After paying the money, I remembered to buy one for her by the way. Well, it’s ok to buy it cheaply. After all, it’s her help to ask for leave.
When I came to the animation room, I finally bought a bear. When I saw the bear, I remembered the shallow words. She was green and thoughtful everywhere, and her mind was very similar to that of bear taking care of Xiong Er.
"This" monkey holding Xiong Da left to see and see seems to be very dissatisfied. Looking around, many people look at the monkey and laugh. Obviously, a high school student holding Xiong Da is very naive.
"What’s the matter? "It seems that the monkey still has some consciousness.
"What’s wrong with buying a bear? It’s better to buy a monkey." It seems that the monkey is obviously unconscious
I took a taxi with the monkey and came to the villa in shallow language. When I saw the fence and iron gate, I suddenly felt dizzy. At ordinary times, I can knock at people’s homes and ring the doorbell.
This fence with iron gate can see the villa from a distance, even if the hand is long, it can’t reach the door.
"Wow xiang, how do you know the princess? “
"Princess what princess? “
"Don’t live in the castle is a princess? “
"How do you get in?" Looking at the iron gate and the fence, I was completely confused. Even if I got good grades, I didn’t see the villa’s eyes and looked around, hoping to find the trick.
"Climbed in, of course." The monkey threw Xiong Da at me and threw it at the door as if to prove the monkey’s stunt of climbing trees. As soon as he climbed up, suddenly-
"Goo goo-"Some are like sirens and some are not like sirens. At this time, a middle-aged woman appeared with a stick and looked at us with sharp eyes.
"Ouch!" Where can the monkey resist falling off and touching his ass and shouting pain?
"Kid, what do you want? “
"Oh mom, let them in. They are my classmates." In it, Qingqing is wearing a princess dress. It’s very beautiful. The monkey is dumbfounded. The mouth water is coming out.
Shallow language came running, and she was wearing a skirt similar to Qingqing. They looked like two sisters.
"Look at you silly didn’t see there is a doorbell here? "Shallow language, pointing to the door, like narrowing the eyes, is looking around at the monkey. Obviously, the monkey is too eye-catching
"For you" I lost my big bear.
"Is this it? "Shallow language with Xiong Da turned over a very unhappy.
"I told you I wouldn’t buy a bear. It would be nice to buy a monkey." The monkey looked at the shallow language and smiled stupidly. In other words, he likes both these beautiful women crazy or a beautiful woman.
"This is a monkey please tease than? “
"No, I’m not teasing. I’m teasing and inviting monkeys."
Shallow language is obviously an insinuation that I am a monkey, but when I say this, I become a tease.
"Come in first" Qingqing still seems a little shy.
"I gave it to you." I handed the packaged card to the past and could have taken it out. Seeing this scene, I finally know what the gap is.
When I entered the room, I stayed, too. This room is really too big. The whole floor is a living room, and the roof is very high, so wide and the view is very shocking. The layout inside is particularly exquisite.
It turned out to be hanging on the wall! It turns out that the lighting can be so big, and there are too many goldfish in the house.
There is a lot of noise in the living room. There are two girls singing and dancing. When they see us coming in, they stop to look this way.
"Who are they? "There to femininity sound see two girls dressed up very coquettish is very dissatisfied and looked at us.
"They are my classmates." Qingqing introduced us as two women, Qingqing’s cousin and cousin. They were dressed very well, and the monkeys almost stared at nature unabashedly, which made them even more dissatisfied.
"Let’s fight the landlord." One of them looked at the monkey and laughed.
"Yes, yes, yes." The monkey agreed almost without thinking.
Shallow language pulled Qingqing and sat her next to me. Then she was proud of the attic. I don’t know why the building went.
"Well, I’m very glad you can come," said Qingqing shyly. She probably didn’t know I was trading with Shallow Language.
"What are you talking about?" I glanced at the attic and asked
"They prepare birthday cakes and some entertainment."
"Oh" I really don’t know what to say with Qingqing, but on the other side, it is very lively. From time to time, two delicate beauties come to laugh and look at the past. The monkey’s face is full of lipstick.
"Haha, I finally won. I want to draw you, too."
The monkey seems to have finally won one, and he is very excited.