This pile of things looks like small pieces piled up to more than one meter high, but if you look closely, you can find that it is a small machine that looks exactly like the memory collector.
The memory-hoarder first made a machine that looked like himself and then tried to transfer his consciousness into it. This is the kind of machine.
Now these machines are piled up here in large quantities, and Lin found that the consciousness of intelligent machinery is mainly in this pile of small machines
This feeling is strange, as if a large number of small machines were piled up and then formed a brain-like?
"Stop approaching the malicious target. We are approaching the armed attack."
It also keeps sending a lot of information. As it sends information, Lin finds that a large number of memory collectors have gathered in the pipeline of the velvet ball house again.
"Can you understand?" At this time, Linli fluff sent some information to intelligent machinery.
"You will be killed and I must kill you when you receive the question and release the answer." The intelligent machine quickly gave the fluffy ball a definite answer, "The target is too close to be suitable for directly killing and escaping, and then killing is the priority."
After that, Lin found that the small machines in the pile room suddenly moved, and they were piled together. Now they are scattered around and fled into the cracks in the wall made of metal parts
This reminds Lin of the creator brain, which can also disperse brain cells to escape.
However, these small machines are so big that they are much easier to catch than cells. Thinking about Lin, they also let the fluff fall off one after another, and they climbed up like worms and chased each small machine to escape.
When chasing them, Lin can really feel … every small machine has a little consciousness, and these consciousness are connected together to form the whole intelligent mechanical consciousness.
Moreover, this consciousness is mixed with many things, including similar brain wave signals and dream energy, which seems to be a kind of consciousness mixed with many things
Anyway, let’s catch them first
In this way, the fluff quickly chased every escaping machine. Although these machines are fast, they are still not as fast as fluff.
However, in the process of continuous escape, those memory collectors will help the machine escape. They attack the fluff to ensure the safety of the machine.
Lin found that the memory collectors didn’t know that the small machinery represented the whole intelligent mechanical consciousness. They just felt that they were doing ordinary counterattacks.
Lin thinks that there may be some ways to make this group of memory collectors … betray.
Although Lin feels that there is no need to do this at present, she always catches up with this consciousness first.
….. In this way, the arrest process is going on slowly …
"refuse to be arrested, don’t refuse to approach, refuse to have no way out, you must find a way out."
Now the arrest process has almost come to the end. In front of Lin’s eyes is a micro-machine, which has now come to a corner where there is no place to hide.
Don’t run away. Lynn has found all the machines. Lynn tied them up and took them away from this warship
These little things can really run, especially this one … It almost escaped most of the warships and constantly called troops to attack during its escape.
But now … it’s over.
Thinking about fluff moment jump to this defenseless machinery to entangle.
After that, it was like treating other machinery. Lin took it away from this warship and brought it back to the virtual private land.
Lin can still see a warship floating in the sky after this’ will’ is caught out, and it doesn’t seem to be affected.
However, the warship, which was constantly sending troops, is now sending fewer and fewer troops. Finally, it sent those troops back or missing, and the warship stopped attacking the camp and became a floating scrap metal.
Lin also told them to stop attacking Xu Min. At the same time, Lin made many pompoms or warships to observe and record the situation inside.
Lin found that those who hid memories of warships suddenly seemed to have become another kind.
Instead of attacking pompoms, warships run around as if they don’t know what to do.
That’s because the intelligent machinery has stopped sending instructions to them. Although Lin thinks it can send instructions even if she takes it off the warship, the instructions have stopped.
This group of memory collectors who have been controlled seems to have gained temporary freedom, but they don’t know what to do, and they are still communicating with the same kind.
Observing them, Lin also studied many parts of a warship and found places like the energy room and engine room of the warship.
But Lynn didn’t find … weapons.
This gave Lynn an idea, as if the intelligent machine did not rely on weapons to suppress these memory collectors, but simply relied on brain control, memory manipulation and so on to control and command them
So they don’t have to make weapons?
There is a possibility, but the main question will not be known until you ask it.
"Refuse to disclose information, I will kill you and choose to be killed by me."
At present, these small machines have been piled up by Lin again and put in a building in a virtual private place … Then the intelligent mechanical consciousness still refuses information.
Lin thought it might be tortured-it would’ say’ that Lin had brought some creatures that could be tortured.
These biological words are usually like this: "Can you protect things?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty Very effective
"Refuse to disclose … I have to attack …"
This is a vast white plain as far as the eye can see.
A mass of things in this white plain is moving slowly. This mass is about ten meters in size and diameter, and it looks like a lot of tiny metal pieces.
This is what the intelligent machine looks like in a dream … and it is also consistent with its real size.
Lin first discovered that this will was a group of small machines, and then they scattered and fled with Lin, and then they chased them back.
During the pursuit, Lin found more small machines. The original pile of small mechanical energy was piled up to a height of one meter, but after catching the small machines representing the intelligent mechanical consciousness in the whole warship, they could be piled up to a height of ten meters.
There are quite a few of them … but when they are connected into dreams, they show an individual, which means it has only a thought.
Lin asked it a lot of questions, including the reasons for attacking virtual private enterprises and some questions about memory collectors, and so on, and it refused to answer them.
So … That’s good for some torture.
"Can you guard things?" At this time, a small light spot appeared in front of the intelligent machine.
"Don’t pay attention to the abnormal judgment." The intelligent machine’ soliloquized’ a few words and then tried to bypass the small light spot directly.
"I’ve been looking for something to protect," but the little light spot moved to it in an instant and said, "So you have to tell me if you can protect something? Aren’t you? "