However, this phenomenon has happened recently and frequently, and they quickly seek a solution, and many residents think they should leave this place
This is a floating debris, which is a big island for them, but this is not the only one.
And don’t float debris. Those places are also quite big, and there are cities and things that can live there, so most of the residents here have left
And it and some residents didn’t leave it. They thought they had found a way to avoid an earthquake or something bigger, that is, to make these skeleton machines.
What are the machines for avoiding earthquakes and making skeletons? If you think about it carefully, it seems that there is nothing, but it thinks there is.
This is it … at first, I learned from my dream that it kept dreaming that it made these bones, but after it was made, there should have been an earthquake and it wouldn’t have happened, and everything was calm again.
Because this dream is very real, and after waking up, it also has a strong idea to make a bone machine, so it just … made it.
This kind of manufacturing is out of control. It has made a lot because it likes to assemble all kinds of small machinery. This kind of work is not very difficult for it.
It didn’t make a two-legged machine, but it doesn’t matter now, because according to the information in the dream, it just makes bones move, and it doesn’t need to get up.
"Do you think these things can really prevent earthquakes?"
"This is for sure! I have a strong hunch that my plan will succeed! "
Although creatures with this level of intelligence can easily imagine the connection of things, they still like to follow the’ feeling’
Lin introduced herself to it … that is, the fluffy ball is a mechanical creation of alien population and entered here for exploration.
It seems dubious, but it also believes that the pompoms are not a threat to it, so it promised to take them to visit their strongholds.
There are still some residents in this stronghold who don’t want to leave, not because they don’t want to escape the earthquake, but because they think there are earthquakes in other places, they might as well stay here.
But now it’s not going back. It’s going to finish building the last machinery here and then sleep before going back.
And Lin is here with it. After it fell asleep, Lin tried to test its brain.
Sure enough, like Lin Xiang, the brain of this Walsh resident once received some kind of … signal, which gave it a strong idea of … making skeleton machinery.
And also tell it that skeleton machinery can avoid some disasters that will happen.
This statement is also true. After it made some skeleton machines, there hasn’t been an earthquake here.
The original earthquake was once every day and night from two or three pompoms. Although it didn’t knock down anything, it felt terrible.
It is not a mistake for the residents of Quersh to follow their feelings … This may be related to fungi.
The fungus virtual people’s world has created a large number of skeletons that imitate ordinary people’s behavior, and they have not actually figured out what the reason is
Although there have been some speculations, such as what they want to imitate the virtual people, there is no specific conclusion
Now Lin believes that it can … The fungus has also received some kind of information, which tells it to make many skeletons to avoid some things.
Recently, the fungus world appeared in the original virtual people, and something did happen there. There was a similar earthquake phenomenon.
This kind of earthquake is especially … it will happen in some places where there are no skeleton residents.
Fungi create a large number of skeletons, and there is no earthquake in the residential area.
This is interesting … It seems that these skeletons really have something to offer, but … what is a skeleton? Does the skeleton have any special … effect?