"Line up and don’t be crowded!"
"Let every camp have spies from Jiangzhou aristocratic family mixed into the crowd to spread rumors!"
"After the heavy rain, there will be a plague, and the camps will be isolated. You are not allowed to report before sweating and fever!"
Yanjiangling Waijiangzhou Northern Plain
The dense camps are endless, most of them are tattered, many of them are branches and broad leaves, and the people are even more unkempt and smelly.
Even so, few people complain.
It’s lucky to be alive after a disaster.
The official is really talented. All refugees are under military law. A battalion of 50,000 people is not allowed to go out without authorization.
In each camp, soldiers set up Chidao to patrol horses and personally reassure people, and set up porridge sheds on a daily basis.
There are many victims, but they are well managed.
Not only that, Kun Long Jun also arranged an army to sort out the surrounding areas, making it difficult for demons to breed, but also monitoring different skills, so that many enemy troops have been cleared out in a short time.
On the other side of the plain is the defeated camp.
At the moment, although the ordnance has not been obtained, it has returned to stability. The Ram family and Xuanyuan Sect lead daily training.
The lonely and lonely people in the mountains will climb high and wait and see.
"The official general did a good job!"
Du Guyi nodded with satisfaction. "Reducing the amount of porridge will not make the victims feel full and make trouble, but also reduce the pressure on grain transportation."
Guan Yong handed in his hand and said, "Your Majesty’s praise for his humble position is also the first time to experience this matter, but it is difficult to overlook it, but he has summarized his experience and written a book on disaster relief, which is dedicated to the management of victims."
Du Guyi nodded and praised, "Doing this well is to win the hearts of the people. General Yan Renyi, the official, is it difficult for thousands of victims to ask you to manage the Long Jun army after we leave?"
The official smiled gently. "The biggest trouble for the guard was that the vines and branches of the local strongmen were deeply entangled, but Cao Yuan’s deadly plan moved to Fucheng and the defeated army was completely disappointed with the southern Jin Dynasty."
"Jin Jun’s move is also self-defeating!"
Tarshish curse also cold way "the original hundreds of defeated troops still have a lot of hesitation, but Cao Yuan’s move has lost his sense of honor, but the veterans in the army have taken refuge in succession, but it has saved us time."
"Rams have drawn a lot of frustrated veterans, and the 100,000 defeated troops have done their best to control them. It takes several wars to worry again and again."
Du Guyi looked at the distance. "So let’s not keep Cao Yuan waiting too long."
"At the end!"
"I ordered Kun Long Jun to suppress the rear and appease the victims. When he attacked Jianglin, he immediately set out to rebuild Jiangzhou order and sent spies to sneak into the surrounding States to confuse the people!"
"Follow the commander’s orders!"
"Wu Tianya!"
"At the end!"
"I order you to lead Kan Long Jun to defend the grain transportation arteries in Jiuqu Tianhe Cloth and expand the Shuijun River Lincheng. Once it is broken, it will immediately control the Nanjin water network!"
"The rest of the armies organized their armament, and the Japanese army set out to attack Jianglin!"
"It’s a marshal!"
Everyone was led away.
Soon the whole plain was boiling.
Many Jiangzhou victims got up to wait and see.
See the distant standard floating in snare drum roaring. In some places, white fog rises like a sea of clouds. In some places, the fire is faint as if it were going to light the sky.
White Wuzhongshan Mountain Mountain, the tall behemoth moves slowly, and the earth trembles. On the other side, there is a higher mechanical warfare building, where smoke is rising and dense spears are overflowing …
Jiangzhou people looked at all this with complicated eyes.
After all, the 300-year-old estrangement is the same as the Terran, but it is always hostile to rural social dramas, tea houses and wineries, and the jokes of Dayan are endless.
Southern Jin, Dayan …
At this time, they don’t want to care about anyone anymore.
I hope this war will end soon …
The Yan army moved, and even if there were spies, they sent the news back to Jianglincheng, and the South Jin Coalition forces were on the verge of war preparation.
Cao Yuan personally inspected various military fortresses.
All of them are looking at the mountains with their swords in their hands and proofreading an ancient military map one by one.