Chapter 69 Step by step
What should Su Wen do if he meditates at sunset? Now he has more than 20,000 soldiers and horses. Although he is very familiar with Guocheng, it is obviously unrealistic to rely solely on this 20,000 to break Guocheng.
Yuan Gai Su Wen thought for half a ring and called Yuan Ji coloured glaze and several important generals together. Several people gathered in a circle to discuss things while his soldiers were eating dry food.
After a silence of several generals, someone said, "Now that Dagong Sui Dog has occupied Guocheng, there is a surrender of Maruko Capital and Maruko Capital. When the terrain is delayed, the Sui people are far away from the land and roots here, and their emperors can’t stay here for too long as they go out to war. It is necessary to hold Maruko Capital and retreat sooner or later. Once the Sui people retreat, they can recover Guocheng and other places."
Deep season coloured glaze nodded "Dagong this meter can be so"
Yuan Gai Su-wen looked up at the sky, and the sunset was about to fall, and the afterglow was emitting the last beauty. Yuan Gai Su-wen sighed and paced together. After a while, Yuan Gai Su-wen said, "Maru Capital is six or seven miles away from here, but the mountains along the way are gradually dangerous and many places are convenient for ambush."
Yuan Gai Su-wen was very unwilling to think of being caught by Luo Shixin once before. He suffered a loss. This time, he can no longer be sure to make careful arrangements to successfully pass Marukou.
Yuan Gai Su Wen thought again, "Sui Emperor Yang Heng is crafty and good at ambushing Marukou. There are many places suitable for ambushing in the north of the city, which are mostly dense forests and mountains. Now it’s getting late, you must be careful not to be ambushed by Sui Jun."
Deep season coloured glaze for Sui Jun shame also have feelings, think of this can’t help but nodded, "Dagong said it is very we should be careful".
"I have an opinion for you. You might as well listen to it and see if there are any flaws." Yuan Gai Su Wen said that he looked like a courtesy sage. When everyone saw Yuan Gai Su Wen’s main appearance, they expressed their willingness to play for Yuan Gai Su Wen.
"Sui people must ambush both sides. I plan to search the cavalry first. If there is no problem, the army will withdraw to Marukou." Yuan Gai Su Wen simply said.
Deep season coloured glaze immediately "archduke this is a good way"
His generals also responded to Yuan Gai Su-wen’s high-five and said, "This matter is settled. You should prepare for it first and then leave in half an hour."
The generals have promised to get up and go to Yuangai Suwen, staring at the backs of the generals, and their hearts are very entangled. Although he has mastered this army, the situation is not optimistic. Koguryo or can he survive this difficulty? Yuan Gai Su Wen doesn’t know. After all, Sui Jun now has an overwhelming advantage.
"Two lovebirds don’t worry," Yang You said slowly, motioning with his hand. "Although Koguryo lost several battles, it seems to me that the fighting capacity is still good. You must have some experience in recent battles."
The generals nodded in succession. The ethnic composition of Koguryo is complex, both farming and nomadic, and the Turkic and Qidan nationalities have one thing in common, that is, all the people are soldiers, all the men can ride and shoot, and even women have many tough disciples. There are quite a few women in Koguryo who have died these days.
Yang You had a delicious meal and added, "Although Lien Chan and Lien Jie were victorious in the Great Sui Dynasty, I had a Koguryo soldier who was worried that pride would fail, and many of his family members were killed in World War I during the daytime. Their hearts must be full of hatred and fighting capacity must be good, and the so-called sorrowful soldiers will win. If they attack me directly, they will be very worried."
Qian Jie said one leng, "Although the words are true, Koguryo people’s physical strength will inevitably fail all the way, which is a great opportunity to attack."
Mai Mengcai is also one leng. "I agree with General Qian."
Both of them once attacked Koguryo with their fathers, especially Qian Jie’s father, Qian Shixiong, who died in Koguryo. They hated Mai Mengcai especially for Koguryo people, and naturally he was more inclined to fight.
The two men have his reasons, but Yang You seems to be a little dangerous. Yang You’s expedition this time is first to ask for stability in order to win, because once the expedition is defeated, it is difficult to reunite the morale, so Yang You carefully considers everything.
