Sun Hao was unwilling to open his mind again and searched the mainland underground. Unfortunately, he still didn’t find any traces except the obelisk.
Then Sun Hao has a judgment in his heart that this obelisk is likely to be a virtual lighthouse like himself, and the Terran can deliberately leave the younger monks to guide the way.
That is to say, this continent is barren, which is quite possible. So can you also leave some specific marks in the process of virtual travel to benefit the terran descendants?
Of course, it is also possible that this continent had a life and an active history of Terrans in its early years, but then the environment changed and the Terrans had to migrate or flee.
However, this possibility should be relatively small, because Sun Hao failed to find that people created cave-like relics.
Sun Hao turned around this continent for a few days and failed to find many clues, but he was very surprised that Sun Hao found a very precious ore, a mica Tianxing mine that can be used to forge high-grade magic weapons, and found traces of mining.
Because of environmental changes, Sun Hao couldn’t see the amount of mining, and he also planed a huge hill of ore along the mining area and threw it into his Sumeru coagulation tower.
The discovery of mica Tianxing Mine and the awakening of Sun Haoxu’s travel are also a magical process to obtain various cultivation resources.
It is possible for some people in different continents and no one. Many monks can’t imagine resources. This is a low-ranking monk who can’t imagine opportunities.
So that is to say, Sun Hao can search along the way if he is not in a hurry during this virtual leap.
At the same time, the discovery of mica Tianxing Mine also made Sun Haoji understand that there will be a Terran virtual mark here because it has unique cultivation resources.
Chapter DiEr629 The law of the jungle
No one is active in mainland China. Sun Hao has found the magical cultivation resources, and it is also clear that the Terran descendants can leave the obelisk. First, it guides the direction. Second, it wakes up the younger generation. There are treasures here.
After getting this judgment, Sun Hao suddenly became interested in this boring and empty trip.
For Sun Hao, the attraction of ordinary cultivation resources is not great, but this does not mean that Sun Hao is not short of resources
Sun Hao Sumi Condensing Tower has been restored to the seventh floor so far, and the last two floors need to be repaired.
To repair these two floors, you have to find a lot of top special resources to invest in order to become Sun Hao. To repair the Sumeru tower, you also specially consulted Tao Tianji to get a conclusion, but Sun Hao was quite equal.
Tao Tianji told Sun Hao that the development of Sumeru Condensing Tower had long deviated from the inherent track. If Tao Tianji had invested so many resources in the development for so many years, it would have been restored. However, Sun Hao was only restored to the back two floors of the seventh floor. How can it be repaired? What kind of functions will there be after the repair? He also doesn’t know.
I don’t even know what Sun Hao can catch when he’s blind. Everything he catches is thrown into Sumeru Tower. Sun Hao has searched for resources, and the possibility that Sumeru Tower will recover is about to increase greatly.
Sun Hao didn’t let Brother Immortal Silver Ship come out to harvest mica Star Mine, which is too high and precious. Only monks who come here like this can be qualified to mine.
Sun Hao personally mined enough ore for himself for a long time and left some for Zhu Dezheng before returning to the obelisk to realize a virtual mark. Since the virtual mark points to the baby, he needs to follow this mark to search.
After staying for a few days, Sun Hao rode the immortal silver ship and crossed the emptiness like a virtual mark. I don’t know how long it took Sun Hao to fly to a continent.
This is a mainland terran with many ethnic chaos. This mainland is relatively strong. When Sun Hao arrived in the mainland quietly, it was the time when the Terran launched a war against his race and invaded strongly.
Slightly aware that a Terran friar slaughtered his ethnic friar posture, Sun Hao could not help but shake his head slightly without interference or staying too long, and soon found a virtual mark to break away.
Sun Hao doesn’t know how long he’s been traveling in vain, and he knows that he’s run through six virtual marks. Only then has a powerful Terran mainland found a Terran to send troops at a long distance.
This well-guarded ordinary monk can’t get close to it.
Besides, there is also a large array of foreign monks who can identify their ethnic identity, so they can’t get in.
The level of cultivation in this continent is also very high, and the Terran is slightly weaker than Sen Lu, and the top monks guarding this continent have also reached the level of fitness, but it has limited the initial stage of fitness in the mainland, and so have several other top monks.
Sun Hao did not interfere with the pattern of the mainland, nor did he interfere with the peace of the mainland. He put away his immortal silver ship and flew straight to the array.
Sun Hao with a faint smile fell to the defense to send array monks at this time almost at the same time produce a kind of deja vu familiar feeling qi qi devoting to salute Sun Hao "seen adults".
Corleone nodded to them and went to the delivery area. This delivery area sent a lot of array numbers, which made Corleone more stunned. It was just a long-distance delivery, and there were more than three.
I don’t know what these processions represent, and these defensive monks around me have little knowledge of these processions, as if they were all going to the Terran Holy Land.
Want to even in the past, should also be able to find out the Terran core intelligence Sun Hao also didn’t want to find a random array drill in.
A continuous white light flashed across Corleone and disappeared with a smile. Those defensive monks around the array were suddenly awakened and looked at each other. I don’t know what just happened.
