"Peng … Peng … Peng …" Mei Ping’s unique spirit device is instantaneous, and the instantaneous angle of the weapon seems to pierce from him and generally smash the palm of the crane king in succession.
However, the palm of the crane king is constantly being smashed into feathers, and at the same time, the real killing of the crane king has come. The palm of his hand has been pressed by Mei Ping, the left rib crane king, and he has no mercy. He calculated that he was waiting for Mei Ping to move to protect himself and defend against vigorous gas, which just happened to fly Mei Ping’s injury.
But let the crane king finish, I didn’t expect Mei Ping to suddenly drink angrily and didn’t defend against it. Suddenly, her body leaned to her side, and her body produced a suction to attract her palm. She gave up all defenses and quickly approached the instant. The sword in her hand also turned into a light, and all the power stabbed the crane king’s heart.
"It’s over." This is the last thought of the crane king. The palm power broke out. He knew the blow was real and Mei Ping didn’t think about it, but he was dead.
"Straight …" Mei Ping’s sword directly pierced the crane king’s body and the crane king’s palm also directly hit Mei Ping to fly out.
How could this happen? The crane king was surprised because its power was blocked by a strange force. That part of the power finally burst out with hatred, and the killing force was blocked. Mei Ping must have nothing to do with itself. Mei Ping’s sword pierced its body, but there was also a force to help it pierce its body, but some bodies were not fatal.
Two people fly backwards at the same time, Lin Dong’s mental thoughts have controlled their department to return to their side. Just now, it was his most critical moment. Now, when his mental thoughts can be controlled to the most appropriate benefits, he will make moves.
Lin Dong conveniently took out some juice from the roots, but it was enough for them to use it now and then cooperate with his medicine. After all, the number of the fruit was too small and Lin Dong’s silver needle was faster, so they were both controlled.
This scene happened so fast that everyone around him was dumbfounded, including Huang Yongan.
"The two of them are not dead. I will let you fight for life and death, but I will try my best to treat you. But if you don’t try your best, don’t blame me for not making moves then. What do you have to do to fight? You must be fierce and you can’t leave your hands." Lin Dong’s amazing medical skills and strong strength dare to train them in this way
Later, Lin Dong found a pair of people with similar strength to fight in the same way. Finally, both of them were not seriously injured. Lin Dong helped them treat them again and let them rest after the injection.
When they are injured, Lin Dong controls them to recover their injuries when they arrive in seven days. What they need now is to adapt to a new strength, and the rest is the mentality problem. Lin Dong directly uses drugs to make them seriously injured in World War I, cultivate a murderous look and spirit, and then let them recover.
When they have recovered from their injuries, it is time to compete with the laughing Buddha. At the end of the day, all the people, including Huang Yongan, were lying there, and everyone was filled with silver needles. The medicine is recovering quickly.
And that whole cave is congeal with an earth, increasing murderous look and elan.
In seven days, it’s time to smile. The Buddha is waiting for the King Tiger there. They are also very happy. They have gained a lot of strength and learned a lot of good things these days. They are now somewhat ignorant. The boss means that this person really has many benefits to explore as much as possible.
Bayun Road, they are also so satisfied with their rising speed. In a few days, their fighting capacity has increased by more than 30%. This is a miracle. A few people laugh at the Buddha’s inspiration and even his strength has risen directly to two floors.
However, when they saw Lin Dong flying in with people from a distance and felt the personal murderous look, momentum, confidence and strength, they were dumbfounded one by one, especially when they laughed at the Buddha’s expression.
Chapter 311 Laugh at the Buddha’s fiasco! !
Sure enough, laughing at the Buddha’s heart is completely white now, but it’s normal to think about it. Lin Dong said before that he was more serious than before and wanted to win.
But … He’s making too much money.
The horse will face the major forces face to face. How can he put so much energy into these guys? Even if it helps them to gain strength for a while, how effective will it be?
Laughing at the Buddha’s heart is very puzzled, but he can’t understand it. At this moment, these people brought by Lin Dong are completely different from those seven days ago. Except for Huang Yong’ an, they are weaker. Others are not weaker than their group. What’s more imposing, murderous and mentally stronger than them?
"It is estimated that during this period, you are familiar with them and know their situation. Don’t wave when it’s time to give you a priority. You should send someone to the field first." Lin Dong made a gesture of please, and he made a face at the smiling Buddha.
It’s different from the general spirit. Even the fairy will not be willing to leave their weapons. Because of this, they can keep gathering strength and feel comfortable. They are not interested in the outside world, but they are different from him. He is like a child who has just grown up and sees everything fresh.
Moreover, his strength is surging now, which is more difficult to distinguish even if he is in a strange realm, unless his hands-on strength fluctuates, the super strong can find it.
"You’re malicious" laughed at the Buddha and muttered something to Tiger King. "Although it’s all a competition, I will still get a reward if I win. Don’t be greedy. It’s not good for their strength to rise by external forces. Of course, it’s not a big deal if you fight for the honorary elders and yourself today."
Losers don’t lose the battle. Although I didn’t expect Lin Dong to train them with so much money, I just laughed at the Buddha and never gave in.
"Don’t worry, even if we fight by ourselves, we don’t have the habit of leaving our hands behind." The tiger is, after all, the strongest spirit beast in Lindong, and now it has also learned to laugh at the implication in the Buddha’s words. It has taken the first step to look at Crane King and Mei Ping.
In his mind, there are only two people who can fight with themselves in World War I, but even if their strength soars, there is still a big difference with themselves. Now, there are wonders that can suppress the tiger king more than human beings. The strong are not necessarily much better than the tiger Wang Qiang. He is the Three Lich King who is more proficient in power transport at the moment and has learned many new tricks and spells.
"Yong’ an, you feel a" Lin Dong’s direct point will make Huang Yong’ an