This mydriatic medicine will not take effect for nearly half an hour.
Baishi won’t stay with him all the time. He’s worried that Chihiro won’t find something wrong with his eyes and run to the car. If he hits someone, his credit score will be double.
But it’s not easy to point it out directly. It needs reasonable reasoning here
Baishi thought about what happened just now and made it up according to the results.
"When you just ordered eye drops, it was a little off-center, and there was a little fuss about digging out a handkerchief and wiping it.
"That bottle of eye drops has the words" relieve fatigue "and there is a small part of liquid left in the bottle, which means that you have the habit of using eye drops on weekdays and you didn’t prepare wet wipes at hand to wipe things before you ordered it …"
Baishi said that he felt a bit outrageous.
Who knows that Conan next to him suddenly realized as if he had stepped on the door. He looked up at Chihiro Tree and said, "You seldom point crooked when you order eye drops."
"ah? Yes, I became very skilled at first. "Chihiro didn’t know what the problem was.
"Your medicine bottle may have been tampered with." Conan looked serious.
"Some people use syringes to take away the original substance and then inject it into some other drugs. In that process, if the tip of the needle is scratched to the mouth of the drug and it is damaged, it is possible to keep the drops of the drug from falling to the place at ordinary times."
"…" Baishi gave him a round of applause.
Such outrageous reasoning can be answered. It’s Conan who thinks it’s tricky to watch others eat three cures.
At dusk, the police department was skeptical. After careful study of the vial, it really saw a slight scratch in it.
Although it is not clear what medicine it was replaced with, it has become a fact that someone attacked Chihiro.
Chihiro suddenly felt sick, and when he saw that he was bitten by mosquitoes, he thought it was a precursor of toxicity. Soon, he was weak and was rushed to the hospital.
Conan looked at his distant back and thought that Baishi could smell the murder from such a common thing as "the eye drops were crooked".
No wonder Baishi can always find murderers and stop those people from committing crimes.
If he didn’t have narcolepsy, he would be able to save many more people by himself every time.
Although the black cat is strong in action, it rarely improvises. Of course, it may be that he doesn’t want to save the paddling in his heart … Conan is very sorry to think of several rescue failure cases.
Just thinking about it, he saw Baishi yawning in front and said that he was not in the spirit and wanted to go back to rest first.
No one doubts his temporary exit, but thinks that he has been awake for a long time and performed very well today.
Baishi slipped smoothly.
Aoki Fair has his bug. Judging from the eavesdropping, Aoki Fair and Xu Shengyi have an appointment to meet at 3: 00 this afternoon.
At present, the signal receiver has stayed in the sea for a period of time on behalf of the fair spot of eucalyptus.
That undersea restaurant is not open yet, and there are no people left in it, so it is convenient to steal bombs fairly.
Baishi peeked at the fair plan of the wood. The man planned to plant the bomb first and then make an excuse to say that there was something wrong with the restaurant and cheat Xu Shengyi into killing him.
It’s not yet time to make an appointment with Xu Shengyi at Kumi Fair.
Bai Shiqian sent Xu Shengyi an anonymous email with a threatening tone to wake him up gently. Don’t go out in the afternoon and don’t meet people.
Yesterday, there was no new business, and Baishi asked the fox to run errands and scattered some miniature bombs in Xushengyi Courtyard.
He wrote part of the bomb location into the email to make himself wake up more sincere.
After that, we should catch Kiki Fair, and this time it should be over.
There was another noise in the bug on the way home.
Aomu Fair received a call from Richard Moore. Richard Moore had no idea about "Nine", but he thought of who "Nine" stood for.
Aomu Fair is also very busy today, and he didn’t deal with these people. He said that there are very important activities today, and he really wants to go to the cocktail party if he receives them late.
Although the police are anxious, they can’t force people to stay at the police station until the end.
I thought that there was still a "Nine" wood fair in the middle, and there was really no hurry. A group of people surrounded Richard Moore and made him wonder who had it with the "Nine"
After listening, Baishi put away his headphones.
When he got home, he left his body at home, disguised himself and slipped to the street with the elf ball.
It will be very troublesome to call the police-hiding identity is one problem, and how to convince the other party is another problem. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the difficulty of searching. If he doesn’t have the nerve to delay for a while, it will be difficult for the police department to forcibly search the middle and there may be other situations.
At this time, we must find a group with stronger mobility and science addition.
For example, some police officers
Public security is also in charge of explosions and terrorist attacks. Even if they don’t care, they can leave things to their peers. Anyway, they must be more reliable than the eyes.
An Shitou is not in the office, and he probably slipped away to work there again.
Baishi recalled a police shift schedule that he had summed up.
It seems that people who are squatting around today have seen the wind and seen the rain.