The scenery of Linjiang is quite good, but in winter, the base is also bare. Sometimes the river is frozen and the glass is tilted, but it does have a little taste. But this year, the cold is not enough to freeze Linjiang.
"Brother Lung, what’s so beautiful about this? It’s all water."
Xiao Si’s words were swallowed by Longyou with a glaring horse, and he honestly went to prepare the car, but Longyou really had other plans in his heart.
I’m afraid the horse will catch the tail of the man behind the scenes, and what should be done with him then? You can’t sit there quietly waiting for you to get him, can you
The key question now is whether the man behind the scenes is a man or a woman. Now Longyou can be sure that it is cunning, cautious, elusive and shrewd.
Dealing with this unknown guy will never be too simple. What if he wants to escape from Linjiang?
Although Linjiang is called Linjiang, there is usually a river. The oblique and high river flows and has been integrated into the sea in the second half of the year. However, it is still called Linjiang instead of Linhai, and I don’t know what it is. It may be such a rule.
Or if you call the seaside, but there is no tide, no tide and no beach, it is still not appropriate.
In my dream, there should be a sunny coast, a golden beach, rising and falling, and myself, a sun chair and a glass of iced sprite, will feel at ease. It is also quite desirable to think about it, and I really want to go to such a place at once, and three people will worry together forever, and there will be no more troubles. But what about Dad? Will there be no one to take care of them here
Looked at one side and looked at the mobile phone. Xiaosi Longyou smiled and shook his head.
If you don’t pay your dad back, you won’t be left unattended.
In winter, the wind on the riverside still blows down a lot of ice and cold, forcing passers-by to speed up their steps, and Longyou can’t stop staring at his coat. It’s really not a hard fight that can carry it.
It’s snowing again in the blue sky. White snow’ flowers’ float and shake the world. Sitting in the cradle in the cold air, Shu is as safe as if he were going to sleep. It seems that they don’t know what fate it is to wait for them after landing.
However, Longyou knows that he can’t laugh. Even if he stretches his brow, there are two deep wrinkles, which will be revealed inadvertently.
"Ah, it’s snowing again. It’s snowing endlessly in winter."
One side, Xiao Si seems to be cold, sneezing, tightening his clothes and muttering his eyes, but he is reluctant to leave his mobile phone for a second.
Is he playing?
Longyou shook his head. It’s definitely not that the situation is so tense, so he has such leisure and elegance. He can also come to Linjiang to have a look at the snow. It seems that he has won the battle and there seems to be no need to fight.
I don’t know what my opponent’s mysterious behind-the-scenes man will think and what he is doing now.
Wouldn’t it be interesting if he looked at the snow’ flowers’ anywhere and thought about where he was doing at the moment?
In the distance, there was a sound coming from afar. At last, at this time today, the ship came to Linjiang Harbor covered with white snow and flowers. It has been a month since there was a ship moored here.
But it seems like another snowstorm. Can the ship still get out? What will the crew do if the ship can’t get out in the coming year? What about their families?
I don’t know why Longyou is suddenly particularly concerned about this problem. Maybe now he is a real man, and he has understood what responsibility is and what responsibility is, so he can’t help but think of these seemingly urgent topics.
Companionship is always the most important.
This is a cargo ship full of cargo, which is being moved to land and warehouse bit by bit at the moment. Maybe it will be transported to other places in the next spring, and maybe Nanjiang City will take root.
There are many workers, but Longyou noticed at a glance and left a deep impression on one.
I’m almost twenty-seven years old, but I don’t know how long it’s been since I shaved. Anyway, it’s been so long that I’m almost touching my chest.
His clothes are dirty as if they were coated with black paint, so his eyes are still bright, his bare arms are still strong, and he is the thinnest of all people, but he also works fastest and carries the most goods.
If a person is quiet in front of you, you may never guess who he really is and how much energy he has, but sometimes when you see it with your own eyes, it doesn’t feel so real, as if all this is an imaginary illusion.
"Brother Long, I found Li Ke and he appeared in the boiler room!"
