Quadrupole secret realm, the Eucharist is strong in close combat, and it takes a slap to blow up the dragon’s name to stay in the flesh, but now he has turned into a king’s blood. Although there is still a distance from that, it is also enough to crush the dragon’s name to stay in the flesh, but it will be broken.
Of course, his fighting power is not only the flesh, but also many secret magical powers. The magical body is the combination of Yin and Yang, and his fighting power has risen five times. He is already afraid that a generation of people will attack and kill him.
"brother-in-law ~"
At this time, a loud cry came to Jiang Yifei from Ling Fei and waved to him.
Looking back, Li Yu found that the ginger family owner also seems to have something to find himself.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven The king’s banquet is auspicious in the stone
"God city? Yaochi led several Tianjiao to hold a banquet to invite me into Shencheng? "
In the hall of Jiang Jiazu, Li Yuli, the main body of Jiang Jiazu, listened to him and told the recent undercurrent of the major forces in the East Wilderness, which was not unexpected.
Yao Chi’s holy land, Tian Yao Palace, and others experienced the cruel Dojo, and the first thing that happened in Shencheng was to invite him to dinner.
"You have to be famous by some powerful forces now, and some elders are going to sell you three sides."
Jiang’s living fossil joked, "Now that the East Wilderness Source Tianshi is not very close, Zhongzhou Tianshi is naturally chased by major forces."
In particular, some secrets in Yaochi let them pay attention to this pulse all the time.
"Good nature is to thank you for the clearance in the Dojo kill bureau to learn about the news of a malicious person; The second is that you pull a pull to show goodwill for subsequent source stone exchanges. "
Jiang Jiajiazhu nodded, which is also a good opportunity for friendly exchanges between several forces, which can rarely appear on weekdays; Therefore, the elders have pushed the malicious people to look at the East Wilderness and fight first.
"North domain god city is the most prosperous place in the East, so let’s go."
Li Yu wanted to think, but he didn’t refuse to stay in the north domain for so long. The most prosperous city of God still wants to take a trip.
After all, they won’t be persecuted when they hear that he promised the ginger family that they would choose the king’s hand.
Aside Jiang Yifei paused and was about to go back to practice, but was taken by the elders of the family and told him to go with Li Yu, or to put a ginger family attitude.
On the other hand, the ginger family silently said that he had been practicing hard these days, but his sense of ignorance was getting weaker and weaker, and he seldom went out.
"Since it represents the ancient Chinese dynasty of the Jiang family, it is natural to be grand."
At noon the next day, the ginger family outside the mountain gate was ready to travel. Jade chariot was pulled by the unicorn beast with nine heads and Li Yu Jiang Yifei went to Shencheng.
On weekdays, it’s only when the big shots of the ginger family go out that they have ostentation and extravagance. Now it’s time for the king to show his position in the ginger family to all parties.
The nine-headed unicorn beast roared and pulled the red white jade chariot across the sea of clouds and set off a hundred miles of wild waves.
The holy city in the northern region has always been the absolute center of the eastern wilderness. This red land is as famous as the ancient mines in the early days, and the residents in the northern region hold a sacred place.
Jade chariot will soon have a special array to bless the shelter, that is, it will take a while for the monks to bombard them.
The nine-headed unicorn beast roared and shook the sky. When it was less than 200 miles away from the holy city, many passers-by appeared, and most of them were monks.
When I saw such a team crossing the sky, everyone froze and looked at the sky, and carefully identified that flag, which was obviously a powerful force in the wild.
"It’s the jade chariot of the ancient Jiang family team, the overlord of the northern domain. It’s really a big ostentation and extravagance that Kirin beast pulls a cart. Which big man has traveled?"
"Recently, the famous king of the two major domains in Zhongzhou East Wilderness is the Jiang family’s travel calendar. Does he have it?"
The monks near the holy city shook and witnessed the jade chariot passing through, like a bunch of eyes shining, giving people a sense of grandeur and majesty.
Especially in recent days, it has been reported that Wang Du Jie belongs to the Jiang family. It is really shocking to cross the road to the front of the Jiang family mountain while fighting against Lei Jie.
However, the vast majority of people have heard this news, and it is shocking that Roots can’t witness it with their own eyes, but they are still boiling and boiling.
According to the city of God, when hearing about this, even if the King of God, Tiji Haoyue, and other saints and saints were all meditating.
"I also came to the Jiangjiashifang in the past years of Shencheng."
Jade chariot Jiang Yifei looked closer and closer to the ancient city and smiled when he traveled in those days.
"When I was in Zhongzhou, I also heard that the East Wilderness God City was famous for its Summer Dynasty, and there was a resident here. It was hard to meet them this time."
Li Yu recalled Xia Yiming’s journey to the wild after several people emerged from Xianshan, and he didn’t know that Zhongzhou Tianjiao was like this.
It is very strange that the feathering god raised that clay tire, and it is hard to really seal the feathering emperor’s race, so we have to pay attention to it
Conversation jade chariot slowly stopped the ancient city pass a line of military will be two people to meet in.
This city is a gathering place, including Zhongzhou royal family, Beiyuan aristocratic family, Nanling Great Power, West Desert Buddhism, and Eastern Wilderness shrines.
This is the center of the East Wilderness, which has been said a lot in the holy city since ancient times. God city is also its name. Years ago, it was suspended in the middle of nowhere and sank to the earth because of some change in ancient times.
"Not the kui is the most prosperous place in the East Wilderness."
Looking around, Li Yu’s eyes can see that the city is very prosperous. There are many temples and buildings in the ancient street, the gambling stone square, the immortal building, the romantic palace, the holy Lord’s Que and the demon king’s pavilion, all of which are extremely luxurious and mixed with ordinary monks.
City people fly, even monks strictly abide by the rules of the city. There is a huge platform in front of the busy street, which is divided into small platforms and surrounded by a circle of transparent curtains.
Founder has a pair of monks fighting each other, which is a martial arts field in the city of God. It can be decided whether to win or lose. Life and death have always been a place for monks to settle their grievances. Don’t worry about being liquidated after the fight.
Suddenly, in the martial arts field, someone came out of Rapier’s divine light and lit up Chang. It was a man in yellow with a pistol and great temperament.
"The sacred place of Dayan flies"
Jiang Yifei, how can I meet this saint in the arms drill field? I just got well and I have to fight here.
After that, a wisp of chaos rushed to the martial arts field.
"How did these two people hand in hand?"
This scene is that Li Yu is also somewhat surprised. There is no grudge between these two holy places. I have never seen a flying Halloween in the humanitarian field.
However, the monks along the way are not calm, and they have come together to witness this rare holy hegemony and cruel Dojo. This is the first time they have shown their strength in front of the world after World War I.
"At the beginning of the day, the Great Sage Yan Sheng met!"