Crazy rush crazy attack sea beasts were suddenly shocked by the spectacle in front of them, and the attack momentum could not help but be relieved.
"Dangkang Dangkang …" Dangkang roared in the face of a small fire.
Listen to a small fire when Kang roared, "Damn little girl, spit them out quickly. You, the demon king, actually helped the Terran. Did you make a mistake? Are you out of your mind? Are you motherless?"
A small fire burped, and a miniature war pig popped out of its mouth and rushed to grab the pig and put it in its mouth. The small fire face showed a shy expression and rushed to Dangkang impatiently, squeaking a few times. "You’re out of your mind, and you’re a bitch …"
A small fire swallowed Corleone in front of a sudden
Suddenly a virtual Corleone in front.
Zhou Haishui, a virtual middle school student, rushed over to fill the huge hole that had just been swallowed by a small fire.
At the same time, Sun Hao’s body flashed.
A sword of agarwood penetrates the sky with a straight shadow across Sun Hao’s slender body and rushes towards the opposite Dangkang.
Just being scolded by a small fire, when Kang instantly understood Sun Hao’s eyes, he also instantly understood his previous cold source.
Niang terran monk would be so going to.
Look ahead.
When Kang suddenly found out that although he had a lot of troops, there were not many sea animals that could help him at this moment.
Damn it, the vole swallowed himself in one gulp, and there was a virtual shadow in front of the army of sea animals. The sea animals, including their younger brothers, were all staggered and disorganized at this time.
At this moment, the Terran Godsworn seized the opportunity to kill him.
When Kang hooves stepped on the sea and quickly retreated to the rear, his eyes were still staring at Sun Hao’s back with a small fire and he thought to himself, "Mother, this swallow of voles is not really wild, is it true that there is no demon to teach her some basic knowledge?" Niang incredibly have wild swallow day mouse appeared incredibly still be terran monks receive spirit pet out of the event … "
It’s not Dangkang’s turn to take care of whether something big will happen later.
Now Kang Meng finds himself in a very bad situation.
The sword penetrates the sky, and its edge is sharp and sharp.
Sun Hao’s royal sword can be resisted
When Kang just got into the sea animals, Sun Hao had already chased the aloes and swords, and the cold mountain took aim at Dangkang and locked Dangkang.
When Kang found it hard to get rid of Sun Hao.
The sword penetrated the sky and the formation was chaotic. The sea beast could not stop Sun Hao’s strong raid at all.
When Kanghai beast covered and fled quickly, he was actually glued to it by Sun Hao.
When Kang was frightened, it was the Terran Friar who was surprised that the broken sword broke out and the sharp-edged attack was not affected by his own rebound and blood magic. He chased himself so fast that he didn’t take a nap at all.
And intercept sea animals along the way, but all sea animals that block Sun Hao’s way are not strongly and consistently worn and falling all over the sky.
What’s more, when Kang is depressed, the little ancestor swallows the mouse Sun Hao’s shoulder and opens his mouth to swallow a bite from time to time.
Although the sea beasts pursued Sun Hao, they were also swallowed up by a small fire. They hesitated and hesitated, and they were naturally afraid.
When Kang tried his best to drill his mouth into the sea animals, he roared "Be Kang Dang Kang"
Small fire points to hear the wild boar kept yelling at her "Niang little girl swallowed the wrong one of their own. Don’t swallow Niang little girl, you still swallow it. It’s really a girl who has no mother to teach …"
Small fire felt that the wild boar was neurotic and ignored it after cursing a few puzzling words. According to Sun Hao’s rhythm, he cooperated with Sun Hao to hunt down Dangkang.
He went after Dangkang.
The real goal of agarwood is actually to be Kang! !
All the monks felt incredible and had a burst of hope at the same time.
If the real agarwood can kill Dangkang, then there is no doubt that the ancient sea area will be a great victory
And what shock that monks even more is that.
Among the hundreds of millions of sea animals, the agarwood real person riding alone actually showed his pursuit of Dangkang.
Oh, no, agarwood is a real person. It’s a single mouse chasing Dangkang.
Dangkang fled quickly.
The sea animal desperately rescued Dangkang, but the effect was not good.
Chen Xiang, a real person, bravely pursued Dangkang.
That’s awesome. Chen Xiang is real.
Horse morale exploded after Fengyun Sun Haozhan’s pursuit.
Soaring into the sky, cheering and flying high
Next to the God of Fighting, there was the same cheer. The one-eyed Hirozo didn’t resist shouting two voices.
It’s not just Kozo the One-eyed.
Even Lan Guochun and Zhong Lijuan looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes excited.
At the same time, Lan Guochun made a gesture with God’s knowledge, and the fleet of the Three Gods gathered together.
When Kang felt great fear for Sun Hao’s strange sword.
It feels in its heart that its blood magic can’t bounce back, and the strange sword can’t stab itself straight, and it is estimated that it is difficult to stop the strange sword from penetrating.
Have to avoid the edge for a while
When Kang feels that he wants to avoid the opponent’s straight stab and stabilize the formation, he will gain the combat advantage again.
Running away when Kang didn’t pay attention to the agarwood sword, Sun Hao’s body seemed to float suddenly, as if it had no weight and drifted off.
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen Mind War
Different transformation will have different abilities.
Sun Hao has three transformation forms, namely, thunder, sword and ghost.
Usually, when facing the enemy, Sun Hao turns into Taikoo Lei Shou at most.
The sword spirit has never changed. First, the agarwood sword is too ugly, but it is too ugly. Sorry for watching the monks; Secondly, nature is the agarwood sword spirit, but grandma Sun Haosheng is afraid that she will become a female form after transformation, which is a big joke.
There are some special occasions when ghosts turn into ghosts.
Among the three transformations, Taigu Lei Shou’s sword spirit is also of extraordinary origin, and the ghost spirit is the origin of Sun Hao’s practice of ghosts from the ghost domain.
Moreover, ghosts are also biased towards assistance.
Usually, ghosts and spirits assiduously absorb the aura of heaven and earth to assist Sun Hao in cultivation, and the auxiliary effect is very professional, which is better than Mu Dan and Xiao Huo.