Thousands of echoes swept the falling snow into the sky and tore it to pieces.
At this time, the war outside the wild goose gate has ended.
Left a lot of bodies.
Players seem to have endless physical strength, especially after Su Wei released a point to clean up the battlefield and reward reincarnation.
They immediately went to clean up the battlefield with joy.
It is to let those colleagues who are heartbroken die and want to clean up the dead bones of their comrades, but the indigenous people can’t put them in their hands
"Ha ha ha ha, I rose three levels in one breath. I’m afraid I can’t brush so much experience for four months. It’s so cool. I’m finally qualified to brush the test cycle. It feels like one step is that the reincarnated person gets the peerless achievement method. A beautiful woman meets and climbs the peak of her life. It’s really a little exciting to think about it."
"Alas, I’m always uneasy when I’m rising too fast. I have a feeling that Su Zhangmen won’t seal my name, right?"
"Don’t worry, the disadvantages are also official help disadvantages. I will … I will …"
"Why? A drop? "
"Don’t even think about it. You can’t lose the game. Even if Sue gives me the title, I will go to the official forum to severely criticize this unfair treatment and then build a trumpet to severely scold him."
The players chatted while cleaning up.
Although a day and a night of fierce fighting.
But it’s too rich to harvest a lot of subsequent reincarnation points …
Let them always be in a state of excitement.
"It’s a pity that NPC can’t be resurrected."
I don’t like playing games. I picked up a corpse that was already invisible and covered in blood.
His red armor clearly marked his true identity.
A genius fighter.
If NPC is dead, it is really dead.
But even so, on the battlefield, they fought bravely and never had the slightest fear of death.
This grand battlefield
It is conceivable that they will inevitably suffer heavy casualties.
Many familiar faces may never be seen again.
So I’m more excited than the players’ mood suddenly depressed.
Everything in this stupid game is good, but an NPCAI is too high to make them feel like they are in a real world.
In particular, players hang out in Chang ‘an all the year round, and they are naturally familiar with the soldiers who are responsible for maintaining public order in Chang ‘an. Sometimes they will be invited to taste those modern hot pots or stir-fry together when they meet them who have just left their posts.
Forget barbecue, but soldiers in the army are not interested in barbecue, and even adding cumin pepper, the sacred barbecue, can’t attract their attention
But looking at these, there are still some reserved and cold soldiers who are stunned by the rich aroma of hot pot or the unique combination of cooking and the rich flavor.
Although sanle pulp is the favorite of players, these indigenous people obviously prefer to drink high-concentration blended wine, which fully verifies the saying that foreign monks like to recite scriptures
For a long time
The two camps have forged a very deep friendship …
Thinking that many of these soldiers will never come back.
Their former joy will dissipate with them.
For them, war is an excellent opportunity to upgrade, but for these NPCs, it is a crisis that threatens their homeland and requires them to sacrifice their lives to protect it.
"I don’t want so many Su Zhangmen. This man is hard-spoken and soft-hearted. Although the mouth says that NPC can’t be resurrected and resurrected, when did these dead aborigines not be resurrected in the previous battle?"
"That is, that is, that is, that is, they have lost all their memories and everything has returned to factory digitization, but they are not lovers. Everyone is just friends. They can naturally become friends after they can become friends before."
"When the time comes, let’s pass Zhang Wanren’s blood to ask Sue for accommodation."
At this time, Cang Yun Jun Zhang.
In addition to the windy night, North led a group of elite soldiers to attack the awakening country.
And Cao Xueyang is hunting for the remaining awakened ones. Su Wei arranged it very simply for her, killing as many of their effective forces as possible, but immediately turning around and meeting in the windy night after chasing the boundary of the awakened country.
Then they will be the new ones.