"Big Brother!" Ni silk looked at windson a face of smile shouted.
Aside, salomon couldn’t help showing a black line on his forehead. He didn’t expect his sister Ni Si to have a big brother in a short time. Where did he put himself? Salomon didn’t recognize that Lin Feng would call himself eldest brother. After all, salomon didn’t forget that he had cheated Lin Lei.
Salomon seems since windson can know that they must be Lin Lei. Tell them that. How will windson treat himself?
However, salomon knows that windson won’t do it for himself. After all, his sister Nisi has a great relationship with Beibei. Even if she sees Beibei’s face, windson won’t hurt salomon. After all, salomon is Beibei’s uncle.
At this time, Lin Fengshen in Yulan Mainland appeared in the Dragon Blood Castle Garden.
"Eldest brother, why are you back?" Stay in the garden Lin Lei looked at suddenly appeared windson is some surprise and asked.
Lin Lei knows that his eldest brother has always been busy traveling and living in Yulan mainland. If there is nothing, his eldest brother will rarely choose to come back.
Lin Feng smiled at Lin Lei and said, "Guess who I met, brother?"
Hear windson Lin Lei eyes flashed filar silk doubt color how can you guess this problem yourself?
"eldest brother, how can I guess that I am not a god!" Lin Lei Nai said.
"You are not a god, who is a god!" Lin Fengxiao said face flashed filar silk satisfiedly.
Lin Lei look a clot couldn’t help but took a shot on his forehead. Yes, he is now a strong god!
"Well, big brother, who did you meet?" Lin Lei asked doubtfully,
Lin Feng’s face flashed with a smile. I saw some impatience in Lin Lei’s eyes for a moment and said, "I met Nisi!"
Hear windson Lin Lei face flashed filar silk anxious color then gave me a clear color.
Suddenly Lin Lei seemed to think of something and quickly said to Lin Feng, "Don’t worry, big brother, I’ll tell Beibei about it!"
Windson watching Lin Lei quickly close your eyes is to establish contact with the statue in hell.
The Mountain of Heavenly Sacrifice in Hell is accompanying Delia, and a smile flashed in Lin Lei’s eyes, pulling Delia away quickly in the direction of Beibei.
"What happened to Lin Lei?" Delia asked doubtfully.
Lin Lei’s face showed a little smile, but she didn’t say anything. It was faster.
"Beibei? Beibei? " Lin Lei is far from Beibei, so he can’t wait to shout at Beibei.
"Boss?" Beibei’s face flashed with doubts.
"Big Brother is with Nisi!" Lin Lei looked at Beibei and said word for word.
Beibei’s face was deeply excited and her body jumped up quickly. Her joy was beyond words.
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Chapter four hundred and twenty salomon mind
In the metal life, Ni Si’s eyes are full of joy. Through Lin Feng, she finally knows the news of Beibei.
It’s not a long time for Janice to share time with Beibei, but for this short time, Janice found that Beibei was always in her mind, and Janice missed Beibei more and more.
Because the Boyi family has not declined, Janice has always been held in the hands of the elders of the family, and her heart has never let Janice leave the family to experience herself. Although she has lived for many years, her mind is still very simple.
At this time, Lin Feng and Lin Lei have become Beibei and Ni Si, the lovers. This situation makes Lin Feng and Lin Lei very nai.
But when they want to refuse, they look at Ni Si and Beibei, whose eyes are full of crystal clear, but they can’t say anything. I don’t know what it is hard to refuse Ni Si’s request for Lin Feng. Maybe it’s because Ni Si is so cute.
Salomon looked at Ni Si around Lin Feng and saw Ni Si’s face, but her smiling eyes couldn’t help showing a look of thinking. Is it true that he brought Ni Si back to Bifu Mainland himself?
No one can tell salomon the answer. Even Ni Si herself won’t know that Lin Feng has found Ni Si, although some naughty, but Ni Si’s heart is still very kind. Lin Feng vaguely guessed that Ni Si didn’t want to hurt a person.
Especially when Janice needs her brother and Beibei to make a choice, Janice doesn’t want to hurt anyone.
It’s a pity that if Janice still has to make a choice, but Janice chooses to hurt herself. Beibei has no choice but to protect her brother salomon. Of course, Janice knows the pain in her heart.
Salomon has long noticed this, but salomon is serious. Once it grows up, then his sister Nisi will forget that the scar in Beibei’s heart will be slowly healed.
Now salomon looked at all smiles, but salomon’s eyes couldn’t help showing deep remorse. Wouldn’t it be too selfish for him to do so? And let his sister, Nisi, continue to stay in Bifu Mainland, which will make Nisi suffer. salomon doesn’t want Nisi to suffer with herself.
Thought of here, salomon’s heart is secretly a decision. His sister Ni Si doesn’t fit here with a relaxed look in her eyes.
Windson doesn’t know the changes in salomon’s heart at this time. Of course, if Windson can know, then Windson will be very happy. salomon in Windson’s eyes is a danger. Continued stay with salomon will make Nisi more painful.
There has been some speculation about salomon’s return to Bifu mainland with Nisi. Obviously, salomon’s thought of reviving the Boyi family has not disappeared, otherwise salomon would not choose to return to Bifu mainland.
