At this time, a group of people suddenly came in from the outside. "Linglong, give us these three foreign ghosts. Give them a good meal and they will listen." It was Yu Xiaojia, Xiao Pang and Stomach Milk who came in.
Yu Xiaojia bit her lip. "Well, it turned out that it was our four mountains that met old friends. At that time, Bai Xiaofei’s hand was merciful and didn’t hurt you. But I didn’t expect you to still make trouble. You really can’t do without you? Big deal to kill you, we go to Europe to the United States to catch don’t call the warlock to "Yu Xiaojia worried about Bai Xiaofei and others words rarely bring out a trace of murder.
Werewolf Scott was about to shut his mouth, and suddenly his face twisted strangely, crying and laughing suddenly, and he broke free from exquisite skills. He rolled his hands at random and scratched himself into a wolf shape for a while, and then he recovered his body and scratched himself to the point of urgency, but he didn’t stop.
Stomach milk and others stay "what’s wrong with this dog?"
Yu Xiaojia shrugged. "It’s nothing. I just added some small bubbles to this guy’s blood to make him itch and ache."
Xiao pang blurted out, "If it isn’t the life and death symbol of Tian Shan Tong Mu, it’s no wonder that this big German shepherd has become this strange kind."
Werewolf Scott itched, ached, burst into laughter, burst into tears, and blood beads oozed from his pores, but he was car-scrapping and refused to admit defeat. He roared, "If you want us to help you, just let us leave afterwards!"
Yu Xiaojia eliminated the bubbles in the blood vessels of the werewolf Scott with a wave of his hand. "You have a little backbone and dare to make a deal."
Wolf Scott stuck out his tongue and licked his blood beads. "If you agree to this condition, I will tell you what you need, but if you don’t agree, you will kill us anyway, no matter how much you torture us!"
Nima looked coldly at Scott the werewolf. "Well, we agree. Our request is simple. Just teach us summoning."
Summoning? ! Werewolf Scott looks at Catwoman Kate and Vampire Bill. It turns out that the Chinese military wants this.
Summoning is not a secret in the western magic world, but now the magic of Yanhuang is not big and simple, because the multi-evolution corpse brother is stronger than summoning the hell monster, and it takes a lot of mana and virgin blood to summon it, and it often eats the summoner’s hell monster.
However, since the Chinese military urgently wanted to have summoning skill, it shocked the corpse king. Then this summoning skill was a negotiating weight. The werewolf Scott was about to take the opportunity to bargain when suddenly a voice came to his mind, "Promise the Chinese people to keep the summoning skill and teach them."
The werewolf Scott Zheng’s voice rang again, "Listen to me, I’m a dark magician."
Dark sun magician? ! This guy’s really not dead? !
By the way, Kate, a four-mountain cat girl, once got unexpected help from Xiaofei’s group department. Now I think it’s a dark day magician to help secretly!
Now this dark day magician has further mixed into the H city military base!
The werewolf Scott’s mind turns dark, and the magician lurks in Bai Xiaofei’s side. He must have known a lot of secrets. Since he has spoken to let himself be summoned, he must have a great plot. Now he has fallen into the hands of the Chinese military, and it is impossible to get away without paying a little price. The werewolf Scott immediately made up his mind. He shouted, "Good! Deal! "
Chapter 571 From Plane to Earth (6)
Werewolf Scott simply turned to vampire Bill and said, "Bill, your European dark parliament is best at summoning hell monsters. Tell these Chinese soldiers everything you have."
Vampire Bill hesitated, and a werewolf Scott roared, "Tell them! Keep it! Listen to me, all the responsibilities are borne by me! "
In the western trio, Scott the werewolf and Kate the Catwoman are both from the American continent. Scott the werewolf has a military background, and the trio is faint. Since he speaks like this, vampire Bill has to listen.
When vampire Bill explained in detail how to draw a symbol array such as arranging complementary AIDS-such as virgin blood, chanting spells, injecting mana into the array, etc.
