Although we really don’t want you to come, we are glad that you can come.
Now that we are happy, can you go back?
Of course, the truth should never be told, so they came to a conclusion after private consultation.
Corrupt him
Well … take the stars to see the wonders of the world.
This may make him know that the world is actually a wonderful world.
If we can make the star owner like to limit the world, maybe he can directly lead the world into their planet like Qixing … so that they can enter the time limit at home, even if they think about it, it is simply wonderful.
So …
The star owners feel that their people are really looking forward to the stars, the moon and them to save them.
When we are more determined, we must save these people from the magic cave.
However, the step of challenging Su Zhangmen has actually slowed down.
It’s better to let Sue be the only one. I’m going to arrange a zodiac sign to invite the "Limit" OL master to come and keep it, and then I’ll arrange you all into saints … I didn’t expect you to come if you really can’t get along.
But to his great relief, there are more than just stars.
After these star owners entered the game and quickly learned the details of the limited world under the guidance of their own people.
It is found that there is really no need to rush to challenge Su Zhang, because the world is a very strong leek field because of this limitation. They can completely denude this leek field and then destroy it.
After all, the cultivation of immortals is magical, and even they have to move.
It happened that the dragon sold them so many helmets at one time … All the money was spent. If you don’t use it to make a good profit, they don’t deserve to be a star master.
After understanding the magic of the limited world, they immediately selected a large number of competent departments to enter the limited world.
In just three months,
There are hundreds of thousands of new players who have joined the "Limited" OL.
Sure …
If the first few hundred thousand players enter, it may set off a big wave in the limited world … After all, even if hundreds of thousands of people do nothing together, it seems to be a spectacular sight.
But during this time,
Su Wei has made several big decisions in succession, which has almost transformed and expanded the whole "Limit" OL … Whether it is "Limit" OL or the world is comparable to a world.
Millions of players enter the game every day.
Su Wei’s money flowed out like flowing water, which made these new players physically need it.
However, the players who entered before will quickly sink into it after discovering the magic of "Limit" OL, and they can gain a foothold in this world faster, but they will recharge a lot of money to "Limit" OL if their family resources allow them.