Hoehler’s dragon body suddenly swells with the naked eye, like several pythons swimming on the surface of his skin, and his extreme strength is infused. Two pairs of bloody dragon claws in this complete dragon body are instantly regenerated.
Yan Lingqi
This is not that he could have been able to make Constantine besides the black and white emperors.
But when the white emperor was tied with bronze pillars and sank into the sea of ice, they were the execution supervisors …
The other got the chain of Fenrir who had been bound in the mythical era, and he got part of the white emperor’s ability.
In all these four monarchies wars, they never paid attention to his monarch from the beginning.
If he can devour that brainy guy, he can be an absolute tyrant!
When he devours all the monarchs, he will stand even if the twilight of the gods comes!
Dispersed water element condenses and winds around the dragon body again, which is twice as thick as before!
Covering the sun, the dragon waved Hoehler and roared with majesty.
This time, he launched the attack. He wanted to make this humble human White King shameful.
The will to die points to the young man who stepped on the roof of the building-trial.
And the teenager just regrouped and prepared to take off again.
Lu Chen felt the sharp murder from the sky, and did not hesitate to take off with his legs. The same hypersonic sharp edge passed by him.
He didn’t flash, he didn’t avoid the dragon’s harsh golden pupils, and he was surprised for a moment. His broken hair was brought up by two death collisions and danced wildly.
There is no blade in a teenager’s eyes, and he is afraid that he will trust the girl behind him.
Hoehler lombok corner to see the human girl running to the square, descendants of the white emperor … Launch such a powerful speech spirit with ease! ?
Black dragon slayer, fierce soldiers, dragon claws intersect, water splashes, dragon claws crack, and the dragon is still knocked back.
However, Hoehler occupies the commanding height and can continue to climb every time it hits. After the teenager falls, he needs to reorganize his posture whether he falls to the top of the building or rushes through the water curtain again.
He admits that fighting hard and head-on collision is no match for human teenagers, but he knows very well how King Kong and Immortal King stepped on the road to seal the gods. Judging from his peak fighting power, it will never last more than three minutes.
He just needs to be condescending and shoot down the teenagers again and again, which is not difficult for him now.
In the corner of the square building, the middle road is not a thrilling battle.
Every second, there are several rain curtains, and there are many roaring noises at the top of the building, and large pieces of rubble are blown up.
Brother Ziliu is finally in an offensive posture.
"This dragon king is so shameless that he dare not fight Brother Lu!"
Lu Fei spat out that he could see from every time the dragon was repelled by trembling that Brother Lu seemed to have greater strength. If it was a ground fight, the ocean water king might not live for a minute.
"that’s the dragon king, not stupid. They are proud and don’t allow themselves to escape, but of course they will take a favorable way in the battle."
Looking at the situation in China, I am also worried. Although I don’t know the situation of Lu Chen, she also thinks that Lu Chen will not last long.
"I’ve heard that the dragon king has the ultimate spirit. He won’t start that thing and destroy the whole Nibelungen, will he?"
Brother Lu is not afraid, but if they go to the sea, even if they have aircraft and armor, it is difficult to live in the turbulent elements.
He shook his head. "The president won’t give him this chance when he needs it, and he won’t say that."
Lu Fei is puzzled. "What?"
He thinks it is best for the ocean water king to finish the battle in the waters.
When I saw the eye-to-eye punch, I saw my figure Lu Chen and his armor of Poseidon for a moment. "Then he will lose control and the speed in the sea will not slow down much. If he can fight head-to-head, he will gain the wind."
Lu Fei suddenly said, "Should I … go out and add a BUFF to Brother Lu?"
"It’s good that you stay here, and the president has no chance to change injuries now. You will distract him if you go out."
Rejected the criticism of the road. Looking at the battle, I always feel that something is wrong.
She also studied Longwen to some extent, and probably understood what the heavenly monarch said. Since he was imprisoned, if Leviathan was killed, he could only come out. So Leviathan had to rush here?
And what can imprison such a powerful dragon king?
According to the information of Greenland ice sea incident, Leviathan was just an embryo ten years ago. Does he realize that he has a marine monarch?
Did the monarch get into the Leviathan embryo and have a special seal when he was in nirvana?
Who cheated this ocean water king?
Feeling inexplicably upset in her heart, she never felt this kind of emotion, but she felt that there were too many places that didn’t make sense.
She had a hunch that Lu Chen must solve the monarch as soon as possible or something … terrible will happen.
"Ischer, are you all right?"
Lu Fei comforted Ischer, saying that the girl was so scared that she sat down with her hands full of doodle and kept shaking.
Only at this time did he feel that his bloodline was not low. He was afraid when he saw the Chinese dragon, but he did not feel that he was suppressed by his bloodline.
"I … I … I’m fine"
Ischer looked up and smiled reluctantly. There was a lot of sweat on her forehead. She looked lost. "DuDu doesn’t seem to be well. It’s scared."
At this time, doodle in her arms is stretching out her tongue to gasp, showing stress and being in a state of high tension.
"I might make it feel better."
Road Fei leaned over and touched the doodle head. It turned to look at Road Fei.
"Don’t die"
Lu Fei lit up a pair of golden pupils and said seriously, now he is very skilled in this speech.
Ischer was surprised to find that DuDu’s breathing was gradually stabilizing, and his body was no longer so limp, as if a strange force, DuDu, was rising.
"Mr. Path is very powerful. Is this what you call … Yan Ling?"