"Where are we going now?" Salomon is suddenly asked eyes full of serious color.
Looking at salomon Windson’s eyes, there is nothing hostile to salomon and Lin Lei. Windson is not prepared to investigate. After all, what salomon has done has not hurt Lin Lei, and even without salomon, there will be others who will make Lin Lei suffer life and death. The most important thing is that Nisi is here now. Windson can’t start work in front of Nisi.
"Across the blue floating mainland to blood peak mainland" windson light said.
Hear windson salomon face is emerge a bit hesitant look don’t know if I should seek windson help but windson will help him?
Salomon guess windson mind also dare not to guess salomon believe windson is a strong suspect, but I don’t seem to be able to let windson to reason.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you?" Ni silk noticed that his eldest brother’s eyes hesitated, but he asked.
Salomon took a happy look at Lin Feng quietly and found that Lin Feng’s face didn’t show any expression, so salomon said, "Eldest brother has some things to do and you can go to the mainland with Lin Feng to find Beibei."
"Ah?" Ni silk heard his salomon words but couldn’t help surprised that he didn’t think his eldest brother would let himself follow windson.
Although Ni Si also has this idea in her heart, Ni Si knows that her eldest brother will return to Bifu mainland, and if she leaves her eldest brother, there will be no helper.
"Eldest brother, aren’t we going to revive the family?" Ni silk mouth asked face a firm look.
Windson looked at his side salomon and Ni silk. They seemed to ignore windson and let windson be somewhat nai. At this time, windson had guessed that salomon wanted to help himself, but windson wouldn’t choose it so easily.
Windson seems to have no choice but to slay salomon directly, which is already very good, but now salomon dares to calculate to himself. Windson’s eyes couldn’t help but flash across the cold color.
"Renaissance family? It’s too hard! It is too bitter! Ni silk here you won’t be happy and you will be very relieved with Beibei. "salomon didn’t find a flash of cold color in Lin Feng’s eyes and continued to talk to Ni silk.
When Ni Si heard salomon’s words, her eyes showed a little bit of tangled color. She said, "Eldest brother, in this case, you should also go to the mainland of Blood Peak with us."
Salomon shook his head with a wry smile and saw that Lin Feng’s face still didn’t respond. salomon’s eyes showed deep bitterness and said, "Eldest brother is not the same as you. Bigger brother won’t leave the mainland."
"Besides, the Bifu family won’t give up hunting us. If I don’t stay, you will definitely be hunted by the Bifu family." Salo went on to say that there was a bitter taste in his eyes.
"Bifu family?" Hear salomon windson eyes filar silk doubt color.
Salomon heart a joy since windson has doubts, then windson will have a great chance of being persuaded by himself.
Thought of here salomon hurriedly explained to windson.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Beat you up
Windson from salomon already knows that the destruction of Boyi family is very big with Bifu family.
Originally, the Bifu mainland is a three-legged family, including the Bifu family and the Boyi family. It can be said that the strength of the Boyi family is still very good, at least it still has some strong shura levels.
Boyi’s family created a man who was a complete strong man, but I don’t know when Boyi’s family dzogchen’s strong man disappeared without the top strong man sitting in Boyi’s family, which naturally attracted Bifu’s family to spy.
The Bifu family has the Lord God family, but how can the Boyi family be rivals of the Bifu family? After all, the strong Bifu family has sufficient main divine power, and the Boyi family will not be an opponent naturally.
Besides, the disappearance of the strong in the family has made the Bifu family have no fear of the Boyi family. Naturally, the Bifu family will be destroyed quickly and occupy the Boyi family resources.
However, even though the Bifu family has destroyed the Boyi family, the Bifu family is not prepared to let go of the Boyi family members. The most important thing is that the Bifu family wants to get the Boyi family’s treasure.
It is also for the Bifu family to destroy the Boyi family to get the treasure of the Boyi family. Otherwise, the Bifu family will not easily start the war. After all, the strength of the Boyi family is not bad. The Boyi family also killed several strong people when fighting back.
And windson saw that the robbers surrounded salomon and Nisi because they got orders from the Bifu family. Once they caught salomon and Nisi, the robbers would get rewards from the Bifu family.
Bifu family Bifu mainland is the master of the mainland, with the Lord God. Bifu family naturally has majesty that ordinary people can’t imagine
Hear salomon when it comes to the strong forest air of Bifu family, but he nodded thoughtfully. He has seen the strong forest air of Augusta family, and naturally he can easily realize the robbers of Bifu family.
Aware of this windson face is couldn’t help flashing filar silk nai color is born and the Lord god? Now I seem to be enemies with the Bifu family again.
See windson face nai color salomon’s eyes is couldn’t help flashing filar silk bitter, he didn’t know that BiFu family strong but salomon also know that BiFu family will not give up for keeping a treasure in the family, and will always kill herself and Ni silk.
In order to get rid of this situation, salomon will think of asking Lin Feng for help, so salomon can be a little easier.
"Eldest brother, why didn’t I know that?" Ni silk looked at her eldest brother with a puzzled face, revealing a bit sad color.