Xu had enough aura of Yunfeng, and then he entered the sea of knowledge after a little concentration. This time, the green fluorescent spot was swallowed up smoothly, and four gods were swallowed in a row, so he felt full.
The next morning, Baiyun Tower woke up naturally and came to the window to see a sea of clouds billowing and the rising sun shining.
The rosy clouds are like splendid mountains, and the peaks are slightly exposed, and sometimes they appear in the clouds, just like fairyland.
The fifth chapter discusses Taoism
Looking at this vast sea of clouds, I can’t help but wonder whether the turbid clouds floating in the sea layer have another world like this sea of clouds.
At night, when the Baiyun Tower entered the sea, the sea gods were scattered, and the faint light was slightly absorbed. Look at the turbulent clouds in the sea.
See turbid clouds churning and faint green light flashing. It seems that turbid clouds also have green fluorescent spots.
After a few days of devouring Baiyun Tower, it is roughly guessed that these green fluorescent spots should be a broken fragment of God’s knowledge.
The original owner of these fragments of divine knowledge should be stronger than a broken strand of divine knowledge, which can be seen from the fact that every tiny light spot can grow stronger after thousands of light spots are scattered in the sea.
Moreover, according to the ancient saying, only a powerful practitioner can enter the sea of knowledge, and it is absolutely unusual to see that the sea of knowledge is a piece of chaos, like knowing the sea yourself.
After watching the sea of knowledge reverberate and fluctuate for a while, the Baiyun Tower controls the slow sinking of knowledge and wraps it with a familiar smell.
Baiyun Tower held the vigil slightly but breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that this billowing turbid cloud was the sea of my own memory.
This wisp of memory tumbles, drifts, haunts and entangles and merges into this piece of memory turbid cloud. After several explorations of Baiyun Tower, the depth of this turbid cloud has been roughly found out.
This sea of memory is divided into several layers, the shallowest of which are all daily miscellaneous memories, with clear and vague gods and knowledge, and the freedom of walking in the shallow sea of memory is hindered by nothing.
Then there is the middle memory sea, but it is a calm wave. The memory here is regular and orderly, which is mostly learned on weekdays.
Micro-concentration came to a wisp of memory and let go of my mind and blend into this memory. It was these two days that I studied the medical classics.
After entering this memory, except for the medical classics, everything around it is blurred. Baiyun Tower has watched this memory carefully and found it clear when exiting.
After a brief test of Baiyun Tower, I learned how to deepen my memory and sank into the depths of the memory sea.
If the shallow sea of memory is like a cloud, the middle layer is like a current, and the deep sea of memory is like a river mud, and it is difficult to walk around.
Baiyun Tower tasted this deep memory and dared not try it easily, so I was addicted to it.
After many temptations, the wisp of knowledge in Baiyun Tower was also a little tired, so several blue fluorescent spots were swallowed up in the shallow sea of memory.
This swallowing actually found that there was a difference between the blue fluorescent spot in the sea of memory and the blue fluorescent spot overseas in memory.
Memories of overseas blue fluorescent spots are as warm as hot springs, and the gods will grow stronger after swallowing. In this memory sea, the blue fluorescent spots are ice-cold and cool, but the gods have not grown stronger after swallowing, but they are a little more resilient.
It seems that it is also a good choice to devour some fragments of gods in the sea of memory occasionally.
This time, I found out the Baiyun Tower and completely put a block in my heart, so I can sleep peacefully.
In the next few days, Baiyun Tower was very leisurely, and occasionally studied medical classics to enjoy the scenery and water.
However, I didn’t forget to help Niang add the incense money with words, and let the mountain shopping leader take a message to the inn Li Shu before leaving for the hospital in a few days.
After studying the Taoist temple for a few days, it’s not a small gain to enter the sea every night and deepen your memory by the way.
Early this morning, the little Taoist priest guarding the mountain hurried to see Baiyun Tower, saying, "The Lord of the White Duke has gone out and heard that the Duke has come, so let the trail invite the Duke to a Syria."
Baiyun Lou was very happy when he heard the news. Naturally, he was invited to go back to the mountain with the little Taoist priest.
The trees in the back of the mountain are flourishing, the branches are full of spring, and clear springs can be seen everywhere.
After turning several corners, I came to a bamboo forest. There are two thatched cottages in the bamboo forest, which is a secluded place.
An old and experienced person with a healthy and vigorous spirit is just the idle clouds of the viewer.
Baiyun Tower bowed down and said, "Cloud Tower has seen the Taoist priest once and said goodbye, and I am very concerned about this visit from Shante."
The idle clouds raised their hands and smiled falsely. "It seems that I haven’t seen my little friend for two years. It’s a good chance to go to the company."
Lu, a short futon, a short couch, simple and simple, breezes and warm sunshine penetrate through the curtain, and fresh bamboo fragrance is scattered everywhere.
Old Dong Shou sat down, picked up a few red mud teapots and poured two cups of tea, saying, "Bai Xiaoyou, come and taste the green tea behind Yunfeng."
