Although this language … Lin hasn’t heard it from biology, it is quite clear.
Because of the distant virtual forest, it has acquired this biological memory called’ virtual people’. Although it is not over, the language area is still very clear, and I still remember their language very clearly
Their language system is very similar to that of Bai Jilong, and many words can be translated with almost the same meaning, but there are also some words in Bai Jilong, which need to be supplemented by words in Lin’s own mind. Occasionally, words can be found, but not every time.
And it is not impossible that they will appear here. Generally speaking, things should be with the moon.
But it’s still unclear why they attack as soon as they arrive.
In general, they now seem to want to explore the spiral biological crystallization giant ship.
"This thing is really strange." Five virtual people wore armor like a structure, and their helmets. Those circular objects swayed slightly and beeped. Lin thought they were this to observe these virtual people. Looking at the huge ship, Lin could feel their emotions almost purely surprised … and some fears.
"Are we really going in?" One of the last imaginary people said, "We should just take some ingredients from outside and go back to study them, right? Aren’t we going to test the composition of this ship’s outer armor?"
"You say such a thing again. Did you understand the order? You shouldn’t have applied to join this team in the first place. "Another one next to it looks like the leader Xu Min said," Come on, there’s a crack here to get in. "
This virtual civilian armor is engraved with many symbols with bright colors, while other virtual citizens are almost all pure black. Lin thinks it is the captain.
They quickly ran to more than ten meters ahead, where there was a crack several meters wide in the shell. They stopped outside the crack and took out something like a square and didn’t know what to do with it.
Lin let the pompoms drift with her. Lin found that these imaginary people seem to adapt to the gravity here, but seeing the imaginary people in the meteorite area is a way to adapt to the pompoms gravity. If they come here, their muscles will support their weight.
That should be caused by muscle atrophy caused by long-term life without gravity, and these ones look relaxed. That should be where their long-term life gravity is similar to that of pompoms, or what’s so special about their armor.
"Captain, that strange creature is coming!" When Lin flew near, an imaginary citizen immediately picked up a black and long thing and pointed it at the velvet lane. "Is this like a hairball?"
"It should be that omnivorous wild animals are intelligent enough to be curious about us." Another virtual citizen looked at the velvet fairway. "Don’t attack casually if you don’t know what danger it is."
….. omnivorous wild animals? This statement feels very interesting …
"Never mind those things, come and have a look!" I was holding a black square crack and wiping it. I was suddenly surprised by the tone of wiping it. "… this thing is really composed of block letters!"
Because there is no translatable vocabulary, this’ letter’ obviously refers to the crystalline hull composition of the ship.
It’s weird just to listen to your pronunciation …
"Really? This kind of thing is extremely rare! " After hearing this, the virtual people around them were suddenly surprised. They were all very excited about this discovery.
"This ship is a huge treasure! How can these creatures get so many letters? "
"I don’t know where these things come from," the captain said, "but this is a place rich in resources. They may’ drift’ like us and try to compete for the resources here after meeting this place …"
"That’s why we took the opportunity to attack them when they were fighting," said another virtual citizen. "But I think it’s very inappropriate to attack them at random."
Finally, the more timid and vain people said, "Didn’t we intercept something because we found it attacking us? But I don’t think it’s necessary to intercept that. It’s too … "
"I don’t want to intercept, I want to defeat the captain of the army at the same time. What do you think?"
"I don’t know what’s going on," the captain said. "I think they have some brain problems recently, but we just have to do it well. Don’t care so much. Sunny and Orr will come in with me to detect the remaining Landau and Scott, and you will test them outside."
With that, the captain went in through the crack of the ship with two imaginary people, while the remaining two stayed outside.
Judging from what they said just now, Lin felt that this group of virtual people seemed to have seen the war first and wanted to take this opportunity to attack and destroy all possible enemy troops in one fell swoop?
Another possibility is that it happens to find that the spiral creatures are escaping and the giant tower is flying towards them. It will attack them and blow it up.
No matter what reason it feels bad to attack casually, they don’t even know the strength of their opponents or whether other troops will retaliate against them.
And these virtual people also feel that this is not appropriate, but just like ordinary personality creatures, ordinary soldiers don’t know what the command is thinking, and they don’t benefit from interfering, so there is no way to manage it.
They may think that the spiral biological structure troops are in vain, and they are fighting for resources here … Although it is not a complete mistake, why don’t they think that the structure is here?
Maybe we should go to the headquarters in their aircraft and know that there will be more.
Lin let several others get the pompoms from a distance and fly to their aircraft, while this one continued to follow the exploration team …
The three explorers are moving carefully in the ship’s ship’s department with great tension, and at the same time they look at the surrounding environment with surprise.
The environment here is similar to that of the ship that Lin attacked at the beginning. There are many passages and rooms in it, but Lin thinks this ship is more advanced than that one, in all aspects.
And these imaginary people seem to be very surprised by everything in this ship.
"These things are quite high," the captain said as he walked to the front and found the road in the debris pile. "Although they are all damaged, you can see the grade level here."
"Yes …" A virtual citizen behind the captain also said, "They may be almost as powerful as us …"
"So I said it was unwise to attack casually … Captain, this strange thing has been following us!" The last virtual citizen has been staring at the pompom, and its mood seems to be getting more and more uneasy.
"Never mind it. This discovery is a great help to us," said the captain. "After all, we haven’t made any progress for a long time … what is this!"
When the team leader turned over a pile of debris in front of him, he found a spider-shaped structure in the debris.
This spider-shaped structure is about the size of Xu Min, about three meters. Several Xu Min seemed very surprised when they saw it and immediately surrounded it.
"This should be a mechanical infantry," the captain said. "Look at the weapons and structures outside it."
The word’ mechanical’ seems very new. Lin followed by looking at these three imaginary people. Although they are interested in the structure, they are still very alert. It seems that they are afraid that the structure will move.
Because the structure remains quite complete, the virtual people looked at it for a while before the captain said, "It seems that there is no problem to check it out."
Lin found that they didn’t seem to be able to confirm whether this thing would move or not. But what are they testing now?
A virtual citizen picked up a square-shaped object and probed the structure. He walked up to the structure and took out a black object …
Suddenly, the structure moved, and a sharp limb in front of it instantly stabbed the detection virtual people, and it flew several meters away, but it didn’t seem to be injured.
"ah!" The captain and another virtual citizen suddenly became frightened. What looked like a weapon in their hands suddenly sounded continuously, and at the same time, the head of the structure also sounded a continuous crack. Soon it fell to the ground.
Lin found that this weapon, virtual people, is to launch a series of small metal bombs to attack this weapon structure, but it is not the mainstream.
"Shout … this thing is still moving" The captain breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the structure. "Although there may be no living things, there may be many such self-propelled machines here. Be careful."
They don’t seem to know … The structure is alive, too.
However, during the attack just now, the fluffy ball released some tiny microorganisms, which floated to the virtual body that was attacked before and stuck to its armor.
Lynn wants to see if she can go straight in and observe the structure of other parts and see what she remembers.
They seem to be a little different from the virtual people Lin met before, but it should be in terms of body shape. What is the difference in their technical level? As it stands, it seems that there is not much difference.
Generally speaking, observe them for a while, but Lin would rather see the activities in their own homes than observe their activities here.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Peace and discomfort
Ten pompoms slowly flew to the virtual people’s huge aircraft.