And when attack.
Several island owners also looked at each other and instantly understood each other’s intentions.
That is to find a way to contain Liu Yuan first.
Then let them pet animals to find opportunities.
Directly attack Liu Yuan, the animal bender.
If you want to be able to catch or hit the animal bender
Then the battle may be over soon.
Shafa looked at the ten gold pet beasts coming at him.
Directly with his pet beasts toward the front of a gold pet beast.
And Catherine also took out her elf bow to attack at this time.
Tam several also not idle.
Is almost with Shafa toward the front ten gold pet beast.
Leave Lu Yuan, Catherine and Nana in situ.
Seven island owners in the distance saw this behind the scenes.
My heart is very excited
Because if you look at it from the outside,
Lu Yuan and Nanagen are no threat at all.
Which means Catherine doesn’t look so easy to deal with with with an elf bow
But even if Katherine is tough again,
She should not be so outstanding as an archer in melee.
Ask them to send 1~2 gold pet animals to rush to Lu Yuan and Catherine.
Maybe we can catch them directly.
Think of these two gold-level strength island owners glances at each other.
Have identified the two of them, that is, to catch Lu Yuan.
And one side has slipped to the edge of the crowd. Magician Hoss saw this scene.
Secretly pray in my heart
Several island owners and students are monsters!
That Liu Yuan is definitely not so easy to deal with!
You must stick to it for a long time so that I can run away!
Hoth secretly prayed to several island owners.
While speeding up his running towards the edge.
At this time, the battle has already started.
Tam and the island owners’ gold pet beasts collided instantly.
I have to say that the owner who can become an island still has a little strength.
Gold pet beast strength of several veteran island owners
The base is about five stars in gold.
This strength is already in the middle of the gold level.
Although at this time, Xiaojian, Xiaojin and Little Blue Cat also have the strength not weaker than the general gold pet beast.
But in the face of gold, pet animals around five stars
They still have a little trouble.
Can contain them with dignity.
Liu Yuan fought before looking at the rear.
Face without fluctuation is very calm.
But at this time
The two gold pet beasts on the battlefield actually gave up their opponents.
Rushed towards his position.
That ferocious look and expression
It’s not that they are bound to land source at this time.
Watched the two gold pet beast horse will be rushed to the front of Liu Yuan.
Several island owners’ faces suddenly showed excitement.
While watching the battlefield situation in the distance, Hoth.
At this time, I was keenly aware of the sneak attack on two gold pet animals.
Whether it’s Lu Yuan himself.