan and hesitated for a moment and said to Liang Yuan, "How did you guess Xiaoyuan?"
"People who have such a rare opportunity to learn will not give up taking my mother as an example. If there is an opportunity to study in Pratt & Whitney and Ventilation Laboratory, let’s see if we can run back halfway." Liang Yuan looked at Li Yuanling and said with a smile.
Ning Lei laughed and recognized Liang Yuan’s speculation, saying, "You were almost taken to the ditch again. You haven’t answered Ning Shu’s sponsorship of the plane and patience."
"Of course, I want to know how much determination and patience NingShu here can estimate what price NingShu is willing to pay to get f14."
"Oh, uncle Ning is the first time to hear about sponsorship, isn’t it?" Ning Lei is the first time to get down to business with Liang Yuan. I don’t know Liang Yuan’s endless ghost thoughts.
"Hey, hey, big public and private banks have always been suspected by the CPC Central Committee …" In the middle of the words, Liang Yuan looked at Comrade Lao Liang with a bad look and quickly swallowed the second half sentence back.
At present, there are two die-hard communists, party member himself. Isn’t this a death?
"Uh, uh, uh, I’m still not a party member, and I’m not a tried and tested outstanding cadre. I belong to the ignorant and shortsighted petty bourgeoisie. Of course, I have to think about it for myself." Liang Yuan quickly buried himself as worthless
Li Yuanling and Tang Wan laughed when Liang Yuan said this. Li Yuanling said, "Don’t pay attention to your father. Your father can’t wait to make his family communist, and then he lives in a shack, so as to show that Liang Dachang has a clean conscience."
This kind of unprincipled bickering is not something that ten Liang Jiangping’s opponents can stare at Liang Yuan.
Tang Wan also said, "If there are few big bourgeoisie in the petty bourgeoisie world, Ning Yi can be very curious. Xiaoyuan is going to participate in this kind of thing. It must be obvious that there is a chance to make money here. Ning Yi can’t figure out where to make money by sponsoring this kind of money."
Liang Yuan blushed and said, "It’s better for Aunt Ning to know me and see through my mind at a glance."
Ning Lei was greatly interested by Liang Yuan and said with a smile, "Tell Ning Shu, don’t you still want to buy and sell airplanes?" NingShu but didn’t have a penny "
Liang Yuan flattened his mouth and said, "Look at the director Wang of 257 Factory and you will know what the army is like. I didn’t expect the army to pay a penny."
Liang Yuancai threw out his plan after leading the table full of people’s thoughts, and said, "Uncle Ning remembers that during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Master Chang Xiangyu, a famous drama performer in China, donated all his income to the country to buy fighter planes, and this kind of thing is not just a thing that Xinjiang bus worships the old man and Dasheng Company, and the country donated planes during the war."
Ning Lei roughly touched Liang Yuan’s thinking, but he still didn’t understand what this matter has to do with patience and determination to make money. He nodded and said, "There are these things, but what does this have to do with Ning Shu’s determination and patience?"
Liang Yuan said with a self-deprecating smile, "Uncle Ning, I can’t afford to benefit early. Of course, the petty bourgeoisie should consider it for itself. It’s not that you can fly every day no matter where you put it. Uncle Ning, do you think that the level of the 257 factory has maintained the ability of f14 fighters?"
"Xiaoyuan is going to set up a repair shop and then make money by routine maintenance of f14, isn’t it?" Ning Lei suddenly realized and said
Liang Yuan nodded with a smile and said, "I don’t know. Now that Ning Shu is paying for the country to buy a plane, how can I spend money to buy it? It’s up to me to bargain. It’s of course the best to spend less. Besides, Ning Shu also saw that I still have some talents to buy a plane or a ship while doing business. In this respect, I don’t think there are any strongmen in China who are more capable than me." In the end, Liang Yuan’s back is straight and the whole person is as sharp as a sword.
Liang Yuan usually looks lazy and slack, as if an ordinary teenager next door rarely shows his aggressiveness. This time, it’s time to fight for f14 to enter Guoliang Yuan and give up the idea of keeping a low profile for a while. Liang Yuan seems that no one can clear a list of obstacles for f14 to enter the country in a short time except himself. This thing is not a Chinese cabbage. Even if the Republic wants to buy it, how to get Americans to sell it quickly is not a simple matter.
For Liang Yuan, the most exciting thing about f14 is the automatic variable swept wing controlled by the atmospheric computer. This thing is Liang Yuanmou’s key stroke. Later generations, Grumman once went out of the class. The Tomcat 21 planned to reduce weight by a large number of composite materials and changed to a bubble cockpit f14. The motivation of f11ge129 was that the rear-class Tomcat could achieve 15-tone cruise and f14 body to spend up to 7g maneuver, which is equivalent to solving the two most headache problems of the Republic’s four generations of heavy fighters at one time.
