"Count?" Lin Lei Yin rings that his brother has become an earl?
Windson although there are some surprises, but he can still think of, after all, fine know their own strength and how can you mistreat his brother?
Besides, now little Wharton has shown his strength, but he is already a nine-level strong man. After transformation, it is the rhythm of the strong in the sanctuary. How can O ‘Brien Empire not offer favorable conditions to keep his brother?
"Yes, little Wharton is already an earl, and now he temporarily lives in Fushi Road, Dongcheng." Fine replied with a smile when he heard Lin Lei’s question.
Because of Lin Fengfan Fine, where dare you be rude to Lin Lei? Besides, Fine has seen that Lin Fengfan attaches great importance to his family.
The Vatican alone is the place. Fine won’t make such a small mistake.
O ‘Brien followed Lin Feng, one step behind Lin Feng, showing the dominant position of Lin Feng.
Windson looked at this and O ‘Brien said, "O ‘Brien, you are not so nervous."
Hear windson o’ brien more nervous.
O’ Brien followed Lin Feng and was surprised that Lin Feng had such a strong strength at such a young age. The other was thinking about Lin Fengyi.
But after thinking for a long time, O ‘Brien didn’t think of what windson’s intention was, and he simply didn’t want to. After all, no matter how he thought, it didn’t help. The initiative was always in windson’s hands.
Before we reached Fushi Road, Lin Feng and his party found that many people gathered here, and many people climbed to the roof.
What’s going on here? Windson and others walked on, they don’t care about these need to find little Wharton.
But at this time windson suddenly noticed that there were two people fighting in the sky.
Windson touched his head. It’s worthy of being O ‘Brien’s Empire. Fighting is really visible at any time, and there is no one to stop them. It can be seen that O ‘Brien’s Empire respects force.
O ‘Brien noticed that Lin Feng’s eyes were still a little less fond of O ‘Brien.
So O ‘Brien flew to the sky, and then split them up in an instant and brought them here.
Although Lin Feng found out when O ‘Brien shot, he didn’t stop him and wanted to see the strength of O ‘Brien.
However, Lin Feng was a little disappointed. Lin Feng found that O ‘Brien had opened up his own realm of God, and then tied the two men to the roots and could not see O ‘Brien’s strength.
But windson still feels that O ‘Brien’s god field is much weaker than his own.
Even Lin Fengyou feels that he can easily break the realm of O ‘Brien.
O ‘Brien brought two people here, and O ‘Brien didn’t attack them because he didn’t understand Lin Feng’s meaning.
Besides, when O ‘Brien flew to the sky, he found that the fighting was between two young people, and O ‘Brien also found that one of them was a dragon blood warrior.
This makes O ‘Brien even more afraid to shoot at will because he knows that windson is the dragon blood warrior family.
Then it’s obvious that this person must be little Wharton
So O ‘Brien’s attitude towards little Wharton is particularly good, which makes little Wharton a little confused.
Little Wharton smiled when he landed and saw Fine. He didn’t expect Fine to come. So who are the two people next to Fine? Little Wharton looked at windson and Lin Lei.
Windson saw little Wharton’s mind and a small figure appeared instantly. He knew who this man was.
Windson looked at Lin Lei and found that Lin Lei was also excited to know that Lin Lei also thought about who this person was, but Windson took Lin Lei and didn’t let Lin Lei rush away.
Little Wharton saw windson and looked at his heart, and there was a special feeling. The two men were familiar with each other.
Slowly, tears appeared in little Wharton’s eyes.
"Brother! "Little Wharton shouted and rushed to windson and Lin Lei.
Chapter ninety-two Olivia
Little Wharton and windson hugged each other hard, and tears had already fallen in their eyes.
The three brothers have not seen each other for ten years. Naturally, there is a lot to say, but it is obvious that it is not the time for the three brothers to talk.
"Little Wharton, who is this?" Windson sound windson already see that they are not a life-and-death battle, but a play, otherwise how can this person still be in front of himself?
Wharton heard windson words some nai said "brother, I’m not a child"
Hear little Wharton windson face with a smile and said, "you are not a child? You are a child in my eyes. "
Little Wharton touched his head. He really had no way to know that his eldest brother was a very powerful person from his childhood.
"Eldest brother, this is my friend Olivia. He is a strong man in the middle of the sanctuary." Little Wharton introduced Lin Feng.
"oh? Olivia? " There is a little curiosity in Lin Fengyin.
Windson looked at Olivia a little curious and strange. Now Olivia has black hair, a white robe and a warm smile, which is harmful to people and animals.
But Lin Feng won’t dismiss him. Although Olivia’s talent is almost worse than that of the Lin Feng brothers, it can also be regarded as a genius of Yulan mainland.
You know, in the original, Lin Feng and Olivia were able to draw.
Everything has changed a lot with Lin Feng. Although Olivia has reached the middle of the sanctuary, Lin Feng believes that his two younger brothers are not weaker than him.
Besides, Olivia is bigger than Lin Feng’s three brothers, and many Lin Lei and Wharton Jr. are now at the fastest time of their strength. Lin Feng believes that Olivia is definitely no match for Lin Lei and Wharton Jr..
When Lin Feng looked at Olivia, Olivia also looked at Lin Feng. He could see that Lin Feng was in a leading position in the crowd.
Olivia found herself unable to feel the strength of Lin Feng. In her eyes, Lin Feng was like an ordinary person. If Lin Feng was an ordinary person, Olivia wouldn’t believe it.
Windson although know Olivia observe yourself but windson didn’t mean it.
Seeing that more and more people are gathering slowly, Lin Feng doesn’t want adults to watch the object, which will make Lin Feng have the illusion that he is a monkey in the zoo.
So windson took little Wharton and others away.
Isn’t it easy for Lin Feng and others to leave that? Although there are strong onlookers, they dare not stop windson. After all, everyone has no hatred.
"Little Wharton, take us back to where you live. Does father live with you? "Windson said to the little Wharton.
"A good father doesn’t go to the Mountain of Warcraft now." Little Wharton said hurriedly when he heard windson.
Windson and Lin Lei looked at each other and saw nai from their own eyes. They didn’t expect Hogg to go to the mountains of Warcraft. You know, they came across the mountains of Warcraft. Why didn’t they meet Hogg?
But wanted to think windson two people and some relief, after all, the mountains of Warcraft so big hogg and their chance of meeting is too small.
Knowing that Hogg went to the Mountain of Warcraft, Lin Feng was not worried about Hogan. You know, Hogg has a dragon of sanctuary, and he can already protect Hogg.
Besides, the Hogg Dragon Blood Warrior can still escape even if he can’t beat it.