This thing is the key to enter the core area of Mangcang Plateau, otherwise the sandstorm there alone will kill them.
After the chores are handled, Xu Rencai is ready to help Gao Tieshan in Chen Zhonghe improve his quality.
Chapter one hundred and four Three Xianmen
There is nothing special about Chen Zhong’s utensil. It is the most common utensil. Xu Rengen just can’t read it. He simply erases the inscription on the surface, then mixes several precious refining materials he found, and finally adds some colorful xuangang.
Such a complicated refining technique shocked Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan, the custodian of Xu Ren. Although two people knew that Xu Ren was powerful, they didn’t expect him to have such profound refining attainments and such superb refining means. Even if you enlarge the magic palace of Ning Dynasty and the three immortals, you will certainly gain a high status.
For the refining material, Xu Ren is more inclined to the star iron, but it is finished after the star iron is refined into several instruments. Chen Zhong is good at long swords, and the dagger with the star iron in his hand is not suitable for Gao Tieshan. He is used to heavy hammers and naturally he is not used to short swords.
Chen Zhong’s multiplier is tantamount to going back to the furnace to refine the raw materials. After being continuously purified by Xu Ren, a piece the size of a walnut is obviously not a long sword. Xu Ren has to build more materials.
After constant tempering, the prototype of a long sword has appeared, but now it is only the initial embryo. It still needs to be engraved with the inscription on the long sword. Xu Ren combined with Chen Zhong’s many attack characteristics to cultivate the characteristics of the achievement method. Finally, the body of the sword was engraved with seven compound inscriptions, which also made the sword of the instrument directly rise to the instrument.
Xu Ren Dian Dian sword quality is not bad, although it is not a Xinghai sword, but it is still much better than the general multiplier. Moreover, this handle multiplier is still reserved. If there is an opportunity, it can be upgraded again.
"Is this really my instrument?" Chen Zhong took the sword handed by Xu Ren and almost knelt down directly to Xu Ren.
For monks, it is often more advantageous to have a sword while using the manipulator, especially for monks of the same rank.
Chen Zhong doesn’t understand the refining device, but he is clear about the quality of the law. Xu Ren gave him this multiplier, which is absolutely equal in quality. This multiplier sword can raise his combat effectiveness to a new height.
"Hurry up refining and be familiar with the multiplier power. I’m afraid we won’t have that time after the medieval battlefield." Xu Ren didn’t look at Chen Zhong’s excited expression because he had to help Gao Tieshan raise the multiplier order.
Gao Tieshan’s hammer is much higher in quality than Chen Zhong’s multiplier sword, and the design is also very exquisite. Besides the heavy weight, it can also form a certain powerful sonic attack after instilling spiritual power. In addition, Gao Tieshan’s hammer material is not generally mixed with Long Wentie with light weight.
The biggest feature of Longwen Iron’s many refining materials is that it is heavy and strong. Although it is not as strong as Xingchen Iron, its weight is even higher than Xingchen Iron.
Heavy weapons can be mixed with Long Wentie, which is definitely the best choice.
Xu Ren also selected several strength-enhancing materials and more advanced colorful Xuan steel and mixed them into the hammer to forge a pair of new hammers.
Later, the inscription was improved, probably because the ability of the former Gao Tieshan refining and tempering division was not enough. The inscription was slightly rough and failed to give full play to the advantages of the hammer body material.
Xu Ren thought for a long time before Gao Tieshan re-engraved the inscriptions on the hammers. Each hammer surface was engraved with seven compound inscriptions, and the inscriptions on the left and right hammers were different.
The fighting characteristics of Gao Tieshan are that the right hand strength is obviously greater than that of the left hand. The inscription of Xu Ren’s right hand hammer is mainly to enhance the momentum and firmness of the hammer to help Gao Tieshan exert greater strength and attack power. Besides the momentum and tenacity of his left hand hammer, Xu Ren has also specially strengthened the wave attack, so that this pair of hammers can attach different degrees of sonic attack every time their opponents collide, which is very helpful to enhance Gao Tieshan’s combat effectiveness.
Gao Tieshan gave a crunchy sound when he touched the hammer. Recently, several strange stones were broken. Although the weathering of these strange stones was serious, Gao Tieshan smashed the strange stones directly when he touched the hammer sound, which is enough to prove that his hammer was upgraded after being re-refined by Xu Ren.
"How does it feel?" Although the hammer is improved according to the characteristics of Gao Tieshan, he is still worried that Gao Tieshan will not be used to it. After all, the composite inscription of the hammer has changed so much that it needs to be adapted at some time.
