Even in such a terrorist attack, he was able to improvise and make a flow guiding device on the spot to guide most of the flow to the ground.
It’s a pity that even a tiny stream directly fainted him.
None of the other flow guiding devices were melted because he controlled Sol Edelman alloy.
This Sol successfully freed himself from the bondage. In a pool of bright red copper water, he was surrounded by Wan Ciwang wrapped in Edelman alloy, and he was sucked dry by all the energy Victor.
Victor is also unlucky to come and take a head, and he is directly sucked into a person’s work-he wants to escape as an incarnation but is attracted back by Lei Qilin!
Everything such a big thunder source passes through is a static field, and all of them will be absorbed and strengthened by it.
Victor will show his prototype when he is in the extreme
Well, he’s like a storage pool and he’s not afraid of thunder attacks-on the contrary, he’s still a little "propped up" until he’s almost burst by a lot of energy.
However, this is not his most tragic.
After Lei Qilin’s attack, when Sol successfully got out of trouble, his energy consumption was too high, and Sol could hardly maintain the "immortal mode".
At this time, how would Saul react when he saw Victor full of "treasure-filling"?
Of course it’s charged!
Once again, Victor was sucked into a job again.
After absorbing Victor’s physical energy, Sol simply hit Victor’s body with a hammer, without any energy. Victor Genfa incarnate actually received Sol’s hammer.
Sol Raytheon hammer is so easy to get?
Victor’s smashed chest was strangely sunken on the spot, and red blood and fine dirt came out of his mouth and nose and flowed down the black venom coat.
This is death. I can’t die any more
After hammering, Sol confidently turned around and shook his hand. Thor’s hammer flew away from the sky and fell in front of Peter. They continued to harass Tony.
"Then have a fight!"
The words sound just fell and Sol was carrying Raytheon’s hammer, and four people fought together.
While watching the play, Stryker was very unhappy when he saw Sol suddenly appear. He scolded, "Damn it, it’s all rubbish!" "
After scolding, Stryker didn’t mean to support him. He took a step back and disappeared into the void.
Without Peter, Tony finally had a chance to seriously and hate the 1V1 battle, and fully proved that technology is the primary productive force and variation is a shortcut to everything.
On the other hand, Hulk also chased and prepared to escape. Dr. Stern didn’t get dizzy. A class of opponents of the same size interfered with Hulk. All he did was press Dr. Stern to drive each other around.
Optimus Prime Megatron, two Cybertrons with a thousand-year-old feud, had no external interference. In the end, Megatron had a slight advantage-Megatron could have defeated Optimus Prime if Bumblebee hadn’t appeared.
Since bumblebee can support his leader, so will his opponent.
After a long period of rescue, the ambulance was finally temporarily restored to its bust-although it was out of tune and somewhat inflexible, it at least kept its name.
In order to protect everyone, Rhett lies in Susan’s arms and is also close to exhausted Johnny moving to the battle center-even if they are dragging their tired bodies, they never want to evacuate.
Everything is moving in the direction of superiority. It seems that the balance of victory is tilted towards the earth!
The key battlefield Zhang Lan and Tang fought, but Zhang Lan lost.
Zhang Lan lost, so it means-
The earth lost! ! !
Chapter 394 Artificial black hole
Zhang Lan’s defeat put the earth in crisis.
Don’t look at this time, it seems that the form is playing well, but if Tang intervenes, I am afraid that there will be no one!
Maybe Solko can fight back a few times,
Maybe Tony Zhen Jin’s suit can resist several attacks,
Maybe Hulk can fight a few rounds with the body.
But maybe.
That’s the ideal state, and there is no possibility of victory.
So is Tang’s plan. He plans to get directly involved in the battle. He has already rushed to the Megatron battlefield with big steps-this is the closest battle circle to him.
He made unremitting efforts to attack Zhang Lan from a distance, and there was no way to form it. Simply, he gave up the idea of long-range attack directly.
"Damn it!"
Zhang Lan mercilessly scolded 1, gnashing her teeth and finally thought of a way-
"Can the phantom antimatter engine be detonated to form a miniature black hole that can also absorb light?"
"Well, the blue theory is feasible!" Does the phantom answer a little hesitant? He has completed a million simulations.
"Very good!" Zhang Lan clapped his hands excitedly. "Let all fighters fly around the target immediately and blow themselves up. I want to swallow him directly!"
Phantom naturally won’t disobey Zhang Lan’s orders. Zhang Lan must have replied. The day after tomorrow, fighters have been on standby.
The number of weapons attacked by line fighters, combat robots are all light forms, which is just as effective for Tang Gen as it is for energy to attack Zhang Lan, which is the enemy’s business.
And now the standby fighter finally has it.
Did their light speed appear around Tang’s tall giant? Phantom control, more than 30 thousand fighter planes wrapped the inner three layers and the outer three layers tightly, and then started the anti-matter engine explosive system of all fighter planes at the same time
Sad breath a black hole quietly spread from that area.
They used to be small holes as big as marbles, but the pulling force caused by 30 thousand miniature black holes became a whole, and an unknown chain reaction happened. The small black hole actually expanded, expanded and expanded again!
Expanding and falling in love with the black hole obviously made Tang feel restless. The gap in the black hole suddenly lit up with brilliance. This is that Tang felt the crisis and was ready to escape from the dangerous black hole group.
However, the black hole claims that even light can swallow powerful substances, and even if you pass by it, its powerful attraction can make the light route to baiwan!
In the end, that area is connected into a whole, and there is no way for Tang Dou to escape from it.
"The effect is really unexpected! ! !”
Zhang Lan bite a tooth behind the golden wings of Siming incitement-to just gently incite can break through the speed of sound. This time, the golden wings are so Siming incitement, which turned out to be a strong attraction and slowly pulled towards the black hole.
Zhang Lan is still so, not to mention the surrounding land and rocks, which have been absorbed by strong attraction and then disappeared into the darkness.