The field is full of experts, even if the elephant corpse brother Reeve has never studied magic in a unified way, but he has his own experience in power transport. The so-called expert can tell if there is a vampire voice when he reaches out his hand, and they have already drawn a symbol array on the floor on the spot.
Nima sneered at the so-called adjuvant virgin blood after she closed her eyes and thought about it. "There is nothing big about this virgin blood, but it is necessary to lure the hell monster from the smell and let the hell monster be busy sucking virgin blood instead of attacking the summoner to make us powerful enough."
Scott the werewolf looked at Linglong coldly and waited for everyone to be busy. Suddenly he said, "I have done what you asked. Can we go now?"
Xiao pang impatiently tunnel "go? Nice try. We haven’t tried this summoning array yet. What if we let you go, regardless of whether we can really summon the Hellscream? "
Werewolf Scott straightened up and laughed a few times. "I’m still a friend of Bai Xiaofei, and all of them are heroes. When Bai Xiaofei kept his promise and said let us go, let us go. I didn’t expect that Bai Xiaofei can’t be his friend now, but-"He also deliberately shook his head.
Xiao pang jumped up. "Hey, did you learn to goad this foreign ghost? Want to go? No way! We can’t let you go until we get Bai Xiaofei back from another world. "
Yu Xiaojia next to a frown-not good! Xiao Pangkou quickly let out the intention of setting up a summoning array for everyone!
Up to now, it’s still a great secret that Bai Xiaofei’s living through a wormhole is called hell, not to mention that the other world and the earth can still communicate with each other. Even Yu Xiaojia, a primary school teacher, knows that such a secret must be kept firmly.
You know, European warlocks have been studying summoning for hundreds of years. If they learn about it, they will certainly study it, such as the communication between the two worlds.
Yu Xiaojia couldn’t help but take a white look at Xiao Pang. Xiao Pang didn’t know that he had angered him. Yu Xiaojia suddenly heard Nima say, "You three go. Don’t worry, we will keep our word, but if we catch you on the battlefield, you will be executed as spies without trial."
Werewolf Scott Zheng, he was deliberately goaded just now, but I didn’t expect Nima to agree with him conveniently, and he didn’t say much. He bent over to Nima as a gift and rushed out of the ground base with Catwoman Kate and Vampire Bill.
Xiao Pang jumped up. "Nima, you really let people go. This, this-you are learning from Mr. Dong Guo. None of these western warlocks can directly kill them."
Nima shook her head. "We can’t kill these three guys. Although they are malicious, we still can’t directly face the West and fall into a multi-line war situation. Besides, the werewolf did give us the right call array. We can’t go back on our word."
"Anyway, we’re going to summon hell monsters later. I don’t want these three foreign ghost bases to detect anything unusual. After all, the summoning array is taken out by them and they are familiar with this spell. But if they know the mystery of the other world, it’s not good for us. I’ve just made the soldiers throw the three warlocks far overseas by a transport plane and let them fight with the corpse brother of the Japanese slave."
What else does Xiao Pang want to say? Yu Xiaojia stared at him. "It’s all your big mouth that made the werewolf discover Bai Xiaofei and other worlds."
Xiao pang realized that he had made a slip of the tongue and couldn’t help but look depressed. "Blame me, or I’ll kill those three western warlocks and tell them later that they were eaten by the Japanese slave brother."
Nima shook her head. "People believe in being a man or not, there must always be a bottom line. Otherwise, we are not like those brothers who know about evolution. It is urgent to bring Bai Xiaofei and others back to Bai Xiaofei. If the world can really communicate with each other, he is the best leader. Not all the western warlocks are idiots. Sooner or later, they will find out that they will summon the beast to Oracle Bone Inscriptions to explore the secret of the world. It is impossible to absolutely block this secret. If Bai Xiaofei gives us first-hand information about the world after they come back, we will still lag behind the west in the study of the world.
