Fang Xuanling did have some doubts. On the one hand, Xu Shiji made a reasonable point and gave a good opinion to supplement the loopholes in Fang Xuanling. But on the other hand, he always feels that Xu Shiji is an outsider, and his loyalty to the old generals is very unreliable. He is still very skeptical about Xu Shiji’s words.
When Li Shimin saw that he didn’t talk, he added, "Judging from Xu Shi’s words, he is going to act as planned according to what he said." When he was no longer allowed to drag him to Chai Shao, he was captured by Sui Jun and Datang had no foreign aid. Li Shimin could rely on its own strength to resist.
Chapter 13 Guo Xiaoke Entering Sui Camp
"Guo Xiaoke was beaten again?" Sui Jun tent Yang You read the letter and added some uncertainly.
The letter was secretly handed out by the Royal Guards in the evening, so Yang You got the news quickly.
Du Ruhui read the channel "The reason why Li Shimin Guo Xiaoke didn’t attend the military meeting was to send someone to forcibly take him away, and it was another 20 boards."
"These 20 boards have lost half of Guo Xiaoke’s life." Yang You said that he got up and paced. Li Shimin’s move revealed the strangeness. At this time, he needed to unite the soldiers. Guo Xiaoke was only as talented as Xu Shiji. Li Shimin was crazy and would beat Guo Xiaoke again and again.
This bizarre incident strengthened Yang You’s determination. Three days later, at midnight, it was the most sleepy time for people. Guo Xiaoke, several Qinbing guards, bribed the gatekeepers and escaped.
Guo Xiaoke just went out and was discovered by a captain in Tang Jun. Most of the soldiers around Guo Xiaoke died in battle. He desperately fled to the edge of a mound in Sui Jun for help.
The news that Gao Zansheng, the commander of Sui Jun, got the news made people light torches and shoot arrows. Tang Jun, the pursuer, fled, and Guo Xiaoke took two injured soldiers to the mound.
"Guo Xiaoke has seen the general. Thank you for saving his life!" Guo Xiaoke arch hand said
Gao Zansheng looked at Guo Xiaoke in a daze and smiled. "Are you Guo Xiaoke?"
"It was Xiao Ke who had his eyes wrong for the agent. Today, he woke up and hoped that the general would be introduced." Guo Xiaoke limped when he was tired and injured in many places.
Gao Zan-sheng looked at Guo Xiaoke’s eyes and took him to Sui Jun camp for a full walk. When Gao Zan-sheng took Guo Xiaoke into Sui Jun camp, Sui Jun camp was almost dark. Sui soldiers fell asleep in twos and threes with spears, bows and arrows in their arms.
Guo Xiaoke eyes swept Shaolou corners of the mouth float a smile.
"Guo Jiangjun has already had a rest at this time, so you can rest for a while and wait for your summons." Gao Zansheng said.
Guo Xiaoke busy arch hand in the middle of the night, he is Tang Jun foot soldiers want to meet him in the Sui Dynasty. Naturally, it is impossible for Gao Zansheng to take him to the camp to make several soldiers keep the door while walking slowly.
Guo Xiaoke Qinbing helped to lie down on the couch and fell asleep unconsciously. Guo Xiaoke had summoned him quickly in the Sui Dynasty, but one day passed and nothing happened in Sui Jun Camp, which made him anxious.
Listening to the practice of Sui soldiers outside the camp, Guo Xiaoke tried several times to get out of the tent but was blocked by Sui soldiers. "General Guo Jiangjun Gao has an order not to let you go out."
Guo Xiaoke has a big tent to pace and eat, but there is no shortage of wine and meat. Two Qinbing eat a mouthful of oil, but Guo Xiaoke has no appetite. He is worried and worried about how to go next.
If I can see Da Sui Tian, there is still a little hope, but if I can’t see him, I will be disappointed.
Two days is not long, but Guo Xiaoke feels very long, especially in Pubancheng and Li Shimin. Why hasn’t Guo Xiaoke heard from you yet? What the hell happened? Maybe Guo Xiaoke failed to surrender and was killed by Yang You? However, if Yang You’s character Guo Xiaoke is killed, his head will be hung out.
Li Shimin was worried and summoned Fang Xuanling several times to discuss countermeasures. Fang Xuanling didn’t get the news and judged, but he thought that since he didn’t get Guo Xiaoke’s death, there should be hope. He encouraged Li Shimin to wait quietly, even though he was very anxious.
