Like other centipedes,’ Wushou’ is poisonous, and their toxins also have the effect of ossifying organisms.
Bibilu froze there, and behind it were several’ Wu hands’ gnawing at its back.
Actually, this time, it is far from death than dew, because Wu’s hand didn’t kill it so quickly, but sooner or later, the toxin effect will affect the respiratory system, which is considered to be a death.
"Really … I was ambushed by this despicable creature!" Bilu, who had just been cured, looked at a creature struggling in the spy’s hand and said, "I want to crush them all!" "
Say that finish it handfuls of spy grab wu hand robbed over and then slammed on it.
Although the hand is shaped like a hand, it is still an arthropod with a shell, so when Bilu stepped on it, it snapped into pieces and mucus all over the floor.
"You change color? No! Heavy footsteps and stench have exposed you! " Along with Bilu, he ran out of the ladder and chased other Wu hands.
When these Wu hands attacked it, they were completely discolored, but now they are not discolored, but they are running around in the original color skull pile.
One seems to have just remembered that he can change color, but when his body color changes, he is smashed.
"…" Spy is watching this kind of arctic jungle, and there are also a lot of them. Seeing these creatures, you can almost guess what it is.
It should be that these poachers have failed to catch the creatures so that they can escape, and there are many dangerous creatures inside. These skulls are caused by those dangerous creatures.
Didn’t poachers come to reinforce us … But the poachers in the warehouse didn’t know what the situation was like.
"Then go to the floor and have a look," said Bilu, who was thinking about the spy pair and chasing Wu’s hand.
"If you jump, you will definitely fall to your death. This is a hundred floors!" Bilu is coming back from the window at this time. Just now, it chased the last hand and jumped out of the window.
"Take the stairs this time? Well, we have to give this place a strategy layer by layer! "
Before seeing the spy leading to the stairs, Bilu also ran quickly. It ran directly to the stairs, but soon came back.
"ah! Help! Veronica! " Bilu screamed as he ran, "There’s a ghost on his face!"
The spy went down the stairs and Bilu followed trembling … Although Bilu was not afraid of poachers with dangerous weapons, he was afraid of all kinds of strange things.
When I walked to the corner of the stairs, Lin looked and found that there were indeed many … ghosts in the square passage.
There’s a lot of flashing fluorescence floating here … aerosol, and most of them are floating in a Kirshman-shaped gas.
"Veronica classmate! These must be the souls of those poachers who were killed … Ah, ah, how terrible! "
"…" Lin felt that those poachers with weapons alive were much more dangerous than these "souls".
"It’s just composed of microorganisms," said the spy and walked forward. Bilu also said, "Hey? Really? " Followed by.
Walking into the 99th floor corridor, you can see clothes all over the floor.
These clothes are all protective tight-fitting armor, but there is no wearer, just clothes lying quietly.
It’s like wearing some clothes, and the people suddenly disappeared. These clothes are still here … and of course, there are those’ souls’ floating around.
Their clothes are slowly floating, but now Bilu is completely afraid. It jumps up and slams into a’ soul’
"Hoo-"was hit, and the "soul" scattered into several powders and flew around.
"What fun!" Bilu’s constant jumping scattered all these floating luminous objects. "Ah … what’s strange there!" "
Suddenly Billu kicked a door next to him and ran in screaming, but in an instant, this call became a scream.
"Dead again?"
The spy went to this door and looked inside. He found Bilu … as if he were not dead. He was holding a long knife tightly in his hands.
And this long knife messenger is a man wearing a … college system, and Minlin remembers it.
"Senior!" Bilu shouted, "What senior will come here and attack me?"
"…" The so-called senior Ershimin didn’t say anything but pulled the knife back and cut it to Bilu’s neck.
Than dew quickly bowed their heads and avoid at the same time a kick to the senior two legs senior immediately’ ah’ bellow a roll.
"Senior are you crazy? Or betrayed the college? If so, I will make you feel that life is worse than death! " As Bilu said, he went forward and kicked the senior’s legs and feet. Although the senior blocked his hand, his screams became more intense.
Lin also thought that there might be other students sent in because they wore watches similar to poachers, but I didn’t expect them to be seniors … They shouldn’t have a holiday.
And it’s even more strange that it will attack here than Lou.
"Don’t die. Give me a faint. Otherwise, how can I search you and rob you of your weapon? I’ve always wanted that knife! " Bilu was going to continue kicking before, but the senior suddenly said, "Stop kicking!" "
"hmm? Are you willing to attack me and give an explanation? " Bilu stopped and said, "Then take this knife as an apology!"
"The knife can be given to you!" The senior said, "But I didn’t mean to attack you and I’m not crazy …"
"oh? Really? " Bilu took the long knife from the senior and said, "In that case, explain it to me quickly!"
"I …" Senior awkward sample suddenly it noticed that the spy came along, and it suddenly said, "That’s …"
Chapter one thousand six hundred and ten Actually
"What? You were bought by poachers? Even if you say you are crazy, don’t say such a shameful thing! "