"Quick … Run!" The virtual people next to them watched the scene in horror, and after a few seconds, they turned and ran away desperately.
Rushing steps, the dark passage keeps echoing, and the whole drifting ship has been invaded by a large number of creatures. They attacked most areas of the drifting ship and destroyed some energy devices, which caused some areas of the drifting ship to fall into darkness.
All virtual people are fighting in fear in the dark. Although their armor has night vision ability, darkness can still bring them fear, which is the innate’ ability’ of daytime creatures.
"ahhh!" Suddenly a virtual citizen screamed. He felt something behind him holding his leg and pulling it back.
"Help!" It’s afraid that the call will make the other two virtual people run faster. They are lost and dragged, and their companions stop until they can’t hear anything.
"… escaped?" Two fleeing virtual people hid in a room. They sat panting. They had been fighting for a long time in the dark.
"Should escape …" Another virtual people said, "That creature will run out of many small roots after being killed, so there is no way …"
"Now … what should we do? There are strange creatures everywhere. Have they captured the whole place? "
"There should be no us …"
"Pay attention!" Then the ship’s broadcast rang …
"Pay attention to all troops go to the central area and scattered troops don’t tangle with biological go to the central area! Only by holding there can we win! "
"To the central area?" Two virtual people smell speech immediately got up and ran out of the room.
The footsteps of two imaginary people in the passage echoed in the darkness and they ran to a gate according to the helmet map.
The door seems to have been hit by something, and the whole door has fallen to the ground, so they can directly see the door track.
This is the entrance of the ship train. Because the drifting ship is huge and the structure is complicated, all the trains lead to some special places
But there are no trains here at present, just a track.
"The train is at this position now …" There is a panel next to the entrance door, where the train can be seen from the surface. The surface shows the complex train lane and a light spot indicates the train position.
"… has come." An imaginary citizen looked at the light spot and saw that the light spot was slowly approaching a circular area. At the same time, a sound was heard here.
The square train track moved and stopped at the center of the room.
"Are you sitting here now?" "Never mind so much. Do you want to walk?"
Two imaginary people came to the front of the train, but they were all hesitant. Then the train door was "cracked" … and an imaginary person with a square backpack came out of the train and suddenly surprised them all.
"You … you are the captain?"
Although they are all wearing armor, the virtual people’s armor has the function of identifying each other’s identity
"You …" The captain looked at two virtual people "just come with me! We’re leaving here! "
"What?" A virtual people surprised leng way "but just broadcast …"
"To go to the central area is just to die," said the captain. "We are going to sail to the dock now! But I can’t go alone. I need help! "
"But …" "Nothing, but running back now is the only chance. Come quickly if you don’t want to die!"
As the captain said, he walked to the entrance, and the two imaginary people followed him from behind and returned to the dark corridor outside again
However, this time they were not attacked by any strange creatures, but they could still see traces of strange creatures.
"What the hell is this … a root?"
The helmet is full of green light and night vision. You can see that the walls on both sides are covered with a lot of creatures. They are attached to the walls like plant roots and spread. Some roots are slowly expanding and contracting as if breathing …
"This place has been occupied by this creature," the captain said, pointing to the wall. "It just keeps growing to occupy the whole area slowly …"
And the more they go forward, the more these roots are. An imaginary citizen shivers a little. "Captain, maybe we shouldn’t go this way … this is …"
Virtual citizens stopped in front of a door to see the walls, from which the foundations all extend.
"Only through here can we get to the dock." The captain gently touched a door and hit it automatically.
Show virtual people in front of a picture is extremely strange for them.
It seems that the roots are all over the place, and there are many spherical objects on these roots. They even see some huge creatures drilling out of the spherical objects.
"These creatures breed here!" A virtual citizen exclaimed. This room is called a’ plantation’. There are a large number of virtual people growing plants, but it seems that it has been occupied by this creature …