"Is it that incident?"
Jing Kuang ran quickly to the castle, thinking about all kinds of strange things happening in the second scorpion city.
"So that’s it. That also affects here … this may be an opportunity."
At the same time, on the other side, there is a cave, and it is extremely humid. There are large pieces of stagnant water everywhere, and there are some creatures that can change strange colors in these stagnant water.
"What are these creatures called?"
By the puddle, a group of green dragons are pointing at the creatures in the water, and the creatures in the water change colors as if to respond.
"King" Mukra is still staying with Susumi. There was a very strong vibration outside just now. It seems that there is something … but the soldiers who went to investigate have not come back yet.
"…" Susumi was silent for a moment and then said to Mukra, "We can leave the outside now."
"Wang? What will know this? " Mukra’s reaction to Susumi seems very strange …
"Because that’s what they say." Susumi looked at the discolored creatures in the puddle.
Mukra looked at the creatures doubtfully. "They … can talk?"
"There are more strange things," Susumi said, "but at present we must get through the immediate crisis."
….. Soon after, the Emerald Dragons followed Susumi out of this cave and came to the ground outside.
And showing them in front of them … is a situation that makes them believe.
But … there’s nothing to live for. Lin found that Susumi seems to be influenced by the brain-making monster, which led to its special’ communication’ ability to talk to the ancient squid in the abyss.
This allowed Susumi to reach a safer place to hide from the big explosion.
But the creature with the highest survival rate in this disaster is still …
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Doubts in freshmen
Lin successfully prevented the mainland disaster. Although it was said that the creator blew itself up in the end, it was also because of the brain wave invasion of the ark that it started its own self-explosion.
But because of this, all the Chinese troops, including the ark, were destroyed by a strong explosion, and Lin, the mainland base and most of the troops, also died in the war
But it’s an interesting battle, which would be more interesting if it weren’t for the mainland biological bet.
Lin studied this magical creature, which may come from the star roller. Lin found that the cells in most roots of the creator were still alive, but the ganglion parts had stopped moving.
This means that the creator will not continue to move, and it will not absorb food, so it will die slowly.
There’s nothing unusual about them. They still keep their original way of moving, but it’s not clear what their fate will be like.
They may create corpses and build a new population. When the creators stop giving them nutrients, they may create corpses to eat or just die … or they may go outside to find food.
Usually, after a creature dies, both its commensals and parasites will die at the same time, but that’s not necessarily true for such a huge creature. The cyclops may have enough time to adapt to a new life, but it’s difficult to kill a large number of people during the adaptation period …
And there are other creatures that will compete for the creator’s body, such as … Lynn.
Lin has made the floating ball create many troops, and many places in the mainland eat the roots of the creator.
It has a huge amount of nutrients, which must not be lost, and there should be a lot of nutrients buried deep in the ground. This is what the creator has prepared for a long time, and these things can make Lin’s army recover quickly.
Lin wants to reshape all the troops, including those giant arms. Based on the analysis of this battle, she can create more powerful troops.
After eating it, Lin will occupy most of its body and put these roots on her own base.
Actually, Lin doesn’t want to be a base in that deep place, but if you eat it, obviously something must be stuffed, otherwise it will still collapse and some nutrients will be sprinkled on land plants to grow nutrients.
At present, the most living creatures on land are plants, but they were pushed down and ground when the creator emerged because they could not move, and many plant species disappeared.
But Lin found that some new species actually appeared in plants.
Accurately speaking, they are infected plants. Most of them were destroyed by the brain waves of infected species and the rest were swallowed up by the creators. However, this kind of plants came alive. They are called’ butternut trees’ and this kind of trees is also Lin’s successful’ experiment’-they successfully grew the original fallen leaves after being influenced by Lin’s micro-arms, and it seems that they are not as violent as before because of the influence of brain waves, but become more peaceful.
Moreover, they can’t broadcast virus, but they still keep the posture of free movement after infection and mutation.