Chapter one thousand seven hundred and fourteen Travel three times
"You mean … what pipe will you go to when you go out?"
This is a … open square.
A car in the center of spy and Biluzheng Square is called the top of the RV.
The vampire and his sister are in this car. Besides, there are many phantom groups here.
One by one, they are now generating the phantom of armed soldiers, who are around the whole square.
It looks like it’s protecting here. Actually, they are protecting here.
Now Lin has almost controlled these phantom groups, but at present, the control range is only one kilometer in radius, and no phantom group signals can be received further away.
Just now, because of the sudden attack of blood skeleton dragons on Lin, let them form a circle here for defense.
During this period, Lin also discussed with vampires about going back.
Now Lin can make the small transmitter return to the normal virtual, but Lin just tested it … and found that it will return directly to the Midgart pipeline.
Compared with here, the environment there may be more’ bad’
Vampires, they don’t know much about Soren, and they told them a story about Midgart in detail.
And then … they obviously don’t want to go there.
At the same time, Lynn doesn’t want to go out, because if she goes to the Midgart pipeline, she can’t send it at will.
Lailin wants to locate this spy after sending it out from here, and then she can send arms here from outside at will, but it is impossible if she wants to pass through Midgart.
Midgart controls himself and the surrounding delivery, so that the delivery pipeline and the nearby area can be carried out.
Now can’t send out …
"But what are we going to do?" The vampire said, "Do you want to stay here forever?"
"This is nothing!" Sister vampire said, "There are many interesting things here!"
"We’re not playing now …" The vampire said, "There must be something you can do?"
"There is a way," the spy said. "Although this position is connected to the pipeline now, it is not necessarily far away."
Lynn feels that this edge is partly connected to the specific location where Midgart wants to go, and then it can return to the normal virtual space.
After listening to the spy’s explanation, the vampire said, "Does that mean you have to go to a place that is not connected to the pipeline?"
"Yes," the spy pointed to the distance and said, "It should be enough to go that way."
"Always have to go …" The vampire said.
"You don’t have to leave," the spy said. "I’ll contact you then."
"Are you? That’s all right, "said the vampire," because my other companions haven’t found them yet … they should be nearby, so just go and contact us later. "
"Hey?" The vampire sister said, "Aren’t we going together? I want to go to a new place to play! "
"Just follow me and don’t run around!" The vampire grabbed his sister who was trying to climb the RV and said to the spy, "I’ll contact you then!" "
With that, he took his sister away.
"Don’t take them with you? Veronica? " Bilu said, "I think they are quite strong. At the time of fighting just now …"
"They have a lot of contact here," said the spy. "Then let’s go."
"well! Just follow Veronica’s classmates! "
Spy and Bilu entered the RV department, and they can see that there is a … very luxurious decoration, like a small household environment of Ershi people.
This car was also found in this building area, but there is no stereoscopic video activity in it. Maybe it is a car, not a building, and there is no video system in it.
Always can.
For those phantom groups, just let them follow outside
"Then let’s go."
The spy came to the cab behind the kitchen, and Bilu sat next to the spy and stepped on the engine, then the car roared and slid up.
It is not a wheel, but floating in it, because the environment outside here is not suitable for the wheel moving place. Lin modified it before.
Lin made a small … gravity-counteracting device, which can make the car float half-way. The material was obtained from the organ before the tower grew into Walsh.
The growing organ has a self-defense system, but this immature organ cannot be cut and decomposed at will.
In fact, gravity here is also caused by Walsh organs, just like sending organs, there should be some gravity organs here, which create these living environments suitable for cell organisms here
All you need is to oppose the influence of a gravitational organ, so you can float in the air, but you also need bus biomaterials …
"So fast! It feels really comfortable! "
With Bilu cheering, the spy is almost out of the building area.
The entrance to the building area is a big … arch. There is a sign next to the arch. An old language says, "Welcome to Image City. If you learn and understand these languages here, you can get a treasure."
The spy stopped the car and looked at the sign carefully. It said there were treasures … but it didn’t say treasures.
Then forget it. It shouldn’t be anything special.
After the RV continues to move out of the building area, it can be seen that there is a … Yuan Ye outside.
The ground is full of rubble and low plants, and many building ruins can be seen standing in the field of vision.
It seems that these buildings are all wasteland, and there should be no visit value. I adjusted the car to the highest speed and headed for the target-there is no area connected with Midgart.
And those phantom groups became driving a kind of vehicle called motorcycle, and the images of the people moved quickly following the RV.
Accompanied by the RV, the spy also enjoyed the scenery on both sides … You can see that there are some dinosaurs here that should have come here with the blood skeleton dragon.
But what attracts spies’ attention is something … from that plant.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and fifteen Ground Palace
"ah? You mean treasure? Want me to find it? How can I find a treasure that doesn’t even know what it is! "
"Just look around!"
"Don’t wave me!"
An RV is slowly floating, and the vast Yuan Ye Bilu is driving a co-pilot watch and talking to vampires, while the spy … keeps an eye on the front.
"What can you find by the way?" Bilu said to the spy after revealing the watch communication. "Why did Veronica stop here?"