Since 1960s, many aircraft designers in the Republic have been shouting the slogan "The aircraft is underpowered and pneumatically compensated". As a result, in the new century, they are still eating ashes behind the American butt and turning a blind eye to f14, a typical aircraft with underpowered and pneumatically compensated aircraft. After America eliminated f14, it attacked f14 variable swept wings one-sidedly. For example, if it was backward, America said that f14 backwardness was based on a motive with a thrust-to-weight ratio as high as 11f119. Even if a refrigerator is equipped with two wings, people can make a sound cruise. Of course, they disdain f14 aerodynamic to
China’s one-sided understanding of f14 is like India mocking the people of the Republic for their backward space technology and shooting too high. We don’t want to make such a high-level thing. We have to make it the same, that is, it is economical and affordable. If there are problems that have not been solved, we should consider making it first. What kind of logical thinking is this? The great Indian people disdain to study rocket technology and wait for anti-gravity technology directly. That thing can save energy, protect the environment and pollute the environment many times.
Su-27 production line was not established in Beijing until 1997. It took six years to localize Su-27 airframe. If it can be introduced into f14 overhaul line (Note 1), Liang Yuanjian believes that he can knock off f14 airframe in ten years.
Except personally, how can others understand their own ghost thoughts and negotiate with another guy to focus on the formidable AI-54 missile, and their big head money will be wasted.
Ning Wanjia looked at Liang Yuan with a straight back and a heroic spirit. Her eyes were full of little stars. Li Yuanling looked at her arms. Ning Wanjia’s little face was red and her white hand was clutching her fist. She couldn’t help laughing and kissed my little girl on the cheek.
Ning Lei realized the intention of Liang Yuan’s department. This kind of thing is definitely an exception for the Republic. It means something "outrageous". However, Ning Lei looked at Liang Yuan’s eyes and stared at himself without any stage fright. He couldn’t help but feel happy in his heart. No matter what happens, he dared to make such a request to the country. It is great courage and courage. It seems that Tang Wan is really right. In the future, Xiaoyuan has achieved himself and the old monitor should be thinking to himself.
"Xiaoyuan, how can you go to the front desk to negotiate with Americans at your age?" Ning Lei found fault.
"Director Wang of No.257 Factory will come forward. Anyway, Comrade Lao Wang also has a profound background in the No.3 Machinery Department, so I will bear the burden of Comrade Lao Wang’s translation. When the time comes, no one will be able to say anything when he is in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses."
"Uh …" Ning Lei, who would have thought that this seemingly great trouble was quickly solved by Liang Yuan.
"It’s good for uncle Ning to want a plane for the army. You don’t care where he comes from. I can cheat him out of the hands of the United States. Besides, the final contract is not subject to national review. Even if I intend to betray the country, I can’t get through it. I don’t think this involves national interests," Liang Yuan said
"There is such a thing that I don’t want to see the spiritual honor class. If the plane can be repaired by us, it will be done in the name of the country. Even if you just pull a typical one and say that he donated it, I don’t care." Liang Yuan smiled and said.
Ning Lei thought about the war that just ended in the South China Sea. Ning Jianzhong frowned and said to himself, "Xiao Lei is not a country that doesn’t want to retaliate and give up its inherent territory. Nansha is only more than 2 kilometers away from Vietnam. They can send planes to escort ships at any time. The victory in this battle can be said to be unexpected. Once the scale of the war expands, it is impossible for the navy to defend Nansha because of this kind of thing."
"You said that purchasing f14 fighters to cruise Nansha has been considered, and it is also necessary to recall you this time. I asked about the detailed performance of f14 fighters, but it is also difficult for the old leaders in the current economic difficulties."
"Ray, you go back to the army to terminate your leave and other news. If the central government is determined to purchase, it will inform you to participate in the negotiations. Alas, this family is poor and bad." Ning Jianzhong’s last long sigh seemed to echo in Ning Lei’s ear
Ning Lei listened to Liang Yuan’s silence for a long time. Liang Yuan’s plan seems fantastic, but there is room for manoeuvre. When thinking about flying f14, I feel that I can do whatever I want. Ning Lei’s heart seems to be gently grabbed by several kittens, which makes several pilots willing to pay for all the heavy fighters. I have never been so close to myself. It seems that I can touch it with a slight hand.
Ning Lei’s thick breath stared at Liang Yuan and said, "Xiaoyuan, you said Ning Shu, but now this plan is too rough. In two days, you will give Ning Shu a detailed plan and write down all the sources of funds you require clearly. If Ning Shu can go back to Beiping once."
Note 1: D inspection in overhaul line is to disassemble the aircraft into pieces, test the metal fatigue one by one, and replace the remaining parts with life problems directly, so there is no secret if you have the body foundation of overhaul line.