In the distance of the sky blue magic circle, there are also three magic circles in the distance, namely, the fire red magic circle, the khaki magic circle and the pale blue magic circle.
The blue magic circle crashed, and the white chill swept across the heavens and the earth. All the screaming and charging evils clicked and condensed into ice.
Several flames in the lux magic circle rumbled down like meteorite shower, hitting the battlefield and setting off a huge explosion, and the flames rushed to the sky.
The khaki magic circle falls to the earth and rises. Several Shi Mao will snow into the evil vision.
The cyan magic circle rotates thousands of wind blades, flying out of the magic circle and flying out of the vertical and horizontal battlefields, will smash several evil spirits into ten thousand pieces.
At a hill in the distance, three people emerged at night.
Meng Haoran looked at the battlefield admiringly and said, "From the perspective of power alone, magic power requires practitioners in our world."
The peacock said indifferently, "If the preparation is too long, a flying sword can kill them all."
Night feather looked at the battlefield with dignity and saw more than them through these evils. I’m afraid there is something terrible behind these evils.
Evil is crazier than everyone thinks, and a variety of magic bombardment can also delay the impact of evil, and the number of evil is like a flood.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Pluto blade show power
"ga ~"
"ga ~"
"ga ~"
A shrill scream sounded like dark clouds in the sky, and a flock of black bone birds flew by, banging against the defensive cover and smashing it, knocking out ripples in the defensive cover.
"Archers shoot!" A deep sound sounded in the city
A series of figures leap over the roof, and the whole city is covered with bows and arrows, and the bows and arrows are covered with all kinds of magical quarrelling light.
Whew ~
Whew ~
Whew ~
Several sharp arrows rushed straight like a rain curtain and blocked the passage through the defensive cover.
Bang ~
Bang ~
Bang ~
A black bird was shot and exploded by a bow and arrow, and the black bone powder drifted away and the city suddenly cleared up.
The tide is generally evil, and thousands of armored soldiers rushed to the city to jump from the city and roared at the evil, and the weapons in their hands bloomed with quarrelling light.
Boom ~
As soon as the soldiers came into contact with evil, there was a huge wave on the battlefield, and several evil were killed, and some soldiers were also drowned by evil.
Soldiers are like a rock standing in front of the city wall, facing waves of evil waves, and standing firm to form the strongest defense.
In the distance, Night Feather of Hades looked at the spreading black canopy and suddenly said, "They are in trouble."
Meng Haoran also looked at the awning and frowned and said, "I feel an evil smell of the dead in this awning."
Black awning enveloped the whole city.
"roar ~"
Full of majesty and growl, a deep and blue huge head comes out from the black canopy, and a blood-red flame burns in its eyes, which is very evil.
Meng Haoran looked weird and said, "Is this a giant dragon?"
Night feather said, "dead giant dragon, to be exact."
"Frost dragon, damn it!"
A drink and scold rose from the city, and a figure in armor rushed straight at it, while the pike was long and surrounded by fire, red and violent quarrelling pointed straight at the huge faucet.
"Roar ~" The dragon Zhang spat out with a deep blue dragon’s breath and slammed into the armor. The general pushed him toward the surface.
"ah!" The general gave a roar, got up and poured into the pike to resist the dragon’s breath.
The dragon’s breath pushes the general into the defensive cover, and the whole defensive cover clicks and condenses. General Xuan Bing guarding city has also been frozen, and his life and death are unknown.
A scream rang inside the city.
Angela couldn’t help but look up at the frozen general’s pupil and a despair rose from her heart.
The dragon retracts into the black awning, followed by the awning forming a whirlpool. Huge figures fall from the whirlpool, slamming the earth and flying into pieces. There are many huge figures standing on the earth, spiders and great apes, giant spiders and great apes crawling and emaciated, and ten kinds of Warcraft are pieced together to create monsters with wings …
Ho ~
Ho ~
Huge monsters roared towards the city, and the earth rumbled and stood in the way, and evil spirits were trampled to death.
The weirdo with wings on his back soared into the sky and flew straight to the city.
Angel in front of the old wizard hurriedly recite "Ivylinna Lee forming frozen blade gun free heaven and earth ice elves please give me …"
Dong ~
The defensive shield that enveloped the city crashed and shattered, and the ice crystals scattered all over the sky. A flash of cold light flashed. Poof ~ The old man’s blood was pouring and flying backwards, and he was slammed by a trident
The freak with two wings swooped down and fell with a bang. The violent aftermath of the wall swept all wizards like a gust of wind, screaming and flying like a rag doll.
"Jie Jie ~" Winged weirdo gave a strange laugh with excitement.
Angie slammed the battlefield outside the city wall, and there were huge evils everywhere. The scene of the massacre of soldiers was heard in the ear, and the screams of the soldiers were full of panic.