It seems to be a single star bus, but it has not yet entered the collapse stage.
Although it is about to collapse, there are other things that can be done here … for example …
Thinking of Lynn controlling this mini Susumi, she quickly ran in one direction.
The ground here is full of rock structures, although it is very uneven, but the gravity is very small. This side can run very fast. After running for almost 100 meters, Lin saw a big pothole in front.
This must have a diameter of more than 30 meters, and there is a white object protruding more than one meter in the center of the hole.
Lin ran quickly along the pothole ramp and came to this white object.
Qian Lin detected that this object should be … a donor organ. Because it can detect that the donor energy is in contact with it, Lin found that this object is indeed a donor organ.
But it’s strange that the donor organ will be a little out of the ground …
Moreover, this star bus is also very strange. It seems to be a link to the world, but there is information about it, but Lin didn’t see it in the soft-bodied organism manufacturing organ.
It seems to be an extra one. In general, Lin wants to investigate.
A good investigation method is simple, because it is not simply to send organs, but also to have neurological ability.
It seems that this star has made this organ send some messages in front of the bus. In general, let’s check it first.
Mini Susumi can pass the information obtained from this surface back to the camp pompoms and then know it through a series of analysis …
….. So that’s it. There’s a lot of news here, mainly some … ideas of this star bus.
This star bus is really the last to add up.
Accurately speaking, it is the last star bus to join the world, and when it joined, all other star buses went into a state of death because it was too late to know that it had joined.
This star bus is in a strange state. It seems that there is a phenomenon of’ organ displacement’. The organs in the deep buried area have moved to the surface.
Lin will see a part sticking out here.
It finally joined the connecting world. Although other star buses are dead, they will still respond to this star bus according to the signal.
But even so, other star buses will build a’ gate’ connected to it according to its signal response.
The star bus died after the door was built.
However, before it died, it also set itself up to receive some running conditions.
It makes the organ closest to the ground send a signal to the organ made by the soft-bodied creature that Lin knows to produce its own body when it reaches a certain time.
But there is a little problem in this process.
Mainly due to micromechanics.
The micromechanics came here … and then they gathered near this protruding organ on the surface.
Because the organ delivery also has the function of recording the surrounding conditions, Lin can know what is happening here from the surface.
Micro-mechanical contact with organ delivery also brought Su Sumi’s mechanical body.
At this time, they let Susumi touch the organ and input a lot of … fear energy into the organ.
This kind of fear energy caused a strange effect, and the organ delivery directly sent Susumi’s body away.
Suo Lin will see Su Sumi’s body there, and the micro-machinery has also led to the failure to make the body.