Small four sounds suddenly excited. The man who was carrying goods suddenly paused. It seemed that he was all shaking gently. Then he looked up and looked at the small four with very’ fine’ sharp eyes. By the way, he looked at the Longyou eyes, flashing thick and not good at himself. There are indeed some inappropriate things here.
Of course, Longyou has no plans to stay any longer. Now that we know where Li Ke is, there will be no more delay. The car will rush back in the direction of coming immediately.
"Longge, you said that Nanjiang City is so big, where is he hiding? It’s not that people can’t find anything, but they want to hide steel mills?"
For small four trapped’ confused’ longyou lightly shook his head.
"Although Nanjiang City is very big, it is not so difficult to find a person, especially for us. Li Ke definitely knows what he wants more than we do. Nanjiang City will find him sooner or later."
"But the more dangerous the place, the more secure it is. Sometimes hiding the enemy’s eyelids is often the most difficult to find."
Before Longyou, he did send someone to look around for a pair to turn the whole city of Nanjiang upside down, but he really thought about it. Would a wise man like Ms. Li choose the most risky method?
He really still thinks as he thinks, but it seems that he is a little clever and has been mistaken for the end.
Longyou is a little nervous in his heart, and he will be able to get to the steel plant in five minutes. When he gets to the steel plant, he will be able to find Li Ke for the first time. After finding him, all his doubts will be solved.
Although he hasn’t thought about the questions he wants to ask, he knows that even if he doesn’t ask, he will tell himself everything he wants to know. After solving this big trouble, he can rest assured that he will leave here and go to his own day. Don’t be involved in this wind’ wave’ all day. It’s really tired.
Consciousness communicates with the body, and the therapy restores some’ spirit’ by itself. It’s been a long time since a serious person has slept, and the iron man can’t carry it.
"Brother Long has arrived."
Before the car stopped, Xiao Si said something to the back row, and his words had just been exported to Longyou, and then the "door" was already rushed away by people and rushed to the boiler room.
He is eager to catch Li Ke Li Ke. If he can catch him, he can leave immediately. It is not because he can’t carry it. The main reason is that the two’ women’ have been worried that they are still’ quite’ not the taste.
"Brother Lung, slow down. The boiler room is back now."
Longyou’s heart thumped. After all, he came a step late. Even so, his feet still didn’t stop. When he turned a corner sharply, he came to Ruye boiler room.

Chapter 43 Warehouse
I remember that there was a boiler burning in the boiler room. Lao Liu was ill and didn’t come today, so he arranged for a young man to take the place of one day, but he didn’t see anyone else today.
As soon as I entered the’ door’ Longyou, I smelled a faint scent of blood, which made Longyou frown deeply and stirred up a nose, but it was very clear that it was human blood. Yes!
Which means …
Longyou turned some shortness and said
"Xiao Si, show me the records of the monitoring screen!"
Small four smell speech is also immediately take out a cellular phone pendulum’ get’ for a while and handed it to Longyou.
When the picture shows, it just happens that Xiao Si found Li Ke’s boiler room, and the two of them immediately came here. What happened to the boiler room in just ten minutes in Zhong Bai?
Li Ke came here and sat down on the spot. It seems that someone else said this to him before, and it seems to be talking to himself. After a while, that is, there are still five minutes when someone else comes.
That Ang Lee Ang Lee again!
The following picture shows some bloody violence. After Li Ke was killed by Ang Lee, the dismemberment department threw it into the boiler and burned it to ashes. The blood was also cleaned up. The average person can’t see any clues, let alone know that a terrorist murder happened here not long ago.
Longyou was silent, and it was hard to get the clue, but in this way, it was also overthrown. Li Ke was behind the speculation, but in this way, it was not his former efforts to understand his clues, and he lost all night and returned to nothing before liberation
One thing, Ang Lee is definitely behind this. She told herself a lot before. Can you still believe those words?
I’m a little tired. Longyou puts out his finger and rubs his forehead. Suddenly I feel so tired. I’m not a body or a spirit, but I’m so tired that I want to stay alone quietly without doing anything now, but I just can’t.
"Xiao Si immediately investigates where this’ female’ person has gone and must find her for me!"