Holding the blue ball of light, the big hand is the green-faced snake mi Yan Zhi, and there are two strong men around him who are all Shaqi exposed.
One man walked back and forth with his eyes red and his hands circled. From time to time, he looked at the distance impatiently and said, "It’s been half an hour and he hasn’t shown up yet! How did you write it in Cambodian? "
Mi Yan Zhi is thinner than in the past, and many facial muscles are stiff, and his eyes are as green as a jack-o’-lantern.
He smile apologetically a hoarse ugly but relieved, "Cai Xiong be calm today to explore the reward that dog thief just showed his youthful and conceited brother defeated him once, and he will definitely come without fear."
Another lean man is holding a dagger and cutting his nails. He looks up and says, "Maybe he’s already here, and he’s outside to find out the truth."
Mi Yan Zhi said grimly, "It’s better this way. Let’s arrange the seams of the sky. If the dog thief dares to take a step, he will be called a dead man."
Lean Han skimmed the pie mouth. "Don’t be too happy. Let Zhu Tou kill him. If we capsize in the gutter for a moment, I don’t know all the consequences …"
Cai’s strong man interrupted him with a wave, and his eyes stared at him with dissatisfaction. "Don’t let his ambition go down a peg or two. The puppy just blew up the Wanfeng relic wheel by sheer dumb luck. That little repair is also supported by his body and treasures. I can say in advance that the Crimson Lotus sword is whoever you love and whoever you want, but the fire dragon is what I will get."
Lean Han said suspiciously, "I wonder if Cai Xiong doesn’t want this Crimson Lotus sword. You know, this sword is put in the fix-true world, but it’s something that breaks your head."
"I don’t want you? I always dream of it! Huaibi sin, if people know that the sword is old enough to sleep and can’t stop sleeping, the old buddies would have robbed the door if they hadn’t been dragged by something. "Cai’s strong man looks like a straightforward man, but he knows it in a few minutes."
Lean Han embraced the fuels and said, "Brother Cai has a good opinion, so I don’t want this sword as the real bane brother. Brother Mi will take it himself."
Mi Yan Zhi heard that his face was beaming and he couldn’t hide his smile. He repeatedly bowed with his fuels and said, "Brother thanked Brother Lao first, so that Brother Cai and I both have a goal. The dog thief belongs to Brother Lao, and maybe there are treasures worse than that magic weapon."
Lao surnamed Han laughed. "That’s what I mean. Haha, it’s good for you not to be jealous then."
After a moment of silence, the strong man surnamed Cai walked around as if he thought of something. "Can your treasure really resist the magic for a moment?"
Mi Yan Zhi patted his chest and said, "Brother Cai, don’t worry, brother, I am asking the Lord to give me a treasure to deal with that Crimson Lotus sword."
The strong man surnamed Cai nodded with a loose look. "That’s good. When this law is launched from the outside, the people in the array must be in the array. It’s terrible, but if the other party is too different and is instantly close, then we can’t get good. This is the only defect. You should also be careful to drag on for a while. If the battle is ten percent, he will be buried in the ground and never turn over."
Lao surnamed Han asked suspiciously, "So won’t I be affected by the wave when we wait?"
"There are some minor influences, but with Brother Mi’s protective treasures, it’s not enough."
The strong man surnamed Cai said that his face was a bit unnatural and passed by, just when the blue light in Mi Yanzhi’s hand was dim, it was well concealed, otherwise Mi Yanzhi’s Lao surname Han had to be suspicious.
At the same time, dozens of miles away, a shadow moved at a high speed and suddenly stopped. A peristalsis suddenly cracked in front of it and the shadow went in.
It’s faintly discernible in the green mist, and Gu Ming’s shadow shakes his cloak to show his figure, but it’s Wen Xiaoqin. She put her hand in the black dress person as soft as noodles and fell to the ground to Yi Dao. "Little sister luckily caught a thief at the bottom of the sand pile, but she hasn’t come to interrogate him yet. Please ask Big Brother to decide."
Yi well nodded, and his right hand flashed a sword to pick open the masked towel in black, and the flame of the sword body scorched his side face with the masked towel and suddenly burned to ashes.
"Say it’s a green-faced snake’s accomplice?" Easy to bow their heads and interrogate men in black with expression.
Wenxiaoqin patted the head, and the black dress person was even a few times shy to Yi Dao. "I forgot to untie the acupuncture points, eldest brother, although interrogating my little sister has already sealed this person."
"Psst ….." The man in black has fine features. He put his hands over his cheeks with strength, and then he gasped. "Wrong fairy, the long villain, lost his way on the road and couldn’t stand the cold, so he ran to the sand to warm the floor, and I didn’t expect to let the fairy catch him for a while."
"Which come slave! Look like asking for it. "It’s easy to knit a frown. As soon as you turn your wrist, you will see a flash of red light. The right ear of the black dress person was immediately cut to the ground, but the blood did not even flow out.
"Ah …" Men in black let out a miserable cry and rolled around in pain, and their hearts rolled to the ancient tea feet, which were kicked out in disgust and hit the walls like silks and satins.
Yi asked again that the black dress person Youzi gave a painful cry, but Yi’s wrist just moved his horse and he knelt down again in fear and shouted, "The immortal forgives the villain and asks him to forgive the villain’s despicable life afterwards."
Gu Ming looked quietly and said to Yi Yin, "Brother Yi, this human body is quite hot, but it seems that he is used to being a slave. How can a green-faced snake have such a hand?"