Gao Tieshan grinned and said cheerfully, "The fighting capacity has at least doubled."
Gao Tieshan, this is still a conservative estimate. The gap between the multiplier and the multiplier is too big. Moreover, the gap between the former multiplier and the commercial multiplier is even bigger after Xu Ren re-refining. If he really encounters a life-and-death battle, he will at least be able to enhance his combat effectiveness by 70%.
"It’s almost the same. I’ll give you a method of organic materials after I have good materials. Now I can do so much." Xu Ren roughly estimated that it seems that Gao Tieshan said the same thing
"It’s too bad that you can’t enter the Three Immortals. Even if you enter the Three Immortals Refiner, it’s not difficult." Chen Zhongpiao Yunshan stayed longer than Gao Tieshan and was well-informed about the Three Immortals.
"The three immortals are not out of consideration, but I’m sure I won’t go back and I won’t be able to measure them. I know less. If you know, you can tell me about it anyway. We won’t have enough time to think about it from the mang Cang Plateau for a while." Xu Ren thinks that Chen Zhong’s idea seems to be good, and he doesn’t know how far Du Qiyan’s sea of clouds fairy gate can finally go. The Xu family is too weak to face the sea of clouds fairy gate. It is also a good choice to join the three immortals.
"This public asked about the three immortals, and we Daning Dynasty rarely didn’t know it, but if we say some details, there are really not many people who know it, but I really know something." Chen Chong was very happy to get Xu Ren’s affirmation.
"Mr. Chen, when did you talk so much nonsense? Just say it as it happens. I also listen to it." Gao Tieshan glanced at Chen Zhong and thought that this guy had gone with the wind and dared to sell it in front of Xu Ren.
Chen Zhonggen ignored Gao Tieshan, but told Xu Rendao that "the famous men of the three immortals should know the overall strength of the Oriental Yunhai Mountain in Daning Dynasty, ranking second among the three immortals, and the strongest fairy gate in the three immortals is Xuanji Fairygate, which is also a supporter of Daning Wang Chaoshan. It is said that the Buddhist in front of Daning Dynasty is Xuanji Fairygate, and besides the close relationship of Daning Dynasty, its physical strength is stronger than that of Yunhai Fairygate and Yuehua Fairygate Xuanji Fairygate.
"I’ve heard of Xuanji Xianmen, but I didn’t expect them to be so strong." Xu Ren was filled with emotion. If it weren’t for Chen Zhong, he really didn’t know that Xuanji Xianmen was also linked to the Daning Dynasty.
"That’s natural, but although Xuanji Xianmen is strong, it is very demanding to recruit younger brothers. It is talented and excellent to cultivate blanks. There is hope to join another Xuanji Xianmen. There are also sexual tests to make a Xuanji Xianmen. Although Xuanji Xianmen is the strongest among the three Xianmen, the number of younger brothers is the least." Chen Zhong told Xu Ren all the information he knew about Xuanji Xianmen truthfully
"What’s so special about the third place, Yuehua Xianmen?" After hearing the news of Xuanji Xianmen, Xu Ren also wants to know another detachment among the three Xianmen, that is, Yuehua Xianmen.
"Yuehua Xianmen is definitely unable to get into this Yuehua Xianmen power. The southeast region of our Daning Dynasty is also very strong, but Yuehua Xianmen can’t get into the female brother." Chen Zhong will also tell something about Yuehua Xianmen, but he denies that Xu Ren can enter Yuehua Xianmen.
"It’s quite strange that it’s actually a female monk. How much is the difference between the strength of Yuehua Xianmen, which ranks third and that of Daxianmen? What about Yuehua Xianmen, Yunhai Xianmen and Xuanji Xianmen?" Xu Ren then asked.
"Don’t think that Yuet Xianmen are all female godsworn, but they are actually not so weak. The third place in Yuet Xianmen is mainly because Yuet Xianmen doesn’t know much about Yuet Xianmen, even the monks in the mountain gate don’t know much about Yuet Xianmen. As far as I know, Yuet Xianmen is also a powerful female sword repairer and an alchemist, and Yuet Xianmen is not weaker than Yuet Xianmen’s allowance. It seems that Yuet Xianmen is a three-legged tripod. It is said that Xuanji Xianmen and Yuehua Xianmen still have a relationship, but I don’t know why they didn’t become immortal couples, but the two door owners are still very close. Xuanji Shanmen’s door owner has never chosen a couple, and so has Yuehua Xianmen’s door owner. "Chen Zhong thought about it before telling Xu Ren what he knew.
