"Two million! They paid four or five times the price. "
Hearing this offer, I have a momentary crush.
But on second thought, why did New India University of Genetic Evolution produce such a high horse and cart?
Something must be wrong.
"Don’t go!" Xu tui is still very firm.
In the words, Luo Shifeng laughed. "Well, it seems that you are small, although you often spend money, but you can climb out of it."
There is really no kindness over there at the New India University of Gene Evolution.
Two million chariots and horses have one additional condition, that is, they want their students to have two actual combat exchanges with you.
Those suns have always been restless and kind.
It’s just the two of us running to their site to communicate with them in actual combat. Isn’t that silly?
I have already turned it down for you! "Luo Shifeng laughed.
"Teacher Luo Ying" Xu retired and praised one.
"That you are going to a day after tomorrow, that is, on November 4th, we will take a trip to Xingshi Gene Evolution University in Singapore and Malaysia where there is an academic report.
Go for half a day at noon and send us back early the next day
On November 6th, Ba ‘a District invited us to give an academic report.
In addition, on November 9 th, Virginia invited us to give an academic report at their Virginia University of Genetic Evolution. Because of the long distance, there are a little more cars and horses, and it is estimated that there are 600 thousand
Let’s make these three trips for the time being.
If you ever tell me, we’ll go together.
I went alone when I had no time, "Luo Shifeng said.
"Yes, of course, sometimes!"
Xu retired and promised to be happy. You can’t let go of the opportunity to make money.
"If you wait for me, I’ll arrange it. Both travel and safety must be of high standards," Luo Shifeng said.
I retired late and made a video call to my parents as usual.
It’s already scheduled to go home.
At the end of November
You must change a better room for your parents when you go back and make a refund this time.
Otherwise, it would be too bad to drink tens of thousands of bottles of energy supplements every day
However, since I plan to go home, I plan to pave the way for some things to be retired.
"Mom and Dad told you a happy event, I won the prize." The video chat for a while made a surprise.
"What award? Let’s have a look. "
Zhang Xiuli, the mother who won the prize, was the happiest.
"You see, this is the Chinese Genetic Committee and our school. It’s a grand prize.
I have been hired as an intermediate researcher in the school now, and I get paid every month, so you won’t give me a job. "
"How much is the salary?" Mother Zhang Xiuli was surprised.
"Thirty thousand a month is thirty thousand."
"Thirty thousand? So much? "
Mother Zhang Xiuli is a little absent-minded
"Mom is more than that, and it will rise after that.
And my research and development, the school and the Huaxia Gene Committee all gave me bonuses.
I’ll transfer it to you first. 1 million is filial to you! "Xu back smiled and turned one million on the spot.
With a smile, Xu Jianguo and Zhang Xiuli suddenly froze.
I really received 1 million!
Son said it was true!
1 million!
"Really? Did you get so many bonuses? " Zhang Xiuli was surprised.
"Progress, you’ll transfer it to you later. You keep the cultivation expenses regardless of us, me and your mother. We’re relaxing this day without you giving us trouble." Xu Jianguo Ma made a decision
"Come on, Dad, I’ll tell you the truth. This time, there are three million bonuses."
"Three million?"
Xu Jianguo was silent. "Don’t lie to us. How can research be rewarded so much?"
"Don’t lie to you. You have files. I’ll show them to you …"
It took Xu a lot of effort to prove the truth of this matter to his parents. Dad Xu Jianguo didn’t insist on transferring the money back
I haven’t waited for Xu to retreat yet. Xu Jianguo’s words made Xu retreat.
"All right, we will help you with this money and marry you in the future."
"Don’t give it to me, Dad. You’re on your own. I can make money now."
"You know a fart! There’s a high probability that you won’t go back to Kyoto Prefecture. How expensive is that room in Kyoto Prefecture?
Never, right?
After that, you will have children. If you buy a small one, you will definitely not.
As big as Kyoto, you must have a car.