In the process of drilling to the department, the fluff was not attacked. Lin Huan’s fear-filled experience was defended by micro-mechanical forces, but there was nothing in it
The structure inside is also different from that of ordinary order creatures … Drilling into the villi found that there are many organs missing, but there are still movable parts.
That is, the muscle-like part allows the body to continue to move.
However, because Lin’s villi got in, it couldn’t continue to attack the villi, which moved quickly towards the core part, that is, the brain.
The brain is not the place in the fear energy. The actual fear energy is evenly distributed in every corner of the body, but Lin thinks that the brain should still have the command ability.
All these hairs reached this position and got into the brain …
The biological brain of the order is a disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 20 cm and a thickness of 10 cm, which is full of complex structures.
Into the brain this moment Lin also heard some …’ sound’
"How dare you come here! So we will go back to you! " "That’s right! We have to go home! "
At this brain position, Lin can also feel their accurate position, and the fear energy around them is constantly being eliminated.
This cult biological corpse is the one that Qian Lin put into two small nuclear protectors, but after so long, its fear energy is still abundant, which means that this thing is not simple
"You go on here and turn this place into a place that can be guarded."
Lin said to the small nuclear protector while moving the villous brain
"What? We must go back! " "yes! Go back! " The two little nuclear protectors are obviously reluctant, but they also seem to be obedient and continue to stay here to eliminate their fears.
Fear elimination here is not so fast, but a slow process.
Generally speaking, it takes only a few seconds for these two small nuclear protectors to solve a cult creature controlled by fear energy.
And it may take hundreds of seconds to solve the biological corpse of the feared energy body cult, which is a very slow process.
But for now, there seems to be no danger …
Yinlin still has a fluff outside the room. When the spy cub came to this room, he first put a fluff outside, and then this fluff watched the whole environment outside.
When the spy cub was caught and then blown up, all the bodies in this room … Lynn felt that it was better to call it a’ fear body’ and stopped moving.
They all stood on the ground for thirty seconds, and then they all ran to the exit of the house and soon disappeared.
There’s only one fear that hasn’t run out … It’s the one whose tentacles were blown up by Lin and invaded by the small nuclear protector.
It is slowly lying on the ground, just like before … It looks like a corpse.
What exactly do they do?
At present, this room has become deserted, while this body continues to play the role of a corpse here, because there is almost no fear energy left here, and it continues to flock to the layer … Although those cult creatures in the layer have already run away.
Those fear energy bases in the forward rushing layer are all from this fear body. They are all movable bodies, so Lin has always been strange about fear energy and cult creatures and transpiration.
If fear energy wants to infect them, it should be easy to do so.
Anyway, here we continue to wait for the nuclear protector to clear the energy in this body. Okay, Lin also continues to study the body and brain
This brain … is still alive. Actually, the order creatures are born like this. Every part of their bodies can live alone for a long time.
So even with the brain and similar muscle parts, it can continue to move and keep hiding memories.
Lynn thinks there may be some information in these memories, and now she needs to know the mission’s biological brain to find this information …
But it seems that … Lin’s research process will not be so successful … When Lin did these things, the fluff outside suddenly found many things.
These are micromechanics.
Lynn saw a large number of micromechanics appearing from all over the room … mainly in cracks.
Because the owner is a rock structure and seems to be very old, there are many cracks everywhere on the ground and walls, and a large number of micro-machines climb out of these places
Lin fuzz is floating, so you can see them crawling slowly like dense dust, and … their target is the fear body pretending to be a corpse in the lying room.
Lynn found that some micromechanics have touched the feet of fear.’ What are they going to do?’ This question has been answered in an instant …
Micro-machinery … Disassemble the foot part.
From the outside, it looks like a pile of dust wrapped around the body and feet, and then slowly swallowed it up. If you continue like this, they may completely devour the whole fear body.
They seem to be going to eat this fear body, perhaps because they think that this body has been invaded by small nuclear protectors and has no value.
Or is there any other reason?
Lin thought that when more micromechanics came in, they climbed the body of fear from all sides and dug a lot of holes in the skin.
These micromechanics don’t slowly decompose from the outer skin but get into the body … The outer villi can’t see the inside, but Lin can guess that these micromechanics are moving to the brain here.
So it is …
Some villi in the brain have reached the surface of the brain, and they can find that many micromechanics are approaching here after a little exploration. Some micromechanics have fallen on the surface of the brain and excavated.
They really want to break down the brain … but Lynn won’t let them do it.
Lin immediately let the villi on the brain surface spread out and they quickly climbed to the micro-machinery on the brain surface and quickly … swallowed them.
Although the fluff is small, it is like a huge worm to the micro-machine. They can easily devour the micro-machine, but Lin did not decompose the micro-machine.
But the body … Adjust them.
After a little testing, Lin found that these micromechanics are not afraid of energy control, but also belong to the set kind
This feeling is quite amazing, because this fear body is full of fear energy, but this fear energy does not control the micro-machine, but allows the micro-machine to move according to the original set program.
Their programming is to completely decompose the body of Lin and the little nuclear protector. Some outside should be responsible for slowly decomposing the skin, while others are directly drilling to decompose the brain.
Because Lin already knows them very well, Lin can easily … rewrite the program settings of the micro-mechanical department.
Fluffy spit out the modified micromechanics. These micromechanics have new instructions, which are … to attack all other similar people who are close to here.
Except for those that Lin changed.
Now Lin feels that more and more micromechanics are falling down, and they are constantly decomposing rapidly from the outer layer of the brain, but when they do this, they will be attacked immediately.
There are ten hairs, and they are moving quickly, looking for machinery to swallow them up.
Lin changed the micromachine into a small army, and their brains patrolled and attacked the same kind here.
But it’s not the same kind anymore
The attacked micromechanics couldn’t properly decompose the brain, so they fought back, and it was such a … micro-battle …
With the advent of micromechanics, almost every corner of the brain is full of fighting and constant machinery, while those worm-like fluff walk through the battlefield and devour and create more troops.
The actual fear energy will be able to rewrite Lin and control these troops back with a little instruction