Anxiously waiting, Yang You was not anxious. When Du Ruhui’s chess was reviewed and folded every day, it quickly slipped away. On the third day, Yang You felt that the temperature was up and ordered to summon Guo Xiaoke.
Guo Xiaoke has thick bags under his eyes. These * * * * didn’t have a good rest at all and even lost a circle. When he heard that Da Sui Tian called to see him, he immediately washed his face and changed into clean clothes. Gao Zansheng led him to see Yang You.
Yang You, a big tent, was sitting in a dangerous position. A few days ago, he flipped through Guo Xiaoke’s big tent and was searched. After that, he entered the big tent with Gao Zan.
"Guo Xiaoke, the guilty minister, has seen the position." Guo Xiaoke went in and knelt on his knees.
Yang You put fold looked up at Guo Xiaoke slowly up negative hand pacing way "you are Guo Xiaoke? I have heard of you. "
Guo Xiaoke said quickly, "I don’t know my destiny, but now I’m still looking forward to receiving it when I get lost."
Yang You took a deep breath before Guo Xiaoke decided, "Get up first."
"Thank you!" Guo Xiaoke said slowly, his hands hanging down his waist and he didn’t dare to look at Yang You.
"Things in the city I already know that Guo Jiangjun can abandon the dark and vote for me. It’s a pity." Yang You said, but the temper turned to Guo Xiaoke’s heart. Is this meaning?
"When I was in middle school, I heard that Xu Shiji and Guo Xiaoke were tile hillock etiquette. It’s a pity that mountains and rivers are far apart. Today, Guo Jiangjun is about to unify. Although it’s a little late, it didn’t reach the last step." Yang You laughed.
Slowly sat down in his seat, and Yang You said, "Why doesn’t Guo Jiangjun abandon the dark and vote for General Xu?"
Guo Xiaoke was busy saying, "General Xu, the guilty minister, is willing to try his best to seize Puban as a pawn."
"The plan will come out?" Yang You simply said four words.
Guo Xiaoke looked around and said, "This matter is very confidential and I want to tell you separately."
Yang You narrowed his eyes and looked at Guo Xiaoke carefully. Suddenly, he smiled, "All the generals are my confidants, but don’t worry about it."
Guo Xiaoke nodded and said, "Report to me that this time, the guilty minister came to actually have a secret."
"A few days ago, the situation in Pusaka City must have known that the guilty minister had been beaten by Li Shimin for forty times, but it was a risk. Li Shimin deliberately made this plan to blame the guilty minister for letting the guilty minister go to Da Sui for a reason," Guo Xiaoke said.
Yang You touched Ba Dao. "Li Shimin asked you to surrender. It seems that he is desperate."
"The pursuit of this day is a big Sui day, and Li’s father came to be an anti-thief. Now, the pursuit has recovered Chang ‘an’s guilty minister and lost his way. He doesn’t want to play in Li Shimin anymore," Guo Xiaoke said.
"Therefore, Li Shimin meant to make a false surrender to the guilty minister, but the guilty minister really wanted to drop out of the city. General Xu had already discussed with the guilty minister that he would arrange people in the city to cooperate with the pursuit of siege and seize Puban and capture Li Shimin at one stroke." Guo Xiaoke’s series of words expressed his purpose and attitude during his visit.
Yang You soon understood Guo Xiaoke’s meaning and simply said that Li Shimin wanted Guo Xiaoke to surrender. Therefore, several scenes were staged in Puban City, and Guo Xiaoke was beaten up one after another, so that Guo Xiaoke had a reason to surrender out of the city. It seemed reasonable to outsiders.
The reason why Li Shimin did this was to convince Yang You that Guo Xiaoke surrendered with sincerity, not pretending to surrender. He surrendered because he was dissatisfied with Li Shimin and no longer hoped for the bleak future of the pseudo-Tang, so he decided to break with the pseudo-Tang.
Yang You touched the bar and thought about Guo Xiaoke’s words, which needed him to analyze. Guo Xiaoke said in vain that Li Shimin wanted him to surrender, but he actually thought about surrendering, which made Yang You judge for a while.
After a moment’s silence, Yang You waved his hand and said, "Xiao Ke, you mean I’m already white, but I don’t know if Xu Shiji has a good plan for me to easily break into Puban?"
