Entry-level can erode and manipulate two dolls, and this number will gradually increase with the increase of proficiency level, which is similar to’ deception’
Another point.
"Low-level doll manipulation will erode the target and replace the descendants. It will seem dull and slightly slippery, but when the skill level is pulled, not only the doll’s combat power can be perfectly exerted, but also it is more agile. Naturally, it is necessary to deliberately fuck the doll and always play the original identity. It is difficult to detect!"
If you are strong, you can throw it first, but horror and horror are absolute.
Even the instructor of the skill owner has a slight scalp numbness.
"But this skill is not suitable for me, which makes it more suitable for killers and spies who walk in the dark. Compared with the ability to control the silent erosion of combat power, it is the most terrible."
Fang you thought
He is going to grant this skill to a very small number of people, and the number must be limited. Of course, the purple skill is unlikely to be granted on a large scale.
"Just … give thousands of faces first."
"It’s a dangerous job to do everything on weekdays. It’s even more powerful to have this skill. His/her talent and awakening ability can also bring this skill into full play."
"However, Qianmian hasn’t learned’ deception’. Should I let him/her learn deception skills first and then merge them into’ doll manipulation’ or should I cultivate my skills into an expert level and then plant the fruits of my skills?"
Fang You had the ability and skill borrowed from the Apostle before.
At this time, along this ability, he can extend the fusion handle and anchor an apostle’s body to create new skills, which is not limited to himself
On second thought, I decided to work harder.
It takes 25W to fuse a doll manipulation, but it also needs various pre-skills to learn by yourself, and then realize the skills, and it can also grant more people.
In order to organize the future, the tutor can suffer for himself.
Who let him be a mentor?
Doll manipulation can’t be practiced in a short time, so simply don’t practice and continue to try skill integration.
"It turns out that it is feasible to create purple skills. If you have a first course, you can have a second, third and fourth course."
"Even a purple skill at the mythical level can bring a huge rise."
"And the fusion of multiple blue skills can create purple skills, so when I create a few more purple skills and then fuse them, won’t I be able to create a golden skill?"
The golden future awaits you.
Fang you is full of energy and fusion.
"ding! 」
"Show that you have created a new skill" Resist the Ring of Fire (Blue) ""
"Show that you have created a new skill,’ Punching Cranial Fist (Blue)’"
"Show that you have created a new skill,’ Frost from the sky (green)’"
"Show that your fusion skills have failed"
"Show your fusion skills failed"
"Show your integration …"
Teacher Fang was a black face.
Fang’s tutor looks darker.
Fang’s face is as black as the bottom of a pot.
Full of lofty sentiments and ambitions, the words "failure", "failure" and "failure" finally came.
Fang you adjusts his mentality.
"Skill fusion is traceable, such as palm thunder and blade chop. Even if the same attacking and cutting skills can be expressed differently and the fighting modes are different, the method will be integrated."
"Through this model, we can probably determine what skills can be integrated and what can’t."
"The truth is that, however …"
A clever woman can’t cook rice!
It seems that many of the skills acquired by other tutors can be subdivided into a small category, but it seems that there are very few suitable combinations, and it is pitiful to integrate several new skills
Or waste skill that have not changed much aft integration.
"Is the fusion handle a chicken rib?"
"Many people have created doll manipulation and several blue star skills, but it can’t be said that they are chicken ribs. I am confident that I can fuse several valuable blue skills when I spend more time."
After all, integration requires consumption, and the higher the fate point, the greater the consumption, which makes it impossible for him to keep trying and making mistakes.
Must be carefully considered before integration.
Otherwise, Fang will transfer a supercomputer to list dozens of skills that can be arranged and combined.
This won’t work
Thinking about the panel, the head of an apostle of a certain fate vibrates slightly, and an unmistakable Schusky little red dot emerges.
It’s a silver bell
The Apostle of Destiny can chat with him remotely, and both text messages and voice messages can be used. Except for organizing the early days or the apostle’s trip far away from the boundary, this function is rarely used, and few Apostles of Destiny contact him.
Silver bell, the king of fishing, is even less likely to @ him.
She can’t wait to hide
Once @ He still goes out for a long time and asks him when he can go home from work three times a day.
"But now the bell is fishing at the base, and suddenly it’s found … is there something wrong with the organization?"
Thinking of this, Fang You’s idea of continuing to develop new skills is also extinguished. Quickly click the bell chat interface box.
"Teacher, if you don’t appear, it will be a big thing! 」
Fang You was surprised.
"Your office has piled up a hundred documents that need your signature. Stop fishing, counselor. Go to work quickly."
Fang you "? ? ?”
The boss was accused by the fish king of fishing himself? How can it be repaired!