Moreover, there are quite a variety of creatures, although most of them are microorganisms, some of them are very big … For example, these spherical stones are actually a kind of creature.
They are a mixed biological sphere with many different biological combinations, and Cheng Lin thinks they are a group similar to the division of labor species.
There are creatures specially responsible for driving the sphere, while the structure outside the sphere looks like grass, which is responsible for absorbing nutrients, and there are some other functional organisms, mainly a number of different functional organisms mixed in this sphere.
Lin thinks their attack mode is quite obvious, that is, they rely on rolling to crush other creatures and then slowly absorb the broken flesh and blood.
The grass on the surface absorbs the flesh and blood, and then gives the nutrients to some creatures …
That’s the way this creature lives, but I don’t know why they are crowded here so that they can’t move except those roots at the edge
And their colony seems to be quite large. Most of these immobile balls in the center are asleep, while those balls at the edge … will wake up when prey approaches.
When Lin came, she saw them attack the virtual citizen thieves, but the attack didn’t last long, and they wouldn’t keep chasing, and because of something, they would soon fall asleep again.
Usually, it is difficult to understand some strange behaviors of a creature. You have to study a variety of creatures nearby to know the overall situation …
Lin is now flying to the edge of these ball groups to see if she can find more creatures. It is said that the imam was attacked by a creature like a spike, but she has not met it yet.
Lin remembered … According to the imam, the dense ecology filled every corner of the world.
Even though the pompoms are rich in life, there are areas like deserts. Although there are creatures there, the species and quantity are far less abundant than those in other places.
But there seems to be no such place here. It seems that there are extremely dense creatures everywhere.
This makes Lynn very interested in this place and what is that?
Lin found that this place has reached the edge of a large number of stone balls gathering, and there is a vast … swamp outside the gathering?
The fluffy balls flew past, and there were several potholes on the ground ahead, while the potholes were covered with a lot of green things, which felt like moss.
It’s not that water approaches the pompoms in the pit, only to find that the things in the pit can reflect light like water, but they are hard planes.
The fluffy ball flew to a potholed place, and the fluffy ball knocked on the surface to reflect the light plane. This thing made Lin feel a little like glass and crystallization.
What on earth is this? The fluffy ball fell to the plane and continued to beat Lin. She also tried to drill a hole in the face to see the structure inside.
Cut!’ Suddenly, the flash plane shook for a while, and Lin suddenly felt that the temperature of the plane rose rapidly, and the fluffy ball immediately flew off the plane, and now the whole plane is shining brightly.
At this time, Lin noticed that a small creature climbed out of the pothole. It looked like a small stone with legs. It jumped directly to the shining plane.
When it touched the plane, it suddenly struggled wildly. Lin saw that it emitted tiny black smoke, and at the same time, the whole body quickly changed color and cracked into a pile of black debris in the high temperature.
The shining plane of these debris slowly disappeared, and finally the whole plane seemed to be spotless at first.
This seems very interesting … Is this also a kind of creature? If a prey passes by, it will be heated up quickly, scalded to death and absorbed in some strange way.
Because of this hunting method, it is no wonder that every pothole plane here is quite smooth and bright, and there is no other color at all
They have a way to clean themselves … but what is this?
When the pompoms fly high, they can see a strange pothole in a large pothole with a smooth plane.
This pit is also a shiny plane reflecting light, but compared with others, it is not so bright, and there are many small stones, sand and debris on it, which can be seen more after flying close.
Then the fluffy balls put the body on the surface, and the temperature also rises, but …
Lin found that the temperature was not hot enough, far from the previous level, and even’ hot’ could not be regarded as’ warm’.
Is this sick?
No, this root is not the front plane. You can feel that even the material is very different from the front plane when you touch it
Besides, Lin can hear some strange noises coming from inside.
This sound seems to be a voice, and it is said to be … a virtual language.
Bang!’ The fluffy ball flew up and slammed into the plane, and suddenly it burst like glass to smash the instant fluffy ball. I also saw the hiding pothole … Xumin.
It should be said that ….. brain spirit virtual people.
It looked shocked and hit the glass wool ball. Obviously, it was not ready to be found by the wool ball.
"I said that disguise no matter! It still looks different outside! " Virtual people suddenly shouted for a second with anger, and it was replaced by fear. "Don’t worry so much! What shall we do now? Is this creature very dangerous? "
"No …" It looked at the velvet lane with surprise and anger. "This creature is …"
They are really as interesting as symptoms of schizophrenia.
While thinking about fluffy balls, Lin found that this brain is empty, and a small base has been established here. There are some daily things like cooking utensils, imaging devices, beds and so on.
According to the imam, this brainless man didn’t bring anything when he came here. How did he make so many things?
Moreover, it also built a plane like don’t be pitted to disguise itself to hide here. Although the workmanship is very different from the real one, it should be no problem to cheat other wild animals here. It is estimated that usually, when the creatures feel warm, they will run away immediately and will not stay there to find that the temperature is not high.
Xu Min doesn’t know the velvet ball, but the spirit in his brain obviously knows what it is. Now he is confused, frightened and staring at the velvet ball lane angrily. "What is here?"
"Tracing you, of course." The fluffy ball flew to it and said, "What are you doing here?"
Bang!’ Answer: the fluffy ball is a flying warhead.
The brain and the spirit quickly retreated to the corner of the pothole. It held a weapon in its hand and fired at the pompom for several times. The warhead fell into the fluff on the surface of the pompom, just like a fine needle shooting into the sea, which caused no interesting reaction.
"You don’t like light? What makes such a powerful weapon? " Lin deliberately made a tone with a sense of "ridicule" and said to the brain spirit virtual people that Lin mainly wanted to see if the brain spirit would be angered by this kind of words.
"Go to hell!" The brain spirit really showed anger, which is obviously not a virtual people.
But no matter how angry it is, it still has that weapon …
Chapter seven hundred and fourteen Emotional changes
Different from before …
Being calm and insisting on seeing threats makes Lin Qian’s "torture" of brain spirit ineffective … But now this …
It doesn’t have a calm mood at all. If you say a few words casually, it becomes angry. The rapid change of mood makes Lin feel a little surprised.
It may be that the loss of dream support and the connection with peers have greatly changed the personality of brain spirits, and these virtual people may become restless.
It turns out that energy creatures can also have this kind of emotional change, so Lin thinks it should be quite easy to torture it now