"I can write a letter saying that I have surrendered when I accept the crime, and I can write a letter telling Xu Shiji that a few days later, Sui Jun attacked the south gate and Xu Shiji led his confidant soldiers to meet and cooperate with the army to seize Puban." Guo Xiaoke said.
Yang You paced and thought about the feasibility of this matter. If Xu Shiji meets Sui Jun, it will be a lot smoother. When there is about half a column of incense, Yang You nodded and said, "In this case, Ai Qing can write a letter to Xu Shiji and ask him to prepare for the siege five days later!"
Guo Xiaoke arch hand way "pursuit of English! However, in order to confuse Li Shimin’s guilty minister, I suggested that I would write a code word for attacking the city on the fifth day after six days. "
Yang You looked at Guo Xiaoke with a smile. "It really is a good plan. I don’t doubt people. If I don’t succeed in this plan, I will definitely reward them."
Guo Xiaoke rejoiced and saluted with both hands, saying, "Thank you for your kindness."
Before it’s too late, Yang You immediately made Guo Xiaoke write a letter telling the matter. After Guo Xiaoke finished writing the letter, he handed it to Yang You. Yang You nodded and let people seal the letter and wait for it to be sent to Puban City late at night.
It’s the middle of the night. After getting the letter in a hurry, Xu Shiji immediately rushed to Qin Wangfu. At this time, Li Shimin was asleep and was woken up by Qinbing. First, one leng was immediately followed by exultation. Xu Shiji believed in Li Shimin, and his hands trembled with great strength. This just stabilized. He hurried to read his face and smiled. "Guo Jiangjun succeeded."
"Congratulations to the King of Qin!" Xu Ji busy arch hand and said
Li Shimin took a deep breath and squeezed the letter in his hand. It was almost a word. After a half ring, Li Shimin just laughed. The sound of Qin Wangfu echoed for a long time, and everyone who fell asleep was shocked.
"Yang You, the king of Qin, has been a siege minister for six days, and I suggest to make preparations immediately to teach Sui Jun a lesson," Xu Shiji said.
"Good this time, let Yang You know that loneliness is severe." Li Shimin said and clenched his fist and walked to the front of the map of Puban City.
Chapter 139 Siege!
Time flies like a pony, and it slips away from the fingers like running water on the fifth day. During these five days, both sides are nervous and prepared, and the vigilance has become particularly strict. It is forbidden to enter and leave Puban City.
On whether Yang You outside the city or Li Shimin inside the city are confidants for various deduction and repeated verification, trying to take all kinds of situations into account to achieve the expected effect. After five days, the moonlight is obscure at night, and there is no difference between Sui Jun Camp and occasional lights.
On the surface, there is no movement in Sui Jun Daying. In fact, Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin led the Sui army to make arrangements in an orderly way. A bag full of sandbags was placed on the mound by the Sui army soldiers. When the time is right, the Sui army soldiers can carry sandbags and go straight to Puban Chengtou, and then successfully climb the Chengtou.
Gao Zansheng, Hou Jun and others are also gearing up for a big fight.
In the tent, Yang You is pacing, and Du Ruhui is sitting there drinking tea slowly.
"The time is coming. I wonder what Xu Shiji is going to do?" Yang You said slowly.
Du Ruhui laughed. "Pursuit tonight is to seize the opportunity of Puban City. Even if Xu Shiji has an ulterior motive, Li Shimin will find it difficult to fly."
"It’s a pity that I am" Yang You said lightly. If Xu Shiji and Guo Xiaoke are really pretending to surrender, Yang You doesn’t mind killing a few more people. Anyway, he didn’t know how many people he killed all the way. More than two people are not many. It’s a pity that both of them are talented but Li Shimin is buried with them.
"Although these two men are talented, there is no shortage of talents in the Central Plains," Du Ruhui said
After the re-opening of state and county schools in the Great Sui Dynasty, my younger brother had to learn and master a lot of knowledge. Over the years, many people have been trained to recover Hebei and the Central Plains. When Bashu state and county school graduates rushed to Hebei and the Central Plains, counties and counties or county commanders became the skeleton to support the Great Sui Dynasty.
The Military Academy of the Sui Dynasty has started to establish the Ministry of War in Luoyang, and Shang Lijing will be the first dean. Li Jingcai can only imagine that there will be many more military talents in the Sui Dynasty after the first batch of students graduate.