Although it seems so, Lin will of course continue to investigate their situation, such as the man whose front axle was stung.
Lin has micro-arms to keep it, and now she knows that it has been carried to a nearby hospital.
At the same time, I also know … what do they do?
Actually, these people, including the group that just apologized to Lin, are a small … organization.
The purpose of this organization is to cause alien biological conflicts.
Except for those alien creatures in the original stage, the top management of the research group mainly wants to live in peace with alien creatures and advocates learning other biological knowledge.
But … there are also some Ershi people who don’t want them to think that Ershi people should develop independently and don’t contact with alien creatures.
So there was a disagreement among the people living here, and some people who didn’t want to contact alien creatures formed a small organization.
Their practice is to use various methods to make alien creatures here … break the law and then be driven out or arrested, thus causing conflicts among alien creatures in Ershi.
Generally, they don’t act easily, but find out each other’s habits
Because many creatures have different habits, for example, some specific sounds or movements have insulting or threatening effects on them, and some colors or brilliance have stimulating effects on some alien creatures.
In addition, there are many alien creatures who have not fully understood the laws of the people, and this organization has made all kinds of alien creatures have various characteristics to stimulate them to be driven out after committing crimes.
This organization has carried out many actions, and the top management of this research group has also revised many laws and customized different laws according to the different habits of alien creatures.
However, members of this organization also took the opportunity to make trouble and said that the same set of laws should not treat anything differently.
In general, they are a group of organizations that specifically hinder the peace of the people and alien creatures.
Generally, they will make a detailed investigation on the biological habits of the target before they start work, but this time they are in a hurry when they meet Lin.
Because it is the most terrible thing for them to pretend to be an alien creature like Lin. After all, this organization is a group of people who are afraid of alien creatures coming into contact with Ershi.
But if it doesn’t work … just like Lin just now, they will immediately apologize and compensate the alien creatures and then try to deal with Lin.
Lin thinks this phenomenon is … quite normal.
After all, there will definitely be people who oppose contact with alien creatures, but they are obviously not in a good way.
Manager Lin is not very interested in this organization.
Lin is more interested in the fact that the organization has dealt with some alien creatures, some of which are more interesting.
There seems to be one here.
Now Lynn Veronica has come to the farm area.
Lin now this place is called’ Hengguang Ecological Farm’
Is a farm that has been exposed to the light of stars and has no night.
When you look through the dome, you can see the bright stars, while when you look around, you can see a large number of dense plants.
Most of these plants are used to eating fruits and vegetables, and some of them have meat and bread.
Because this farm is not a real farm, it is a … creature.
Thinking that Lin came to the field and squatted and poked the land.
This land is not mud, but a soft structure, which reminds Lin of the farm that eats light in the solidification void.
I feel that they are quite similar.
"Ah, it’s another cub …" When Lin poked, there was a sound on the ground. "I have fully understood your insulting words. If I hear similar words again, I will take legal action."
This farm is actually a huge creature, and its original shape should be like a big lump of mud.
….. about 200 meters in diameter.
Lin is not very clear about its ecology, but she knows it in general, but she grows plants on her body, and she mainly eats … human excrement.
Ershi people will continue to transport excrement here for it to eat, and it will increase the growth rate of plants.
It feels like ordinary … farming, but it is more efficient and this creature can grow special from its back … Food is like those that look like bread and meat, which is said to be the result of’ genetic variation’ of plants.
At the same time, it is also very intelligent, so it is a’ smart farm’ and the organization tried to rule it out when Ershimin was a contract.
Because these are all the data that Lin got in the brain of the man who was stabbed and fainted before.
Of course, this kind of’ farm creature’ doesn’t think there is anything wrong with excrement, but there should be many people who laugh at or insult it, especially their young, after knowing its feeding habits.