There are also people who continue to struggle, but the number is not much.
Even the Qingsong Village in Qin Mu Ye has got the news.
Not only that, prices are rising so fast that they can’t even stop. The whole day has been demoralized.
Qin Mu Ye never imagined that things would develop to this extent. He is not a sociologist and never cares about these things.
Maybe there is a corresponding professional hero unit over there, and it is speculated that this kind of thing is the most, that is, it is impossible to send it to Qin Mu Ye as an incident after writing an observation log and archiving it.
It is possible to send it to the black hand.
But if it is the black hand, he will take this opportunity to squeeze the whole world resources instead of saving the world, which is a good opportunity.
"wouldn’t it be cheaper for me if no one attended?"
Qin Mu Ye thinks it’s very good that few people attend, but it’s absolutely impossible to be reduced to no one.
There are still many speculators, such as hiding in Tsutenkaku.
After all, if those "Elves" come to the whole day, there will be a lot of lives, so the place of safety will be limited. Tsutenkaku is definitely one.
Even if it is a good place like Tsutenkaku, it is naturally the best place to take refuge
In addition, there are also thoughts of surrendering to the’ Eldar’. Unfortunately, after Qin Mu Ye achieved his goal, the’ Eldar’ is impossible to appear again because it is meaningless.
On the contrary, the real spirit robbery is approaching.
"Where is the step? Could it be the land of the spirit?"
Under normal circumstances, there are seven levels, so there will be levels in secret. This is a hidden welfare brought by digging deep into the world outlook, and of course, hidden dangers are also counted.
It is also an important factor leading to SSS level evaluation.
However, Qin Mu Ye has cut off the idea of SSS level evaluation, because he never thought of playing such a high evaluation and could not play it out.
It’s not because he doesn’t have that ability, and it’s easier to type with all kinds of strange AIDS in the whole abyss
But the problem is that the interests are not equal. For Qin Mu Ye, some rewards and experimental data are available to him, and the substantive benefits are more inclined to the latter than Qin Mu Ye.
His development depends on the sub-world, saying that it is even more impossible to complete the SSS award first and then come back to squeeze the interests.
The reason is very simple. Qin Mu Ye guesses that there is definitely a time limit here. It is absolutely impossible to reach a condition like Qin Mu Ye’s present one-time unit time.
One of the greatest benefits in the sub-world is that it will be 24 hours after the deputy stays back. It may not be of much value to be his Lord, but Qin Mu Ye can bring the territory into the sub-world, which becomes the biggest benefit point.
Otherwise, what does he rely on to chase those arrogant people who have the talent to go against the sky? Shit, can I have a break?
And this is not only a way for him to catch up with tianjiao, but also a way to achieve himself.
"Maybe, wait for me … wait for my temporary skills to be reactivated!"
Qin Mu Ye suddenly had some surprises. He didn’t expect that there would really be a new protagonist. He didn’t expect such a thing either.
"It seems that the protagonist is not the only one. Now there is only one question … where can I find the protagonist?"
This time, the protagonist doesn’t refresh his surroundings like Xiao Fan before, but now who knows to refresh that corner?
Good people can always be found by looking for them slowly.
"Black-handed notice to all units that the new protagonist has appeared. Pay attention to it. Let me know as soon as you find any news." Qin Mu Ye quickly reached the instruction. Although it is a needle in a haystack, you have to act. The protagonist is estimated to have no way to send it to his door
"If you can’t find it, you can go to Tsutenkaku to squat." Qin Mu Ye can be sure that even the new protagonist has to go to Tsutenkaku.
Chapter 497 The birth of a new protagonist
Wang Ao looked ugly and looked at the girl who came to break off her marriage. He never thought he would end up like this.
"Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don’t bully young people!" Wang Aodi said
Opposite the woman is couldn’t help laughing at a "thirty years? The magic man won’t wait for you for thirty years. "
With that, the woman left with people.
Then I sat down in the chair and looked very lonely.
"Yes, the magic man won’t give me thirty years." He’s a little ashamed of himself, and the Wangs are less dominant.
But everything changed after all the magic people and the magic bullet appeared. First, all the summoners of the Wangs were called up to go to Baijing Prefecture to resist the magic bullet.
It will be a triumph to hear it, but it is a huge news than I never expected.
Bai Jingzhou’s 3 million troops were wiped out, and none of them escaped, even if they called the spirit master for nine times. What’s worse, it was his family.
When the bad news came back, the Wangs collapsed. After all, what kind of family is he left alone?
All the aristocratic families in Haocheng are in this situation, and there are only one or two people left.
He didn’t go because he was the only one in the Wang family, so he escaped. If he were his family, he could stay in the home and carry incense. What’s worse, his grandson is younger.
The Wangs were down and out. Later, they divorced his fiancee Yemen. It is said that they were going to take refuge with a brother left by a big family. After the magic man was killed, he could not even save his life.
"No, I can’t. The Wangs are gone, but I still have all the ancestors of the Wangs."