Thor smiled and said, "At school, I had a good relationship with several students from Chaoneng College, such as Charles, Eric, Pietro, Wanda, etc … I think they also have strong fighting capacity and their abilities need practical training …"
"Always let them hide in the ivory tower to learn theoretical knowledge, it is better to let them go to the real battlefield to sharpen-I think fighting with Surtur is a great opportunity, and I can just give them guidance in actual combat …"
"In this way, I also have a helper and the students have a chance to make progress. Just let them take part in a practical training. Isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?"
"What do you think of Goofy?"
Thor walked over and said
However, as soon as Goofy heard it, he became anxious and said, "What? Thor, are you crazy? Do you want to drag my students to the battlefield to fight with you against Surtur, the great devil who stabbed Odin in the eye and killed Odin’s two brothers? "
"Er … that’s right. What’s wrong with this matter?" Thor asked blankly. He didn’t think it was a problem.
"But they are still students, they are still children, their abilities are still in the primary stage, and they still need protection!" Gao Feishen said, "You are putting my students in danger!"
Thor spread his hand. "Hey, Goofy, didn’t you say you wanted someone to help me?"
"But I’m not looking for a student! I’m going to get you help. All of them are adults who have mastered their own abilities. It’s killing them to take the students to the battlefield! " Gao Fei is worried
"Oh, goofy, I know you’re a good principal, but I think you’re a little overprotective of your students. I think excellent soldiers are trained in battlefield fighting, not learned by gnawing and learning theory at school …"
Thor said seriously
"We Asgard people will be thrown into the wilderness by our parents when we are teenagers to compete with wild wolves, poisonous snakes and other beasts. We Asgard people believe that when we face the test of life and death, we can really stimulate a person’s potential."
"So I think it’s best for your students to have a big fight with Surtur."
However, I disagree with Thor’s view of soaring.
"Thor, I run this super college to protect these children instead of sending them to the battlefield or, more seriously, using them as weapons in war …"
Thor shook his head. "Use them as weapons? Goofy, you stressed that it is everyone’s responsibility to defend the nine realms, and it is also the responsibility of these children. "
"By the way, we have been discussing our ideas. Why don’t we listen to these children’s own ideas? On the other hand, they told me that they were interested in fighting Surtur. "
Thor’s words surprised Goofy.
"What? You mean these children volunteered to fight against Surtur? "
"Of course!" Thor smiled and said, "What do you think? Did I intimidate them into letting these children be cannon fodder for me? Gao Fei, do you think I am such a person? "
"Who knows what kind of person you are … I don’t know you well," said Goofy.
"I …" Thor was almost overcome. "I’m also the emperor of Asgard!"
With that, Thor quickly winked at Carrie and whispered, "You’d better say something fair for me, President of the Student Union …"
Carrie noticed that the two men were arguing from the beginning, but she was busy eating just now
Today, Thor eats a lot, and Carrie is worried that he will eat her pizza, so she eats her pizza first while Thor is arguing with Goofy’s father.
And she didn’t express her opinion if she came to talk during eating.
Now Thor has come to Carrie to let go of pizza speech.
"Goofy dad Thor said that it is true that we students want to go to Musbelheim to fight against Surtur. Everyone wants to change an environment to practice their own abilities and also want to improve their experience …"
Hearing Carrie tell the truth, Gao Fei finally understood the ins and outs.
"So everyone wants to fight?"
"Yes," Carrie nodded. "Everyone has a super heroic dream in their hearts after getting the power. The students all want to be heroes who protect the earth and the world like you and Thor …"
"Now I really have such an opportunity to fight alongside Raytheon and improve my strength. Why not?"
"But you don’t worry that there are not many students who have signed up. At present, not all students want to take risks."
Goofy smiled. "I think I can guess who this person is."
Carrie quickly raised her hands and said, "I’m not one of them first!" "
Goofy rubbed Carrie’s little head and asked with a smile, "Why don’t you go with them? Don’t you want me to worry? "
Carrie pouted a little depressed. "It’s not that my classmates begged me not to go … They said that if I went, they probably wouldn’t even have a chance …"
"Ha ha … so that’s it." Goofy suddenly realized.
Then Thor asked, "So, President Goofy, will you stop this operation?"
Goofy hesitated and shook his head. "It won’t stop me from respecting the students’ opinions."
"Although they are students, they have their own ideas, and I can guide them and help them, but I shouldn’t restrict them and restrain them …"