They seem to make this kind of arms block the bus nerve signal, so we must solve them, but … it may not be easy to complete.
At that moment, Lin suddenly’ looked’ at some … information.
These data come from those aliens who have Lynn detectors in their heads … Lynn found that they suddenly’ input’ a lot of data into the detectors.
These data are the data of the arms like meat pieces, which are specially produced to isolate signals, but these arms have a weakness, that is, they have an organ with brain-like function and are close to the skin, and if they hit them, they will have neurological problems.
"Solve … them"
At the end of the data, Lin also saw some’ words’, which can also be said to be similar to requests.
So that’s it … Lin now finally understands why they will let the mechanical spiders keep the detectors in their heads … The aliens did this on purpose.
Aliens should have noticed their own abnormality long ago and knew that they were polluted by water polo. Their personalities have changed, and so have they.
But they still have some ideas of their own. They may recognize or know that Lin’s mechanical spider is a new species and its body is not polluted. They may have this idea … just want mechanical spiders to stop them from behaving abnormally.
So that mechanical spiders can receive their memories continuously, but the heterogeneous surfaces can’t control their own behavior. Maybe it’s enough for mechanical spiders to receive their individual memories continuously.
Later, they may also know that mechanical spiders have contact with bus nerves.
In fact, these aliens have always been … loyal to the Star Bus and want to help the Star Bus get things done.
Their consciousness may not have been completely’ polluted’, and they may finally have left some original thoughts and sent this information to the mechanical spider.
Thinking about Lin, she asked the mechanical spider to raise her weapon and aim at those arms floating outside to block the signal, and then …’ Bang!’
The first piece of meat was hit. At the moment it was hit, it seemed nothing, but after a second, it wriggled like crazy and flew away from its original position.
Lin believes that in fact, these arms don’t need to be surrounded, but they need to have a sufficient number of surrounding areas and release some information to block the signal.
But after being hit, they will stop blocking the line because of nerve injury.
Later, Lin continued to shoot at the surrounding arms, and the arms were scattered with them, forming a siege and there were loopholes.
But there are still a lot of them, and the bus nerves still send messages.
Several alien soldiers flew in from the leak, and they shot the mechanical spider at the moment they flew in.
A shining mechanical spider body was shot through, but the mechanical spider continued to shoot at the arms.
Because the mechanical spider was not hit at the key point, it was able to keep moving, and the shooting loophole became bigger and bigger, but the mechanical spider could not keep shooting for too long.
More soldiers flew in, and their light completely destroyed the mechanical spiders. As they continued to fly to the water matrix, they seemed to want to kill the remaining mechanical spiders.
Lin, the mother of water, has seven mechanical spiders here. Lin thinks that … some methods are needed to make them play.
These seven mechanical spiders left one bus nerve and the other six flew away from the bus nerve.
Thirty heterogeneous soldiers also flew outside at this time.
The first mechanical spider rushed directly, and it was instantly hit by the soldier’s light … a violent … explosive light.
When the explosion was brilliant, five mechanical spiders were left to move on. They flew by the explosion point and also by the different soldiers …
At the same time, two mechanical spiders were hit, but at the moment they were hit, they also became dazzling.
Under the cover of the explosion, three mechanical spiders came to the outside of the jellyfish’s body and shot at those arms that hindered the model.
Each of them hit a target, and three arms swayed away from their original positions, and the loophole became bigger, but Lin also saw … more soldiers flew over.
They obviously want to get rid of all these mechanical spiders.
But it’s called …
The bus nerve signal was felt by Lin again. It seems that the last three loopholes are enough for the bus nerve to broadcast the signal.
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-six When the collapse is going on
The roar is constantly echoing.
The floating debris is no longer stable, and they are all moving from the initial slow speed to the extremely high speed. The crashing collision with the surrounding debris made a huge noise for Lin.
For other creatures, it may not sound, but the sight also fills them with fear. Several creatures escape from hiding in all kinds of debris and fly quickly to places where they feel safe.
But where can they hide when they collide everywhere?
Lin mechanical forces are looking at this … in the virtual ruins … the end.