"General Qian, what you said is also reasonable, but it is required to be stable for the army. Now the winning rate in this first world war has increased to 90%. I don’t want the great advantage to be turned over by Yuan Gai Su Wen," Yang You said.
Qian Jie and Mai Mengcai showed disappointment in their eyes, but they also had to admit that their worries were very reasonable. After all, the resistance they met along the way was unprecedented. Perhaps, as you said, it was a war of genocide. Koguryo people have realized this, so they are very stubborn.
"But although I don’t want to confront Yuan Gai Su-wen directly, one thing is very important. As Du Aiqing said, Yuan Gai Su-wen will definitely return to Marukou. If he is returned to Marukou, the situation is obviously unfavorable to me and it is necessary for me to make certain arrangements to prevent him from returning to Marukou."
Yang You’s words made the generals feel refreshed, especially Luo Shixin natural born killers’s demon. Although he exhausted his physical strength in the daytime fighting, after eating a meal and resting for an hour or two, he felt full of strength, and Pei Hangyan’s eyes suddenly brightened as soon as he heard the words.
"Are you going to attack?" Two people forced to stay.
Yang You gave a sign for two people to be quiet and suppressed his generals’ irrepressible fighting spirit. In the daytime, Luo Shixin and Peihang Yanyan contributed a lot, while Qian Jie and Guang Shen hardly started work.
Yu Houjun didn’t start work, but he has always been a confidant of Yang You, so the military is not a problem for him. Yang You knows that he will never let the generals be dissatisfied. He decided to let Guang Shen and Qian Jie send troops this time.
"General Shen, I will give you 3,000 military forces to ambush this dense forest. I don’t need you to send troops to stop it, but I will bring drums to confuse Yuan Gai Su Wen regardless of time. At the same time, I can let soldiers scare the birds in the dense forest."
"In addition, I specially give you 1000 crossbowmen, who are specially selected by me to be good at making craftsmen, so that they can make wooden stakes and traps and ambush the road. If the scouts from Yuan Gai Su Wen come, they can shoot them as much as possible!"
Yang You breathed this passage and couldn’t help but drink a mouthful of tea.
Hou Jun couldn’t help saying, "There are more than 20,000 soldiers and horses in Su Wen’s position. Although General Shen is brave, there is no chance of winning in the face of more than 20,000 soldiers and horses. What’s more, if Maruko Capital gets the news, I’m afraid he will send troops. In that case, General Shen will face the danger of being attacked before and after."
Guang Shen ha ha a smile "I this life is pursuit to even die Koguryo and harm? !”
Yang You primly said, "Although it is common for General Shen to die in the service of his country, it seems to me that keeping a body is the greatest loyalty to me. As the saying goes, a thousand troops are easy to get and one will be hard to find. It is this battle that commands not only you but also the whole army, so I rarely storm the city."
"This is my philosophy. Sometimes I have to let you fight, but I absolutely don’t want you to be hurt because of this. You should be careful in the battlefield."
Yang You speaks a very sincere language, and even if someone has heard it, he is not shocked by Yang You’s idea. Since ancient times, most ministers have been ignored and have positions.
"General Hou, it is not unreasonable for you to worry. It is precisely because of this that I will ambush General Qian’s 3,000 troops behind General Shen. Once reinforcements appear in Marukou, you can ambush and kill them!" Yang You commanded.
Guang Shen and Qian Jie had been fighting for a long time in their hearts. When they heard Yang You’s command, they got up and fuels almost at the same time. "I obey!"
"I guess Yuan Gai Su Wen is going to act soon. The two Aiqing will set out at once and deploy everything to raise the torch every other hour." Yang You told again.
"hey!" Two people obeyed and hurried out.
Chapter 69 Battle of wits
Yuan Gai Su Wenyuan’s former army of coloured glaze ranks among the Chinese troops. After dinner, the soldiers immediately headed for Marukou City. The army marched for two miles. A scout hurried back and told them that "the Sui army in centipede ridge, three miles away from Dagong, was beating drums to cheer."