A powerful monk sensed the fluctuation of the delivery area and flew in and shouted, "What just happened? Oh, how come someone has gone to sin? "
Sun Hao’s experience after sending it over also made Sun Hao a little unexpected, not feeling that this was slightly different from Sun Hao’s expected situation.
In Sun Hao’s imagination, the Terran Holy Land, the core area of Terran, should be the sacred Terran’s place to live and work in peace and contentment.
But after coming over, the real situation surprised Sun Hao.
The place I sent here is called the capital of evil, and the whole terran mainland is called the continent of evil stars
What can I say? This is really a place where Terran monks gather, and foreign monks are really enslaved here.
However, this is not the Utopia of the Terran Godsworn. On the contrary, every Terran Godsworn lives cautiously and dare not be careless.
Sun Hao-yi thought that the Terran Holy Land would actually be a mainland that advocates the law of the jungle.
The law of the jungle is the most basic law of nature, which refers to the law of natural selection, survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle.
A stalwart tree grows in the jungle, and its top strives to seek the most sunshine and rain; Its thick branches occupy the freshest breath as much as possible; Its roots are extremely luxuriant and it absorbs the most essence of the earth. However, a few thin small trees beside the big tree are struggling on the edge, and their branches are crisp and their leaves are close to yellow.
The little tree stared angrily at the big tree. "You are strong enough. Why should you restrict my growth?" The tree looked at it indifferently and said coldly, "For me, your growth is always a threat. This is the law of the jungle, and the law of the jungle is its most typical feature."
The spring breeze blows a grass seed off a big tree. Within a few days, this kind of grass seed sticks out from the gap in the soil. The young face shakes shyly and looks at the huge world. Drops of dew drop by drop from the branches nourish the thriving little grass. Look up. "Mr. Tree, thank you for your help!" "Ha ha ha ha ….." The tree laughed heartily and echoed in the jungle. "You’re welcome. The law of the jungle is to help each other. Keep your mind at ease. No matter what happens, I will do my best to help you."
The grass was moved to tears, and it grew taller and taller again and again, and finally grew into a verdant lawn. Seeing this, there was no small tree, and I asked inexplicably, "Are you crazy?" Why are you growing so hard? " Grass replied, "I can’t live up to Mr. Dashu’s hope." Xiaoshu sneered and shook his head. "It’s very stingy. Look at him squeezing me like this. I’m going to stand on my feet." "But why would it treat me so differently?" "Because you will not only pose no threat to it, but also protect its foot land and make its raw soil fertile."
This is also the law of the jungle.
The evil star continent is running according to the law of the jungle. If a monk can’t adapt to the environment, he will be eliminated by the environment.
Here, the monk’s world outlook and outlook on life are very different from Sun Hao’s thoughts. He doesn’t feel this kind of law of red fruit and jungle because of betrayal and treachery. Sun Hao is shocked and has a faint palpitation in his heart.
If you are born with evil stars, can the mainland go far by itself? Maybe your bones can already play drums.
All kinds of intrigues are beyond my imagination.
Sun Haoshen will encounter all kinds of unexpected stops if he wants to go into the wild and not go far when he walks in the mainland.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s practice, it would have been a trick if it wasn’t too high and taboo and poison didn’t invade.
Sun Hao is not as knowledgeable as plotting against his brother. After all, he found that there are too many similar phenomena in this continent to care about.
Moreover, Sun Hao also found that the rule of evil star continent may really be the rule of human permission, and this way of life may be a good way of life set by Terran high-level officials.
Chapter DiErLiuSan Terran Framework
Sun Hao walked away from the evil star and gradually found himself that the only way to change this continent might be to change the management concept of the Terran.
It may not be a day or two for Terran to carry out the evil star and the jungle law. Since this management has been so long, it is very likely that this management has his reasons.
I am really not suitable for horse intervention.
No hurry, Sun Hao, walking among the sinful stars, gradually discovered something different.
Accurately speaking, the law of evil star jungle is actually a certain rule.
No matter what area there is, there is usually the strongest in the area, and the strongest will construct a management area according to his own will. Relatively speaking, there are many rules in this management area that must be observed, and correspondingly, some terran weak people can be protected to a certain extent by various rules.
There are rules, the law of the jungle. This is the first discovery.
Then Sun Hao gradually understood the true meaning of the evil star continent, which is a training base for Terran to train powerful monks.
A huge continent is a huge training base.
The whole continent respects the law of the jungle. When a monk reaches the top of the food chain, he must try his best to live and win in the competition.
Every monk trained in this way is full of aggression, and every actual combat ability is extraordinary. He can stand in the evil stars. The higher the rank of the monk, the stronger his combat ability.
To put it simply, this is a way to cultivate wolves. The individual strength and team cooperation ability of monks cultivated in the evil stars are super strong.
If there is anything wrong with it, it is that the soldiers trained in the evil stars all advocate bravery and diligence, and they can become talents quickly in a short time, but the corresponding accumulation is poor. Many Sun Hao perceive that there are relatively few monks who can really become great and fit in the evil stars.
The highest monk in the whole continent seems to be just in the middle of the fit, which is slightly different from Sun Hao’s expectation. Sun Hao wants to come to the Terran Holy Land and have a late fit. Who knows, there are several mid-fits, each of which brings together a force to confront each other.