Take or transform a dream energy, and then put this energy into the biological body.
So how to get the transformation process is not recorded here. According to this record, they seem to have erased the original dream creature’ consciousness’ and turned it into pure dream energy
It’s like taking off the heads of cell creatures and turning them into meat bodies.
Then the research team will adjust the dream energy obtained in this way … and do experiments on animals.
In the experiment, the research team tested many animals, including Ershmin.
The purpose of their experiments should be to make Walsh creatures … have souls.
But the real purpose is to make biological intelligence improve dream energy and enhance thinking ability …
The research team tested animals and found that dream energy has different effects on different animals, although they are all neurological effects, but they are very different.
Some of the records … I’m sorry to say
Because it seems that the influence of this dream energy on the nerves of the people is to make them … put entertainment and enjoyment first.
So when they see amusement parks … just like Bilu, they think about going to play and forget what they are doing.
This is mainly to enlarge the brain’s idea of "entertainment"
At the same time, this energy will also have some negative effects on some creatures, such as making them afraid to commit suicide.
Lynn remembered the energy of fear.
The most effective dream energy … or the closest to the expected effect of the research team is birds.
It may be because birds are very good at eating. The research team mainly tested the dream energy of chickens, ducks and geese, which greatly increased the intelligence of these birds.
Lynn feels that this dream energy is just like the dream and the real symbiotic species that I have seen before. This energy can be said to be an … extra thinking area.
Although there is no dream creature consciousness, it still has a similar effect.
Of course, this is just the expected effect of the research team. At present, it seems that the research team wants to be somewhat different from the actual situation.
The enhancement of birds’ intelligence by energy does not add a new thinking area to birds like a soul, but affects birds’ brain cells.
It can trigger the proliferation of brain cells and make the brain more active. In the final analysis, bird intelligence still comes from the brain, rather than thinking with dream energy like dream symbiosis.
This may shorten the life span of birds … but it obviously works.
It was only after this plan that the research team planned the pre-attack … but it seems that the plan was not very successful from here.
Because this dream energy has no expected effect, it makes a group of birds … become intelligent.
Coming to this amusement park should be a plan.
It’s not written here about what they are going to do in the amusement park. It’s just some pre-experiments.
Since they have done so many tests before, Lin thinks that their amusement park attracts colleges to catch them, not to facilitate the troops to do experiments.
But to do some other experiment …
Maybe the research team wants to benefit these birds …
"Veronica classmate! Those birds put bombs! "
As Bilu told Lynn to look outside the pavilion.
Just like Bilu said, the chickens, ducks and geese flew to the small rollers and buried them with bombs.