Xiao Pang nodded heavily. "To put it bluntly, it is the true self to get Bai Xiaofei back. I don’t know much about the rune array, but it takes a lot of mana when this array is launched. Although you"
Werewolf Scott and his party were directly thrown into the sea hundreds of kilometers outside the city of H by a transport plane of Chinese military soldiers, threw them a rubber dinghy, looked at the plane flying away overhead, and then looked at the distance. Kate said, "These Chinese soldiers are really insidious. This is to make us fight to the death with Chinese military soldiers. Even if we die, we can’t blame the Chinese head. Damn it, we will teach them the summoning array."
Vampire Bill suddenly laughed. "Catwoman Kate, will you honestly teach those Chinese people the summoning array?"
Catwoman Kate zheng "what? Is it false for you to teach the Chinese people to summon the array? "
Vampire Bill snorted. "If it’s fake, it’s true. If it’s fake, so many experts have already seen it, but I missed a short spell, that is, a small spell. This spell will not affect the operation of the summoning array, but there is a small problem, that is, the force of summoning array will be very, very large."
Catwoman Kate is still a little confused. "Doesn’t it take a lot of magic to summon the battle array to fight the hell passage?"
Vampire shook his head and nodded again. "The mana required by the summoning array is in direct proportion to the power of summoning the monster to hell. The more input power, the stronger the summoning monster will be. Avoiding summoning the monster to be too strong will cause the monster to bite itself. There is a small mantra in the spell of the master to limit the excessive input of mana. It’s like a fuse, but now I have taken this fuse away. Those soldiers can limit the input power to summoning array-"
Catwoman Kate’s eyes lit up. "I think those Chinese soldiers in the base are all high-powered and have the essence of mana. If they restrict their input to the summoning array, they will definitely summon an unusually powerful hell monster, so that even they can control it themselves. Haha, then the hell monster will definitely kill the base!"
Vampire Bill nodded proudly. "That’s right. Chinese soldiers are about to call to destroy their own hell monsters! It’s really interesting that we lurk in the Yellow Emperor and summon hell monsters everywhere just to bring disaster to the Yellow Emperor, but I didn’t expect that the most powerful hell monster summoned was the Yellow Emperor himself. "
Scott, the werewolf, suddenly said, "Let’s throw the summoner aside first. We have to kill for a while before we can get out."
Kate the Catwoman and Bill the Vampire turned around and saw that several Japanese slave corpses had approached the rubber dinghy, one by one, and their mouths were greedy. Scott the werewolf rushed at them and waved "Kill!" Catwoman Kate, who jumped into the sea, frowned. "I hate water!" It also turned into a cat pouncing on Brother Nu’s corpse. Vampire Bill incarnated millions of small bats and claws scratched at Brother Nu’s eyes. Suddenly, a small but fierce battle took place in a corner of the East China Sea.
A huge summoning array at the military base in H city has been laid out. Linglong, Yu Xiaojia, Xiao Pang, Lou Yi, Lan Hai and others waved their hands at the array eyes "Kai array!" Suddenly, the crowd read out a series of complicated spells, and a lot of mana flowed out of each person and entered the summoning array. The runes and lines of the summoning array lit up one by one, and then a rapidly rotating energy vortex appeared in the array.
Nima nodded with satisfaction. "Good to continue the input method." Nima told Xiao Pang and others to export their mana without reservation. Nima watched the whirlpool in the array expand sharply from a bowl to a bucket. Now there is a big thought of the dining table. I can’t help but sigh gently. "Bad mana infusion is too urgent, and maybe it will summon a very powerful hell monster."
Haohappy next to hear shrugged his shoulders and patted his behind the laser cannon "again powerful monster fell into our hands is also a scalping ground"
Nima wanted to think, "It’s better to be careful to call a team of The Infiltrator to prevent one thousand."
Chapter 572 From Plane to Earth (7)