Yi didn’t reply and said coldly to the man in black on his knees, "If you can tell me all about the governor, I will spare your life. Are you a gang of green-faced snakes?"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, he ordered the villain to monitor the passing people."
"Do you know who I am?" Yi suddenly asked
"No …" The black dress person shook his head with a blank face and saw that the red light was approaching. He immediately kowtowed and said, "It’s a real fairy driving a villain who is ignorant. Please forgive me."
Yi thought that this person was quite slick and snorted, "Be honest. Do you have a green-faced snake?"
The man in black said hesitantly, "Master, he’s a real villain who lives and dies. If you say it, the master will surely spare the villain …"
Yi heart gradually impatient to drink a way "say another nonsense call your daylights out! What is the name of your master? Who is the origin! "
Black dress person was a tingle with fear stammered tunnel "Cai … Cai … Cai …"
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter four hundred Desert storm
It took the man in black "Cai" for a long time to come up with a "knife", which is "Cai knife"
Yi three people smell speech startled into a just want to scold him nonsense, but suddenly remind of the fix true world does have such a number.
Cai Dao used to hang out in the three northeastern provinces to cultivate gods, but he still achieved great success and reached the top level. Speaking of Wen Xiaoqin’s contact, he knew that this person was quite different.
He is five big and three thick, so this kind of people are supposed to be from the front, but he just likes to study all kinds of array methods when he is against the enemy, so that people can’t prevent it, and one who is not very good will lead people to the road.
It is said that after an interrogation, the black dress person knew that there was an ambush in the distant boundary. The principal was a green-faced snake with three people, and the other person knew that Lao had more than ten associates, but his cultivation was not high.
Easy to go back and forth and ask twice to see if it doesn’t look like lying. When the wrist shakes and the red light flashes, it immediately sends the black dress person to the west.
The black dress person’s eyes were wide with disbelief, but when he finally died, his face actually showed a grimace of a grin, which really made Yi Sanren feel puzzled.
Moving forward quietly, I watched the green light, the ancient tea, the Qin Qi, the Dong and the Tian Li, who were flickering in the cold wind and smoothies, suddenly realized that this was the place where the three green-faced snakes stood.
Things are a little difficult, but I don’t know that there is an ambush here. If you rush in, you are likely to encounter an accident, which is inevitable.
The first thing is to master the initiative, but if you master it, you can meditate easily. After a while, your brain flashed a little light and took everyone around that little green light at a distance. Finally, you will give them a command in situ.
Then Qinqi’s two daughters, Dong and Tianli disappeared in a flash.
"Green Curtain Tent" Gu Ming was slightly excited to offer a cracked yellow flag with his hands clasped and his eyes closed to recite the mantra.
The yellow flag wind automatically emits misty yellow light, and several rune flags flow and flash.
Suddenly, the green curtain cracked, and the yellow flag soared into the wind, and then it shook hard. Suddenly, the wind roared, flying sand and stones, and several icy cold winds roared to the distant green light and swept away.
In the distance, three people suddenly saw a yellow huge wave sweeping like a tsunami, which was sharp and harsh and filled the eardrum directly in NO FENG フウカ. "Why did the wind suddenly get big? Did you catch the cold wave?"
Lao surnamed Han’s right hand pointed outward, and suddenly a semi-transparent silk thread was shot at the fingertip, like a snake, which sniffed and quickly retracted.
He sang for a few seconds, and the horse changed his face. "It’s not good to have mana agitation. Maybe it’s Yi Wai’s offensive."
Cai Dao said eagerly, "Stop it quickly. If it touches the battle, it may be triggered."
"How can such a large range resist * * * that cub is so cunning?"
Mi Yan Zhi said so, but he still offered a magic weapon for defense. After flying out like a dirty canvas, the magic weapon gradually became bigger, and immediately formed a barrier of tens of meters high to block the three people.
However, compared with the wave that is close to Rehmannia glutinosa, it is dwarfed. In an instant, the yellow wave volume suddenly becomes huge and extremely hula. A direct collision with the canvas makes the canvas horse lost to the waves.
Mi Yan Zhi didn’t take it back, and he was hesitant to move the baby, but sometimes he thought about him again. Lao surnamed Han reached out and took out a turtle shell.
He flung it over his head and flew lightly, but suddenly it became bigger and landed heavily, and immediately he buckled the turtle shell upside down.
"Huhu … scratching … drumming …" The dense noise suddenly echoed from the turtle shell, and the three of them were caught off guard and dizzy.
See the tortoise shell and mobile posture Lao surnamed Han waved his head and burst into a mass of black light. Quickly, hold the tortoise shell tightly, and suddenly light up in black color to stabilize it.
However, the three men were deeply immersed in the sand, and Cai Dao swore and said, "What kind of ghost wind is this so huge?"
It sounds like mosquito language, but the surname of Lao Henkel shouted, "It must be a ghost that is easy to pound outside. I say we don’t have to deploy and just kill it."
"That Crimson Lotus sword is too overbearing, and our magic weapon is not as good as it. It’s not good to smash the roots or to arrange insurance. Please trouble Cai Xiong to search for the whereabouts of the dog thief directly by secret method. Then I will go out and introduce him into the array." Mi Yan Zhi also shouted.
It is said that in the distance, the ancient tea slowly waved the cracked yellow flag, and the ten small flags around it all gave off misty yellow light, and the main flag fluttered in the wind, and the main flag danced with each other to produce a whirlwind, like a gyro, and swept away in the distance.