Looks like they’re finally here.
Not long ago, the’ commander-in-chief’ of the place where Lin was staying learned about the situation here.
It wasn’t because Lin learned it, but because the train was abnormal, and it was only after careful investigation that it was known …
Otherwise, I don’t know how long it will take to know that it’s very … good to keep it secret.
According to Lin Qian’s observation, Lin found that the contact between the vine branch base and the trunk is completely normal, whether it is a daily report or occasionally some machines call the trunk friends to contact privately. All this is very normal.
….. There is nothing strange about the contact tone in communication that can speak like a real robot, but we don’t know who said it.
Therefore, the only way for the branch base to know what is happening in the vine trunk is that every base has a train to and from the trunk, but every time these trains go to the trunk, they are full and come back from the trunk.
There are no passengers on the train, including the conductor. Every time I come back from the trunk, it is a train.
At first, this situation was thought to be just nobody’s car. Although it was strange, it was not investigated.
But after several times in a row, the base recognized it as abnormal, and then dispatched a reconnaissance plane to investigate and found the main situation here …
"Here … has been ruined … it was they do … Sarah captain outside? Let it in! "
The commander-in-chief of a warship’s former base is looking at the situation outside, and Lin has some micro-arms. The warship is also looking at the commander-in-chief
After coming here, every robot in the warship was very shocked, but Lin felt that the commander-in-chief seemed to know something … what kind of situation it came from, and it kept saying what it was to do …
Lynn thinks it should know more …
Chapter one thousand five hundred and ninety Decision
"Of course, you should also remember to make food hardware on time."
"Ha ha, don’t worry. Take care of yourself. You have to work hard. Well, I love you too. Bye …"
"ah? Will continue to chat ah don’t, it’s already so late … "
This is a room.
The floor of the house is covered with a golden carpet, with a soft and thick sofa and a whole wall with a screen that can play images.
A creature with four limbs is sitting on the sofa, smiling and talking in a happy tone.
It seems that it didn’t notice that there was a fluffy ball around it watching it move.
So that’s it … I didn’t expect there to be such strange species in solidification virtual species.
Lin is very interested in this situation, because this sofa-sitting creature looks like a robot with limbs and a head like a stereo image, but it is not a robot.
It’s a solidified virtual species, and the evidence is that it’s all dark blue.
Lin found that most solidified virtual species tend to be dark and don’t know what it is. The same is true for this one, but there is something strange about it, that is, it will … communicate with the normal machine, Ershimin.
"Well, goodbye, don’t call again, or I will report to your company that you are lazy!"
Lin found that this solidified creature has been finished … The communication with it just now is a remote branch base where ordinary robots live.
It seems that the destruction of the trunk here is not known to all the machines in every base, so there will still be some machines … Call back here to communicate with friends and relatives here.
And these calls here were picked up by this … solidified virtual species disguised as robots.
They can perfectly play everyone’s relatives and friends without any mistakes … Lynn doesn’t know how these solidified creatures do it and what is the significance of doing so.
And what’s more, these solidified creatures don’t play a role
Di di di-!’ The words rang again at this time. Sitting on the sofa, the solidified creature picked up the words and immediately shouted angrily, "Do you still dare to call? Didn’t I say I want you to pay it off in 360 thousand seconds? "
"… what? No? Go to hell without you! "
Then it hung up.
This is the most interesting phenomenon. Just now, it played a robot … and now it plays another role.
These solidified creatures look like robots when they hold words. Ordinary Chinese is a small square object … but Lin found that it is different from Mandarin.
It can receive all kinds of random speech signal samples from far away, and the other party can’t find that it is wrong to signal itself.
There’s more than one of these solidified creatures. They have a lot of them, and this ruin is full of them. It seems that they are responsible for answering the phone here.
When Lin Rongqiu came to the main ruins, she found that most of the buildings in the ruins were destroyed … Many buildings were in good condition, such as a small room like the Rongqiu Institute.
Although they are all fine, there are no ordinary robots in these rooms, but these strange solidified creatures who play the role of robots here can be found.
This is really … interesting situation.
And something happened before Lynn came here.
….. This is not long ago …
"Observe the situation first and don’t act rashly!"
Commander-in-chief reached such an order. Although those warships came here and prepared for battle one by one … but they didn’t attack those floating and solidified virtual creatures, but stood still and took the conductor back.
While Lin’s pompoms fly on outside.
These solidified virtual creatures are not as aggressive as the former Nautilus. They are all debris floating slowly, not attacking warships or pompoms.
The pompoms easily floated past and flew to the main direction.
"We should decide what to do …"
And the commander-in-chief was talking to all the captains of other warships when the pompoms floated. They seemed to be … having a meeting.
"What else can I do? They have destroyed our city! We should fight back! "
"But I don’t know what will happen if we do this. We just didn’t dare to fight back at the beginning. Isn’t it just now?"
"Now can’t tube so much! Even if we die here, we will die in a glorious battle! Do you want to keep shrinking like this? "
"But their chances of fighting are very small, so I think we should make the last resort …"
"What? Are you going to betray our world? "
Lin found that these captains seemed to know a lot, but the soldiers in their hands and the train conductor who claimed to be the original captain didn’t know this. They all expected this fleet to attack solidified creatures and find out the truth that the whole place was destroyed.
"Listen to me, everyone!" Suddenly a captain said, "We should try … they are at war."