"So that’s it, then my choice becomes very narrow. I have tried my luck at Xuanji Xianmen." Xu Ren sighed slightly and felt that he had many opportunities, but now it seems much worse than he expected.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Traps
At the beginning, in addition to doing dirty work, Chen Zhong also handled some intelligence offices when he was outside the Yunshan Gate. He knew more about the news of the Xiuzhen realm in Daning Dynasty than Gao Tieshan and many elders outside the Yunshan Gate.
"So it seems that my only choice is Xuanji Xianmen." Xu Ren frowned. He thought that he could choose between the two, but because Yuehua Xianmen recruited female brothers, Xuanji Xianmen became his only choice. Anyway, Yunhai Xianmen could not choose his range.
"Xuanji Xianmen is indeed the best choice. If you can enter Xuanji Xianmen, the cultivation resources will definitely be richer than Yunhai Xianmen. Because Yunhai Xianmen is much more than Xuanji Xianmen, and Yunhai Xianmen does not necessarily like it when it comes to doing things. After all, Yunhai Xianmen never considers the talent. There are two public opponents there. If you go to Yunhai Xianmen, you will be targeted." Chen Zhong Xu Ren analyzed the intelligence handlers who used to float in Yunshan.
"Don’t think about it first. The most important thing is to find what I need first. Only in this way can I have a chance to enter the Xianmen in the future." Xu Ren also finds it difficult, but when he thinks about it, he hasn’t got to worry about those things yet. Now his abdomen is damaged, let alone the three Xianmen or the ordinary Shanmen. He can’t get in.
"We’d better be able to hide the breath of the public route. In this area of France and Heaven, not only the strength of the monkey is stronger, but also the strength of the monk who comes here to try his luck is stronger." Gao Tieshan slowed down the pace of progress a little. Although he had walked this road in front, there was a monk bring up the rear who was obsessed with Daning Dynasty at that time, and there were many marchers at that time. Even so, people were still in panic at the beginning, and everyone was trembling.
"All right, I’ll decorate a little bit." Xu Ren said, "Then he decorated three small isolated spiritual arrays and instantly finished wrapping three people up.
In addition to the three small isolated spiritual arrays, Xu Ren also gave Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong some pills to cover their breath, so it would be difficult to find them. Of course, if they bump into each other on the opposite side, there is no way to do it. After all, there is little terrain cover in the Mangcang Plateau, and there is not much ups and downs in Ma Pingchuan.
In this way, Xu Ren and others move forward cautiously, but there are always unexpected things in this vast plateau.
Xu Ren and others have been very careful, but they still don’t care.
This time, they met more like the original trap, which had no spiritual fluctuation and no spiritual fluctuation.
Of course, this is not absolute. After Xu Ren, Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong touched the machine, besides falling into the deep pit, there was a trapped spirit array around them.
Xu Ren was dumbfounded. It’s really the debt of the twelfth lunar month. He had just been trapped and bound by the spirit array to deal with the two elders at the outer gate of Piaoyun Mountain. Unexpectedly, they entered the core area of Mangcang Plateau and were trapped by others in the same way.
Xu Renke can clearly perceive that the trapped spirit array of the three of them is much more exquisite than the trapped spirit array arranged by the two elders who returned to Yuanjing to repair the peak outside the gate. This should be a spirit array that has flowed from ancient times and has been transformed by a willing heart. Even if he has the memory of the immortal, it will take him time to break the trapped spirit array because of his limited physical strength.
"Gong, this may be the ancient war to keep the array. It may be to hunt the ancient powerful monster beast. What should we do now?" Gao Tieshan tried his own sledgehammer to break through the array bondage. To say that his strength is definitely not weak, and he still has a hammer, but he still can’t break the trapped array. His sledgehammer didn’t even have a ripple.
"This spiritual array is not unbreakable, but it will be more troublesome. I just don’t know if the person who is good at disposal will give us this time, and according to my estimation, this person has at least reached the level of condensation, otherwise it will also condense the trapped spiritual array that can stimulate the ancient array base." Xu Ren also found it difficult to deal with, but after some exploration, he found that the trapped spiritual array was exquisite, but the person who tampered with it was not high. If he gave it a certain time, he would be able to solve the trapped spiritual array bondage. He also knew that since the trapped spiritual array had been tampered with, surely the manipulator would not.
"The prey is hooked. It seems that I think it’s right. This spiritual array is really exquisite." Xu Ren heard a sharp sound as soon as the voice just fell, and then a figure appeared outside the spiritual array.