The first futon in the west of Baiyun Tower sat thanked the old man and took a sip of the teacup and smelled the tea.
The fragrance of tea is overflowing, and the Baiyun Tower can’t help but praise, "It’s really a Yunfeng tea. It should be moistened by the clouds of Yunfeng to get this fresh and refined camellia. Does this tea have a name?"
The old man said with a smile, "It’s just called green tea with a very elegant name, just like the seemingly magical nature of monasticism is to explore the mysteries of this world by practicing itself."
Baiyun Tower pondered, "Practice yourself and explore the mystery? When I was young, I read some fairy tales, but those who are advanced can call the wind and rain to escape from heaven and earth. Is it a mystery that I yearn for these magical fairy methods? "
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,no." The mystery is the law, the rules, the changing laws of everything. "
"There are thousands of laws in this world, and ordinary people can see through some laws. Spring ploughing, autumn harvest, sun and moon rotation, and the world is endless with these laws."
"Monks practice themselves to explore these laws. The higher they practice, the clearer they can see the laws."
Baiyun Lou knows that "it is also rewarding for many students not to look to the Taoist priest to solve their doubts if they dare not or forget to give him two scriptures after being taught by him."
"Little friend, please speak"
"The student leader is not a relative, and the student’s qualifications are stupid, so he is favored by the leader, and the students are terrified."
Idle clouds must say with a smile, "This is also the method of being original and having small friends." On that day, I ran into a small friend in the morning exercise on the cliff, and I was also discouraged when I was sincere in seeking the Tao. I let being original see a hot and firm initial heart, so I realized something. This is what I just said. The so-called causal method is nothing more than this. "
"There is a way to be original, and you can observe your little friend with sincerity and determination. This time, you can see more clearly and thoroughly. Your little friend is now strong and clear, and it should be a great opportunity for God to know."
Baiyun Lou heard that "it was just two days ago that I got a chance to expand my knowledge of God. I have come to ask the Taoist priest to give me some advice on this trip."
The old man heard that "as expected, the growth of spiritual knowledge in most monks’ life is limited, which is a great opportunity. Little friend, don’t let it out before others and get into trouble."
Baiyun building should nod "students remember"
Chapter VI Obtaining Avatar
Seeing that Baiyunlou was modestly educated and experienced, he went on to say, "A man with three treasures of spirit and knowledge is a monk, and with the qualification of knowledge, he can slowly draw a picture."
"Old-fashioned practice limited method, little friends wash tendons and cut pulp, but you can talk to little friends about this source method of cultivation, which is called" all methods belong to one ".The monastic methods of different schools are different, but the source is the same"
"At the beginning of monasticism, you have to cross the threshold of refining refined gas. When you sit still, you can visualize the refined gas at the Dantian. Those with different qualifications and talents can become a wisp of weather in a few days."
"According to the ancient classics, if you can refine and practice the weather before the sea, you can get twice the result with half the effort, but if you know the chaos of the sea, you can also look forward to it."
"After refining refined gas, the divine knowledge guides the refined gas to wander around the acupoints of refining and strengthening the refined gas at the same time, and the difference in the order of acupoints of meridians and acupoints in Zhoutian has created different monastic methods."
"When the essence liquefies with the cultivation, it is the beginning of the foundation. There are many acupoints in each meridian. The more you build the foundation, the more stable the road is, but the energy of the monks is limited. Most people choose some key acupoints for refining."
"Only when you can get to Zhujiajian can you really enter the monastery. The qualification of monasticism determines how far you can go. It takes more than 50 years to step into the threshold of Zhujiajian. It’s really a time to fix the truth, but you can die if you hear about it."
After listening to the old road, I got up and bowed down and said, "The Taoist priest has benefited a lot from his words. If the Taoist priest doesn’t give up, he can accept this fate."
Old-fashioned gratified haha laughed. "If you have a younger brother, you are like a cloud building. Fortunately, it’s just that the little friends are out of the world. That’s your way."
Baiyun Lou is also a free and easy person, and then he discussed with Lao Dao all kinds of doubts in Taoist scriptures and medical classics. Lao Dao also answered questions, and some questions pointed to the source, which also made Lao Dao gain a lot.
The spring breeze caresses the swaying bamboo shadows.
The rise of chatting between the old and the young has reached dusk before you know it.
Baiyun Tower accompanied the experienced vegetarian meal and talked about Rishan to go to Xinluyuan to study.
The Taoist priest said, "Everything has a Tao. Naturally, it is necessary to read Wan Li Road in thousands of volumes to appreciate the solid foundation of people’s practice of self-restraint and arrogance." The teenager promised.
It’s getting late and the Jade Rabbit is rising.
Baiyunlou bid farewell to the old road, saying, "There’s just one way to be tenacious in observing the little friends’ knowledge. It’s a pity that it’s very difficult to practice the dharma name. It took decades for the old road to achieve great success."
After saying that, the old road pointed out two points: Baiyun Tower, the eyebrows, Baiyun Tower, and the eyebrows were faint and hot about three inches.