All the micromechanics are not started, and these micromechanics are a little … strange.
Although they don’t move, most of them pose in a certain position, which is not the usual rest.
To put it simply, these machines all seem to be engaged in fierce fighting and then suddenly fixed. This is a phenomenon that Lin … has seen.
In fact, after the fear in micromechanics is removed, they will suddenly stop moving like this, which seems to be solidified.
Here, the micromechanics should all be suddenly removed from their fears and removed from their fears at the center of this silk thread.
This is a nuclear protector.
There is a small piece of crystal in the center of the silk thread package, and the crystal department Lin found a nuclear protector … It is almost exactly the same as the one found before, which has little influence on the thinking of other creatures.
But it is also slightly different from other nuclear protectors, mainly in … personality.
"What? Can you guard things? "
When Lin entered the dream and saw it, it said something to Lin … Lin listened to a sentence that was quite familiar. Lin didn’t answer this question, but asked it directly what happened here.
"It used to be full of things that can’t be guarded," the nuclear protector replied. "But now everything here has become guarded. I will guard it here for a long time … forever."
Lin asked, "so do you want to leave here and take care of other places?"
"Is there another place to guard?" The nuclear protector immediately said, "I’m going!"
Then Lin took it away. If she saw such a nuclear protector, Lin would definitely take them all away, so that it would be convenient for research.
But also help them to do some things, such as treatment.
Lin let some worms dig it away and then continued to explore here. Lin, many micro-arms moved in different directions with each silk thread.
These silk threads also extend to many places and are full of micromechanics.
Lynn felt that micromechanics had invaded here before, but they were kept motionless by the energy that eliminated fear.
Because of their large number, Lin thinks there should be more nuclear protectors here, and at the same time, we should be able to find out … what is the reason for their aggression here?
Generally, fear energy depends on all kinds of local creatures, and it will not send troops to attack the target unless it feels threatened by a creature. There must be something in this place that makes fear energy mean something.
Chapter one thousand and thirty Silk thread in the field
There is more and more dust on the surface of the world.
The gel army will be attacked by minced meat and rain wherever it passes. These seemingly tiny substances have bombed the vast wasteland into …
A wasteland full of potholes
And the explosion fear energy also disappears with the micromechanics … destruction.
Although micromechanics have fought back, they are no match for gel biological forces. In terms of power and other aspects, micromechanics in this world are much weaker than those in the floating rock war group. Even if they can destroy some gel forces, they will soon be overwhelmed by explosive debris.
At this rate, the gel creatures will soon clean the whole world … but Lin thinks that the secret of this world should be solved before then.
Because some worms have reached a considerable depth, Lin found some silk threads … some silk threads that have not been attacked by micromechanics.
There are not micromechanics in the silk thread, but also some original structures of these silk threads. Therefore, Lin discovered … the main maker of crystallization.
This can be said to be a … huge creature, some of which are like bus creatures, and its nervous structure is buried deep in the end.
These silk threads that Lin can see now are part of it, but they are not part of it, and there are more depths.
This creature is actually very different from the bus creature. This roller is not it, it is just in the residence.
However, it is also quite large, and living with it is the crystallization.
It collects a lot of things from the ground and then reconstructs them and slowly combines them into a crystal sample.
The purpose of doing this is not clear. It is through the neural structure in the silk thread that Lin knows that this silk thread creature is actually a cold stone creature.
Here seems to be their "camp". Lin hasn’t seen so many cold stone creatures with the same tumbling person.
And this silk thread biological body can be regarded as dead … Although the silk thread still has’ blood’, the function inside has disappeared. The micro-machine digs it bit by bit and rushes to the depths of the silk thread.
But they don’t move before they occupy all the silk threads.
Lin will see that silk threads have a lot of micromechanics, and Lin feels that they are invading corpses rather than invading living things.
Anyway, Lynn can still investigate it from the silk liquid and remember what happened here …
It seems that this creature has been here for a long time. It has not done anything special but made some crystals.
The overall shape of the silk-thread creature is wonderful. It has a silk-like neural structure and some’ bodies’
These body structures are a bit like … hands are just huge silk threads. Creatures will control these hands to make crystals.
Although the purpose of making crystals was not clear at first, the silk thread did have this meaning later, that is, to put crystals on the surface and let creatures like Nu Worm worship them.
It used to be very peaceful until … fear came.
Fear energy suddenly appeared in the world at that time, and they immediately made all the creatures they came into contact with crazy, and the fear energy force-micro-machinery also moved quickly to the ground
The hidden silk thread is afraid at this moment, which is not the influence of fear, but it is really afraid, but it also has a way to deal with fear, that is, to get out of the nuclear protector
It seems to know a lot about dream energy. The silk thread specially prepared a crystal and made the first nuclear protector with this crystal.
But in the manufacturing process … fear energy micromechanics have dug deep into the ground, and some micromechanics have come into contact with silk threads, and they immediately attack.
They drilled through the silk thread to break down the silk thread’ hand’, but they didn’t destroy the crystallization of the silk thread, so the silk thread released the nuclear protector at this time.
The nuclear protectors have removed the fear-filled micromechanics. At this time, the silk thread has also created more nuclear protectors and sent these nuclear protectors to all parts of the world … to help.
At this time, the angry insects have not been affected. Because of fear, the energy has not polluted the world once. They still live a life of … worshiping silk threads to make crystals.
At this time, in order to protect these admirers, the silk thread sent some nuclear protectors to the crystal place of wrath insect worship
However, the angry bug felt that it was a bad thing after sensing the crystal nuclear protector, and then tried to get rid of the nuclear protector. If they could not get rid of them, they would throw away the whole crystal.
When they do this, they have to keep angry and live …
Since then, the micro-mechanical attack on silk thread has never stopped, but the silk thread is intermittent, which looks like a huge net all over the ground, and the micro-mechanical attack on this net becomes smaller and smaller
Although the silk thread will make the nuclear protector, it is too big and the nuclear protector can’t completely stop the micromachine.
Finally, the micro-machine successfully destroyed an important part or organ of the silk thread … and the silk thread didn’t move again.
The micromechanics also retreated. They ignored those who were made to protect the nuclear and did not continue to destroy the whole body of the silk thread. Lin could see these …