"hmm? Cheer with drums? " Even if Yuan Gai Su-wen thinks he is well-informed, he can’t help but notice that centipede ridge is the place where Yuan Gai Su-wen was captured by Luo Shixin. He is very familiar with this place and his memory is very deep.
As far as topography is concerned, centipede ridge is backed by Longshan, and the terrain is stepped. As the terrain is complex like centipede, it is named centipede ridge. Although it is an ambush place, it is not a long-term place, so there is no water source. Once trapped, the situation will be quite unfavorable.
At this time, when I heard Sui Jun centipede ridge drum beating to cheer Yuan Gai Su Wen, I muttered in my heart. What’s the purpose of Sui Jun? Is to seduce yourself? Or is it that the garrison commander of Maruko got the news and sent troops to help but was blocked by the Sui army?
An idea came to mind, but Yuan Gai Su Wen didn’t dare to make a decision easily. Yang You was full of cunning, and he had suffered a lot. He didn’t dare to make a hasty decision without knowing the truth of the matter.
After thinking about it, Yuan Gai Su-wen waved to 500 cavalry to follow him, but he didn’t dare to make a decision. When 500 fighters were like the wind, they ran out for two miles. At this time, many Goguryeo scouts were wandering by the roadside with awe in their eyes.
Far away, Yuan Gai Su-wen could hear the thunder drums getting louder and louder, which almost broke Yuan Gai Su-wen’s eardrum. At this time, the sun had just climbed the crescent moon, and the moon was particularly bright tonight, so Yuan Gai Su-wen could see clearly the situation of Fiona Fang.
In Fiona Fang, the birds started screaming constantly. They circled around the Woods and tried to rush, but they were scared by the rumbling drums and couldn’t fly in the Woods.
Yuan Gai Su Wen knew that these birds were frightened by drums, but how many Sui soldiers were ambushed? He judged this when Yuanji Liuli came back with several Koguryo soldiers, who were holding the bodies of several soldiers.
These soldiers were killed when they went to the jungle to inquire about the situation. Even though they were wearing leather armor, the arrow feather still pierced their bodies, which raised a chill in Yuan Gai Su Wen’s heart. He grabbed the arrow shaft in the previous step and pulled out an arrow feather.
In the moonlight, Yuan Gai Su-wen clearly judged that it was a crossbow, not a bow and arrow, which made Yuan Gai Su-wen glad, and a little fear rose in his heart. He was glad that if someone could shoot a soldier wearing leather armor with an arrow feather alone, how much arm strength would it take. But this is a crossbow, which means that a large number of crossbows have been prepared in the dense forest of Sui Jun, and the range is far and powerful. It is well known that if Sui Jun prepares a large number of crossbows, Koguryo people want to break through, this doubt is a great test.
Yuan Gai Su-wen knew very well that Yang You would have done the same thing if he had changed his position in Yang You, but Yuan Gai Su-wen would never be happy if he was the weak side.
Yuan Gai Su-wen rode forward and was about to enter the centipede ridge road. He stopped to listen to the Sui army, and looked at the half-circled birds like thunder drums. Yuan Gai Su-wen frowned and thought for a moment. He slowly walked along the edge of centipede ridge and kept looking around. The whole centipede ridge seemed to be scared by the sound. Birds screamed and trees trembled.
After walking for more than two miles, the drums are getting smaller and smaller, and there are not many trees on the edge of centipede ridge in this area. However, when Yuan Gai Su Wen looks intently, he finds that the situation in this area is different. Although there are fewer birds, the dust seems to be more, which means that there are Sui people ambushing here.
Yuan Gai Su-wen gasped. He was a little confused about what Yang You was going to do. If it is said that the best way to stop himself from returning to Marukoku is to ambush him, but he just didn’t do it, but he made a big splash as if he didn’t know there were soldiers lurking in centipede ridge.
What’s Yang You’s purpose? Yuan Gai Su Wen couldn’t figure it out, and he slowly returned to the official road. Until now, he still didn’t have the wonderful idea of white Yang You, but Yuan Gai Su Wen had to admit that he was in a dilemma in the face of such a situation.