Bessemer looked around and swam quickly in one direction. During the swimming process, Bessemer felt that the surrounding waters became more and more viscous, as if they had formed a very elastic colloid.
Is this an existing or temporary composition? But these things are very good to hinder the shock wave transmission.
Bessemer reached the edge of the tree trunk after swimming for more than 100 meters by stretching out two tentacles and tearing up these glues.
This is called the’ shell’ part because it really looks like a shell. When Lin saw that there was not even a crack here, it was so strong that it squeezed the trunk of the creator without any damage. It withstood the impact perfectly!
Except for the top’ shell’ of the tree, the trunk seems to be quite strong, and even such a huge explosion is difficult to destroy it.
It may have made a large layer of soft glue on the trunk wall of the whole tree to slow down the impact force, so that the creator really succeeded in protecting himself
Or the explosive power is not as strong as Lin thought at first. After all, the explosive of red velvet ball is not very strong, and they are scattered and not completely condensed together.
But the explosive power still caused great casualties to the cells and cyclops in the creator, which was a good opportunity for Lin …
Bessemer swam back to the center of the trunk, where the original explosion occurred. Lynn didn’t see what it was like when it exploded, but it must be spectacular. Maybe it squeezed the surrounding water, but not necessarily.
But now the water here is very calm, and there is nothing here except some debris …
Besimos hit his tentacles and released a lot of red powder in the water. Red velvet balls once again poured into the water, and this time there were no resistance creatures around them.
After the explosion, everything around was converted into defenceless fragments, and the red velvet ball quickly swallowed up these fragments and increased again.
If there is no resistance to sword fleas, the red velvet ball will probably occupy the whole tree soon.
However, Lin should have killed a large number of cells here at the moment of explosion, so has the creator been affected? If it relies on the huge number of cell connections here to form thoughts, it should be affected, but if it is not …
But there is no way to prove that the creator is now. If it doesn’t come out and’ talk’, it will be difficult to know its situation.
Sure enough, it’s very troublesome to deal with this inanimate object, but for now, let’s occupy it first.
But just in case Lin needs to make some other preparations, Lin, a remote island overseas from the mainland, has made something special, and now Lin intends to transport it here …
At the same time, the northern rift of the continent
The brain worm is lying on the dragon’s body overlooking the environment from high school while its troops are in the rift valley.
The bottom of the valley, which used to be covered with mire and dark environment, is now covered with a large number of roots. They are crawling slowly here as if they are carrying out some strange activities that are unknown to insects …
The brainworm troops came here through a’ ramp’ extending from the ground to the bottom of the valley. This ramp was built by Lin and made of shells with a width of tens of meters. It was made with a variety of solid ingredients. The purpose of Lin’s original system was to let the dinosaurs on the ground go to the bottom of the valley to live and then observe that there were not many of them. At this time, the brainworm troops were facilitated.
"Tear them apart." There’s a saying in the brain worm after seeing those roots.
Head worm troops immediately attacked the surrounding tree roots and cracked the ground. The jaws caught those thick tree roots and pulled them out of the ground directly. Then several infantry besieged them to completely tear the roots …
"Get out, pathetic fool!" There is a roaring bug in all arms who is responsible for shouting instead of fighting. It yells directly at the ground, "Montezuma’s life belongs to me, and your life belongs to the sad boulder of the sunset. You will lead to the doomsday slope, roll and rub your body all the time, and finally there will be dust and debris left!"
"You call me? Small Maya, then I am good … respond to you! "
As soon as the bug called the earth, it suddenly sounded very loud. A head was a ball, and the roots of the tree emerged from the ground. It seemed to have vision and stared at the middle-headed bug.
"You …" The brain worm suddenly felt a little surprised. This root can not only call it by name, but it usually sends information by brain waves, but this time it is language.
"Maya, you and your companions have been suppressed, but this is your own idea. I will tell you the truth …"
The root of the tree kept making a sonic boom. The wheeze bug shouted at the root of the tree, "Montezuma, where are you?" Get out of here! Stupid people will make you more stupid! "
"The fool told me everything sad Maya." There was a sound in the roots. "It will be reborn. Soon there will be no life on this land, whether it is you or Lin, but I can live and I will become its kind …"
"Do you want to be a fool?" "You let me down, Montezuma," cried the bug. "In that case, I’ll end you stupid thing. I’ll tell you that you’re a stupid person!"
The voice of the exploding wheeze bug suddenly broke, and the person immediately rushed forward and merged with the jaws. This tree root crashed and broke, and it fell to a large number of infantry to tear the end ball …
But there is nothing in it except some liquid.
"You can beat me!" At this time, there was a loud noise on the surrounding ground, and a large number of roots emerged from the ground. Almost every one echoed with the sound of Monte II. "I have become stronger than I am, and my mind can control everything. You should be terminated, Maya. Our war and your life will stop here."
When Monte II finished speaking, these roots suddenly burst and a large number of spiny vines were ejected from it. They wrapped around the head like tentacles, and many infantry in the worm army were entangled by these vines.
Hoo!’ A pillar of fire suddenly spewed from it and burned a lot of vines to ashes. A new type of arms in the infantry rushed out of it. This kind of arms is called’ gyro’, which is a brain worm transformed from the original giant wheel worm. They can rotate at high speed on the ground nearly two meters high and cut off a lot of vines around them with serrated edges.
At the same time, other troops also joined the army of fighting brain worms, and Monte II showed a perhaps final contest.
Maybe it’s not the last.
Flying Lin watched the battle. It seems that Monte II was influenced by the creator’s brain waves, which made his thoughts strange, and the creator seemed to let him command some of his roots. Some new species also appeared in these roots …
It seems that the explosion had a great influence on the creator.
Chapter three hundred and ten A fluffy ball dream
Lynn thinks that perhaps the creator’s own control ability is not enough, so it will try to control Monte II.
But how is it controlled? Little Monte II’s body and brain are not invaded by things. Is it simply communication that makes Monte II listen to it?
It is also possible that the creator may have told it something, and the tree may not be the creator, but it is also very important. The huge number of cells in it is a good example. Together, they can form extremely strong brain wave energy.
Now Lin slowly encroaches on the red velvet ball, which was killed by most of the cyclops, and it is quite easy to spread it.
At this time, the creator needs Monte II to help it.
Although Monte II is small, it can also command a certain degree, but if the creator is it to do this, then it is not particularly threatening …