At the same time, the temperature here is also very low, and there are a lot of fine substances mixed in it, which are harmful to most cultural organisms, including some solidified organisms.
Otherwise, those creatures will definitely squeeze into this place because of the crowded environment.
But it doesn’t include colored mud.
Colored clay can move in this environment, so Lin watched it climb to the deep part of the cave and came to a … big device.
This is a’ crack generator’ installed by cryogenic organisms.
From the outside, it looks like a Kirshman toaster. It is more than ten meters high and is stabilized in the center of a spacious cave.
These generators mainly emit some’ energy’ to stimulate the solidification of the environment, and they are still in operation.
Lin found that the colored mud slowly climbed to the crack generator, and then … the creatures that made the colored buttons climbed up, too.
Finally, a lot of colored substances will accumulate around the generator, and then …
There’s nothing going on here
But something happened outside.
"That’s …"
On the surface of the people’s’ exploration ship’
The exploration ship is flying about three kilometers above the surface. They just suddenly found a bigger object in their side.
It looks like a bridge.
It is nearly a kilometer wide and about a kilometer long, and it is also covered with various buildings.
And these buildings are shaking, and large cracks are crawling all over the bridge, accompanied by a huge crack … The bridge falls from the sky.
"Run away!"
The discovery ship immediately started the engine to avoid the falling bridge
Although the battleship avoided being destroyed, the mountain facing it did not.
The battleship hid in the rear axle beam and naturally hit the square metal mountain. A large number of button creatures, many of which are in the top building.
Boomed-! ! !’
When the bridge hits the top of the mountain, a large amount of smoke and dust also rises with it.
At this moment, the mountain satellite monitoring room melted into powder, and the mountain made of metal was also directly smashed. The whole mountain spread rapidly and then collapsed as a whole.
After all, it’s not a solid mountain, and it’s actually not very strong. The whole mountain has melted into debris for dozens of seconds … It’s estimated that there is not much life.
The ship Ershi people may be glad that they didn’t have any crew to stay at that mountain, but they actually left there after they got the information.
But the creature that gave them the information button … is now lying with those crumbs.
But they are not extinct.
Actually, the button creatures gathered at the mountain are a small part, and many of them are on their way.
They froze when they saw the mountain being crushed, and Ershimin … immediately decided to give them a hand at this time.
To save these button creatures … refugees.
In this case, it is really a great kindness to this group of button creatures.