"oh? There’s a little doll who has a lot of guts to come here. You guys hand over your baby. I can let you die comfortably, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude. "The sharp-voiced master looked at the situation in the trapped spirit array and said with a look of sadness.
Xu Ren felt that this person’s speech was inexplicably familiar, so he asked Gao Tieshan of Chen Zhonghe around him, "Is this person also a floating mountain?"
Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong looked embarrassed, as if there was such a unified speech in Piaoyun Mountain. But they still shook their heads hard and said, "I have never seen it. I am sure there is no such a person outside Piaoyun Mountain. I am not particularly familiar with it, but as far as I know, there is no such a person."
"Dare to ask if Ge is a Xu person or a monk floating in the clouds?" It is not difficult for Xu Ren to see Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan shaking his head. They just have to ask outsiders directly.
"What’s old and what’s old in Piaoyun Mountain?" The sharp monk felt a little puzzled by Xu Ren’s question. He had never heard of what floating Yunshan did not float Yunshan.
"How do you say this? Piao Yunshan is not a thing, it is a very different thing. Many monks talk to Ge, a virtue office, and they also think that you should really get to know each other." Xu Ren was surprised to see the expression of outsiders trapped in the spirit array. It seems that they still don’t believe each other’s words.
"Little bold actually swerved to call names. If you don’t educate you well today, my old man’s house will live in vain for such a big age." Strangers in the spirit array are very angry and wondering if they will catch the little white face and tear his mouth off first.
"You old guy really lived in vain. Can you trap us by relying on this array?" Xu Ren’s speaking time has quietly condensed out many spiritual symbols and quickly dispersed these spiritual symbols into the surrounding law.
"Small just said so much is the delay? It’s also a genius, but do you think you can really break my elaborate array? " The sharp-sounding man didn’t obviously think that Xu Ren was still an array division, but he didn’t care how many years he could practice array from the time he was born in Xu Ren, while he had been studying array together for decades. He was full of confidence in his own array, and even worse, there is a very old array here, and it is impossible to break the array if he doesn’t spend time studying it thoroughly. If he wants to study this array thoroughly, he can’t do it in a month or two. He thinks that his array attainments are good, but it has already taken him more than a month.
Law "cowhide blowing quite big also you? You just arranged a lead array on the base of the array. You are perfect, but there are many loopholes. Just change your talent for this array. "Xu Ren looked contemptuous. He didn’t lie. He really didn’t like the man arranging the lead array, and he also found the weakness of the array.
"If you have something to say, you will break this law and see if I call you master on the spot, but if you can’t do it, you will die." The sharp monk glared at Xu Ren mercilessly.
"Then you watch my good disciple." Xu Ren said that the surrounding law suddenly trembled, and then the binding force of the law vanished, and Xu Ren and others regained their freedom.
Without the law, Xu Ren, Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong immediately dispersed to surround the sharp monk.
"Good disciple, don’t kowtow to the teacher soon?" Xu Ren watched with great interest as his face kept changing. The friar looked like a master looking at his disciples.
"I worship your head!" Friar with a sharp voice became angry from embarrassment. Today, he was not only humiliated, but also suffered a great blow. He just couldn’t understand how a teenager with a bone age broke the array. He didn’t believe that innocence could have such an amazing array.
"Dare you, the younger generation, not only don’t respect the teacher but also want to bully the teacher and destroy the ancestors?" Chen Zhong held back a bad smile. He also learned the lethality of Xu Ren’s speech. But today, he still feels quite happy to see the sharp monk choking.
"You want to die!" Friar with sharp voice was really angry, and Xu Ren and others were no longer wordy, so he took and held a combat knife and jumped at Xu Ren and others.
Chen Zhong took the lead in welcoming Xu Ren without Xu Ren. He just helped him to upgrade his legal quality not long ago. He is looking for someone to practice.
That sharp monk combating Dao is also a multiplier, and this person’s strength is like Xu Renqian’s guess that he has entered the coagulation state, but this person should also be advanced in coagulation state, and soon the state is not particularly stable, and it is still relatively unfamiliar to control that kind of power.
A muffled sound came to Chen Zhong’s body, which was shaken backwards and flew out.
Chapter one hundred and six Cooperate
The Godsworn in setting orifices is better than the Godsworn in returning to Yuan’s territory. It’s not a packet. Even though Chen Zhong has stepped into the late stage of returning to Yuan’s territory, he holds Xu Renbang’s refining multiplier in his hand, but the sharp Godsworn who has just stepped into setting orifices is still shocked by powerful attack.