Then he sorted out his thoughts and felt that he couldn’t just go back. He had to go to the island to find out the situation first.
If you are careful enough today, you can avoid danger and get the information you want.
From now on, we have to treat all the residents of the island as enemies
Baishi saw An Shitou sit and meditate for a while and suddenly rummaged through his bag to find clothes.
This man’s clothes are no less than Belmore’s, but very different from simple Gin and vodka. Maybe this is the difference between the backbone of the organization and the traitor undercover.
Baishi looked at himself in good health again. Let’s not say that the vest has maintained a high degree of consistency with the leader. It is a qualified salary cheat … undercover.
After a while, An Shi Tou changed into a costume mask and hat, which slightly obscured it and looked very different from yesterday.
Of course, the face is still Blanche’s face, so that even if it is seen, it can avoid a lot of trouble and throw all the pots to the FBI
After An Shi Tong explored through the forest island, Baishi found a mobile phone and took out the black technology USB flash drive that was inserted into Chuan Dao Yingfu mobile phone yesterday and inserted it into this mobile phone.
Chuan Dao Yingfu’s mobile phone has almost burned to slag. After all, the number of drug dealers is the most popular.
The original Baishi intends to hand in the information directly.
But now, since An Shitou has no doubt that he can throw the medicine pot to the islanders for information, it needs a little extra exercise.
After the information transfer, Baishi tinkered with the mobile phone for a while and also left the ship to follow into the island.
An Shitou took a cursory look around the island and found that Song Tian had misjudged-the burning building was not the hotel where they stayed yesterday, but the community activity center.
Seen from the direction of the forest, the two buildings are really close to one line.
-It’s hard to judge the distance when you are far away. Plus, you were knocked over by medicine in the hotel yesterday. Song Tian may have been misled by this matter. Seeing the fire from a distance is that something happened to the hotel.
At this time, it was found that the fire was in the community activity center. For a moment, An Tou suspected that it had something to do with Song Tian.
But when I think about it, I feel wrong.
It’s them who deal with those drug dealers
If Song Tian really took advantage of the chaos to set fire last night, he would have told himself about it just now so that he could discuss a one-step plan instead of seriously explaining why he was fishing in the boat.
And if the arsonist was Song Tian, he wouldn’t have caught fire by mistake. It was a hotel.
When the wolf comes, the story can actually be reversed. It seems that people who never lie suddenly tell a lie, and it is difficult to be suspected when the evidence is inconclusive.
In the eyes of An Tou, when Matsuda didn’t put sleeping pills in the coffee can, that is to say, there was another force on the island that was hostile to them, so the suspicion of former associates was naturally ruled out.
I didn’t expect myself to be beaten by teammate backstab after the total security room.
After a cursory look at the hotel, he returned to the community activity center, knocked out a fireman nearby, changed into the clothes of unlucky passers-by and went to the fire scene to investigate.
This accident really looks like an accidental fire at first glance, and the reason is the aging of the road.
However, An Shi Tong found that except for a few families of the deceased, the onlookers were not so sad, but rather gloated.
Look at the victim’s name, and it won’t be an accident.
-Chuan Dao Hideo, Kuroda Chenji, Ximujian
These three people are just the targets of their trip.
Think of this image of Song Tian holding a bomb out of control once again.
Then he made a x and firmly denied it.
After all, these three people have other identities that are easy to find besides their targets-drug dealers on this island.
It makes no sense that the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled can escape from the fire. There must have been some factors that hindered their actions and forced them to stay in the fire.
Judging from the photos when several bodies were found, the location of the three people was very scattered.
Although people are burnt, judging from the traces, their hands and feet have not been bound.
A key word-sleeping pills-comes to mind when An Shi Tong thinks of his own experience.
Besides, according to eyewitnesses, the instant fire is still going on.
At that time, there were twenty or thirty people staring at Song Tian in the hall. It’s not like ghosts can’t break in and give people medicine.
In other words, the medicine must be from the islanders who were in the venue.
Besides, there were not many adult men in the venue, but when the fire broke out, no one noticed the three illegal drug dealers and no one took them out …
With the increase of information, An Shi Tong gradually had a guess.